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Sep 9, 2001

Updated Post: Bayliss Wins Superbike World Championship

By Glenn Le Santo<BR><BR>A perfect performance today by Infostrada Ducati star Troy Bayliss at Assen gave the Australian two wins, enough to clinch the World Superbike title with one round still to go. Bayliss needed a little help from his teammate Ruben Xaus, who took the lead on lap 13 of the 16-lap race after sitting close behind Bayliss since the first lap. But Xaus' pit signals were no doubt telling Xaus that a win for Bayliss, with Colin Edwards back in 10th place, would secure the World Championship for Bayliss and Ducati.<BR><BR>With only one lap of the race left, and following his team orders to the letter, Xaus stuck out his foot to signal to Bayliss that he was free to pass. On-form Xaus looked capable of winning both races, but held back to help Bayliss to maximum points. Edwards, third in race one but now down in 10th, could do nothing but watch his title slip away. Recent Superbike superman Ben Bostrom finished just behind Edwards for another disappointing race result.<BR><BR>"I love riding motorcycles and it's great to do it for a living," said Bayliss after the race, "and now I happen to be World Champion, but I'm the same guy, nothing special and life goes on." His modesty can't hide the fact that he's ridden a brilliant season, winning the title as much due to consistency as to speed. In the races he knew he couldn't win, he settled down and scored as many points as he could. He hasn't crashed out of a single race all year and his clutch failure last weekend in Oschersleben was his only DNF of the year.<BR><BR>Race 2 Results<BR>1. Troy Bayliss, Australia, Ducati, 33:31.896<BR>2. Ruben Xaus, Spain, Ducati, 33:32.117<BR>3. Troy Corser, Australia, Aprilia, 33:36.471<BR>4. Pierfrancesco Chili, Italy, Suzuki, 33:36.672<BR>5. Neil Hodgson, Great Britain, Ducati, 33:38.607<BR>6. Akira Yanagawa, Japan, Kawasaki, 33:38.717<BR>7. Regis Laconi, France, Aprilia, 33:44.406<BR>8. James Toseland, Great Britain, Ducati, 33:45.745<BR>9. Gregorio Lavilla, Spain, Kawasaki, 33:45.922<BR>10. Colin Edwards, USA, Honda, 33:52.961<BR>11. Ben Bostrom, USA, Ducati, 33:53.523<BR>12. Stephane Chambon, France, Suzuki, 33:53.535<BR>13. Tadayuki Okada, Japan, Honda, 33:54.233<BR>14. Giovanni Bussei, Italy, Ducati, 34:17.284<BR>15. Lucio Pedercini, Italy, Ducati, 34:26.674<BR>16. Hitoyasu Izutsu, Japan, Kawasaki, 34:30.103<BR>17. Mauro Sanchini, Italy, Ducati, 34:31.078<BR>18. Marco Borciani, Italy, Ducati, 34:31.497<BR>19. Peter Goddard, Australia, Benelli, 34:32.207<BR>20. Steve Martin, Australia, Ducati, 34:34.695<BR><BR>World Championship Point Standings:<BR><BR>1. Bayliss, 369<BR>2. Edwards, 317<BR>3. Bostrom, 286<BR>4. Corser, 264<BR>5. Hodgson, 254<BR>6. Chili, 225<BR>7. Xaus, 191<BR>8. Yanagawa, 170<BR>9. Okada, 149<BR>10. Lavilla, 147<BR><BR><BR>Supersport Results<BR>1. Paolo Casoli, Italy, Yamaha, 34:58.965<BR>2. Andrew Pitt, Australia, Kawasaki, 35:01.422<BR>3. Jamie Whitham, Great Britain, Yamaha, 35:02.613<BR>4. Jorg Teuchert, Germany, Yamaha, 35:04.812<BR>5. Fabrizio Pirovano, Italy, Suzuki, 35:06.174<BR>6. Kevin Curtain, Australia, Honda, 35:08.234<BR>7. Vittorio Iannuzzo, Italy, Suzuki, 35:14.953<BR>8. Iain MacPherson, Great Britain, Kawasaki, 35:16.427<BR>9. Christophe Cogan, France, Yamaha, 35:16.644<BR>10. Fabien Foret, France, Honda, 35:19.140<BR><BR><BR>Klaffee Wins Sidecar Title As Webbo DNFs Again<BR><BR>Another DNF for reigning Sidecar World Champion Steve Webster handed the World title to his arch-rival Klaus Klaffenbock at Assen. Not only did Webbo relinquish his crown, but he also slipped back to third in the title as Steve Abbott took a well deserved win. Webster was forced to retire when his passenger Paul Woodhead got his wrist trapped between a grab handle and the fairing, damaging his arm to such an extent that he could no longer hold onto the outfit. In another bizarre incident, Jorg Steinhausen crashed his outfit when a plastic bag was blown across his visor, obscuring his view. He lost control of his sidecar and crashed.<BR><BR>1. Abbott/Biggs, GBR, Yamaha, 35:51.459<BR>2. Klaffenbock/Parzer, AUT, Suzuki, 37:09.357<BR>3. Van Gils/Van Gils, NED, Suzuki<BR><BR>Klaffenbock and Parzer win the World Superside title with one round remaining.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Superstock Shenanigans<BR><BR>In possibly the most bizarre race seen in recent years, James Ellison saw his Superstock European Championship lead cut to 14 points when he finished sixth and his series rival, Walter Tortorogilo, just squeezed past as they crossed the line, beating Ellison by just 0.014-second.<BR><BR>Seconds before the start of the race, the Assen weather played its infamous trick and as the rain fell to give the track a thorough soaking. Almost everybody dived into the pit lane to change to wet tires. Meanwhile, only 4 riders lined up to take the start. As the lights went off, these four sped off as the other 27, including Ellison and Tortoroglio, were still in the pit lane changing tires.<BR><BR>The race was won by Italian Lorenzo Mauri on a Ducati 996, who forced his way past two local riders, John Bakker and Bob Withag.<BR><BR>Results:<BR><BR>1. Lorenzo Mauri, Italy, Ducati<BR>2. John Bakker, Holland, Ducati<BR>3. Bob Withag, Holland, Honda<BR>4. G. Vizziello, Italy, Yamaha<BR>5. Walter Tortoroglio, Italy, Suzuki<BR>6. James Ellison, Great Britain, Suzuki<BR><BR>Championship Points (with one race remaining)<BR><BR>1. Ellison, 146 points<BR>2. Tortoroglio, 132<BR>3. Heckles, 93