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Apr 28, 2002

Updated Post: No Points, No Entry For AMA Laguna Seca, With Reader Reaction

Copyright 2002, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.<BR><BR>The latest surprise mandate from AMA Pro Racing is hitting the mailboxes of California racers this weekend and it includes the news that only riders with points--or who were in the top 20 in points last year--can enter the Laguna Seca event.<BR><BR>If the terms of the mandate are uniformly applied, teams will be limited in their choices if they need to replace injured riders for Laguna Seca.<BR><BR>The exact wording of the mandate, which did not include any explanation, follows:<BR><BR>"Important Notice Regarding Laguna Seca<BR><BR>"In addition to the original limit of 65 rider entries per class, pre-entries will be accepted only from riders that currently have points or were in the top 20 from the 2001 season in the same class or classes that they wish to enter at Laguna Seca.<BR><BR>"Pre-entries will be accepted until June 14th, no post entries will be taken at the event."<BR><BR><BR>Now this, from reader and WSMC racer Ian Crowne:<BR><BR>In response to the "No Points, No Entry For AMA Laguna Seca" posting, I now truly believe the AMA is a group of morons with no notion of how to attract riders for the future because they are alienating more and more of the motorcycle racing world, and at an award winning rate. I am supposed to be part of the pit crew for a good WSMC rider that can easily qualify for this event, but has no points this year yet and didn't race AMA last year. How do they intend to attract new riders and make the sport grow if they continue to chop off the hands that that feed it? They've gotten rid of all but 2 classes for the future, and now they're paring down the remaining two to only existing fast riders. What happened to the future riders that are going from regional racing to national?<BR><BR>Part of my work is having to deal with regional government agencies around the country that try to make the most inane laws possible, just so they can grab that little bit more power and therefore feel more important themselves. Of course they're very frustrating to deal with, but the AMA tops them all so far, and the AMA isn't even a government agency. Can someone do something about this?<BR><BR>I'll be calling the AMA Pro Racing Dept. on Monday to get my money back because I want nothing to do with them.<BR><BR>Thanks for the update.<BR><BR>Ian Crowne<BR>WSMC #92<BR><BR><BR>Could it be that this is all a misunderstanding due to AMA Pro Racing's inability to effectively communicate in English? This, from racer Tyler Sandell, suggests that might be the case:<BR><BR>After reading the AMA's press release, I immediately called the AMA to see if they were going to refuse my pre-entry for Laguna. I was assured by a very nice woman in the Pro Racing office that since I was one of the first 65 people to send in my pre-reg, my entry would be accepted even though (at present time) I have no points in either of the classes for which I signed up, nor was I in the top 20 of either class last year.<BR><BR>I was told that the intent of the confusingly written release was this: In ADDITION to the 65 pre entries they've already accepted they are going to ALSO accept entries from riders that currently have points or were in the top 20 from the 2001 season in the same class or classes that they wish to enter at Laguna Seca.<BR><BR>Of course I didn't get it in writing and I was too stupid to even write down the name of the person I talked with so I've really got no proof. Hopefully she was correct.<BR><BR>Looking forward to Laguna,<BR><BR>Tyler Sandell<BR>AMA PT #51<BR>AMA Superstock #511