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Jul 7, 2001

Updated Post: Ben Bostrom Wins Super Pole At Laguna Seca

By Glenn LeSanto<BR><BR>Bostrom on pole and in fourth!<BR><BR>Ben Bostrom held onto his pole position despite pressure from Britain's Neil Hodgson in an exciting Superpole at Laguna Seca today. Riding at his home round of the World Superbike Championship Bostrom put on a show for the fans, just beating Hodgson by nearly two tenths of a second. Australian Troy Corser qualified third on the Aprilia. The other Bostrom brother, Eric, made fourth to complete the front row. Troy Bayliss, who had qualified in provisional second spot, slipped back to fifth.<BR><BR>After Superpole in one of the most light-hearted press conferences of the season so far, Ben Bostrom thanked the home crowd for their support. "When I made my first lap here this weekend I saw an American flag up on the entrance to Corkscrew, and I've been seeing it every lap, it really motivates me," explained Bostrom. "I've been using it as a brake marker but if they start moving it I'm really in trouble." At which point Troy Corser quipped, "I'll have to get up there and move it on then."<BR><BR>Hodgson also commented on the American spectators. "They're great, they are all so enthusiastic," smiled Hodgson. "They make me laugh, they're all coming up to me and saying stuff like 'hey, you're really ripping it up, man'. The problem is, I'm never really sure if they are complimenting me or not."<BR><BR>Bostrom is confident for the race on Sunday, but he'll have his work cut out. "I have to win," he said when asked if it was important to him to win at his home round. Corser was also confident, saying "Things have been working really well here, tires, chassis and engine, they're all really good. I've done race distant on the tires during qualifying without problem. But the competition is tough. Ben and Neil are really motivated and so is Eric Bostrom."<BR><BR>The Superbike races are scheduled for 12:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. local time.<BR><BR>Superpole Times<BR><BR>1. Ben Bostrom, Ducati, USA, 1:25.704<BR>2. Neil Hodgson, Ducati, Great Britain, 1:25.863<BR>3. Troy Corser, Aprilia, Australia, 1:25.866<BR>4. Eric Bostrom, Kawasaki, USA, 1:26.120<BR>5. Troy Bayliss, Ducati, Australia, 1:26.242<BR>6. Colin Edwards, Honda, USA, 1:26.274<BR>7. James Toseland, Ducati, Great Britain, 1:26.762<BR>8. Pierfrancesco Chili, Suzuki, Italy, 1:26.818<BR>9. Tady Okada, Honda, USA, 1:27.045<BR>10. Doug Chandler, Kawasaki, USA, 1:27.061<BR>11. Akira Yanagawa, Kawasaki, Japan, 1:27.203<BR>12. Regis Laconi, Aprilia, France, 1:27.281<BR>13. Stephan Chambon, Suzuki, France, 1:27.400<BR>14. Ruben Xaus, Ducati, Spain, 1:27.574<BR>15. Steve Martin, Ducati, Australia, 1:27.591<BR>16. Gregorio Lavilla, Kawasaki, Spain, 1:27.766<BR><BR><BR>Final World Superbike Qualifying Results Following Super Pole:<BR><BR>(Final Position, Rider, Manufacturer, Original Qualifying Time & Position, Super Pole Time)<BR><BR>1. Ben Bostrom, Ducati, 1:25.248 (1), 1:25.705<BR>2. Neil Hodgson, Ducati, 1:26.163 (7), 1:25.863<BR>3. Troy Corser, Aprilia, 1:25.749 (4), 1:25.866<BR>4. Eric Bostrom, Kawasaki, 1:25.556 (3), 1:26.120<BR>5. Troy Bayliss, Ducati, 1:25.435 (2), 1:26.242<BR>6. Colin Edwards II, Honda, 1:26.112 (6), 1:26.274<BR>7. James Toseland, Ducati, 1:26.598 (10), 1:26.762<BR>8. Pierfrancesco Chili, Suzuki, 1:26.514 (9), 1:26.818<BR>9. Tadayuki Okada, Honda, 1:26.455 (8), 1:27.045<BR>10. Doug Chandler, Kawasaki, 1:25.907 (5), 1:27.061<BR>11. Akira Yanagawa, Kawasaki, 1:26.784 (14), 1:27.203<BR>12. Regis Laconi, Aprilia, 1:26.605 (11), 1:27.281<BR>13. Stephane Chambon, Suzuki, 1:26.706 (12), 1:27.400<BR>14. Ruben Xaus, Ducati, 1:26.753 (13), 1:27.574<BR>15. Steve Martin, Ducati, 1:26.867(15), 1:27.591<BR>16. Gregorio Lavilla, Kawasaki, 1:26.901 (16), 1:27.766<BR>17. Robert Ulm, Ducati, 1:26.902<BR>18. Mauro Sanchini, Ducati, 1:27.056<BR>19. Marco Borciani, Ducati, 1:27.191<BR>20. Lucio Pedercini, Ducati, 1:27.192<BR>21. Peter Goddard, Benelli, 1:27.200<BR>22. Giovanni Bussei, Ducati, 1:27.274<BR>23. Michele Malatesta, Kawasaki, 1:27.832<BR>24. Broc Parkes, Ducati, 1:27.943<BR>25. Bertrand Stey, Honda, 1:28.053<BR>26. Martin Craggill, Ducati, 1:28.279<BR>27. Jiri Mrkyvka, Ducati, 1:30.292<BR>28. Ferdinando Di Maso, Kawasaki, 1:30.743<BR>29. Javier Rodriguez, Honda, 1:30.774<BR>
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