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Sep 6, 2017

Tyler O'Hara Takes AFM Formula Pacific Victory At Sonoma Raceway

AFM Round 5 Summer Sizzler at Sonoma Raceway

Sept 2-3, 2017

The AFM headed to Sonoma Raceway for racing over the Labor Day weekend. Temperatures were sizzling with 100 plus degrees predicted for both Saturday and Sunday and Mother Nature didn't disappoint.

Because of the extreme heat, after a couple of rounds, with high temperatures and low attendance, some of the practice groups were combined so that turn workers could be given a break to hydrate and restock with liquids and ice at each station throughout the day. So a hearty tip of the hat to the AFM Turn Workers and Race personnel for braving the heat and keeping the racing action ongoing all weekend.

The race action started off with a bang in Formula III, as young guns #412 Brett Voorhees and #265 Marc Edwards both on Yamaha YZF-R3’s and both competed in the recent Sonoma round of MotoAmerica’s KTM Cup, had a great 6 lap race which was decided on the white flag lap as Edwards worked his way around Voorhees and then kept him behind him to the checkered flag despite Voorhees doing everything he could to get by in the last corner.

Right behind them, was the duo representing the over 21 and over group, #43 Jay Kinberger and #230 Paul Johnson, who were also engaged in a 6 lap scrap and whose race also came down to the last turn with Kinberger crossing the line in front of Johnson by less than half a second and taking the final spot on the podium.

The close racing continued in the next set of grids which consisted of Formula 40 Heavy Weight and Middle Weight classes. In the heavy weight class, #91 Jason Lauritzen and #3 Cory Call had an epic dual, with both posting the exact same total times over 6 laps. In the end Lauritzen on his Kawasaki ZX-10 got the nod over Call on his BMW. And not to be left out, the Middleweight race consisted of the ongoing rivalry between #57 Thomas Montano on his Yamaha R6 and #14 Stephen Rue on his Honda CBR600. And after 6 laps, it was Montano over Rue by 0.010 seconds.

The ladies of the AFM kept the heat up with a good race and #619 Jenn Lauritzen rolled onto the grid on an R6 to take on #302 AJ Jacobsen and her ZX10, and #92 Valentine Welch and #103 Daniela Frederick also riding 600’s. In the end, it was Jacobsen taking the win as she continues to dial in her Kawasaki. In the AFemme Novice class, #772 Shiree Cano continues to collect those trophies as she motored on to the top of the box.

In the F40 Lightweight class, #223 Dave Moss, on a borrowed bike took top honors over #134 Greg Clouse with #423 Owen Flatley rounding out the box. And in the F40 LT Novice race, new racer #804 Greg Douglas II, took top honors with what turned out to be a great first weekend of racing for him.

This grid would also feature the second match up of Brett Voorhees and Marc Edwards as they lined up for 350 Super Stock. They would enter turn one side by side and as they came out of the carousel, Voorhees was opening a gap. According to some, Brett did not take kindly to Edwards running him down and taking the win in the first race, so he put his head down and rode fast and consistent to take a decisive victory when the checkered fell. Kinberger again stand take a spot on the box with Johnson again taking a 4th, while #436 Gordon Pull would edge out his Catalyst Reaction team mate #8 Patryk Buchcik by 0.212 seconds.

In the last race of the day #18 Gavin Botha would take a commanding victory in our Formula 50 class. While #761 John Doerheit on his Yamaha R1 would take top honors in Clubman Heavyweight. #986 Danel Velazco and #774 Dallas Allison, kept Doerheit honest and followed him across the line to fill out the podium. In the Clubman Middleweight class, #827 Hani Bisharat continues adding wins to his very successful first season with the AFM. And #946 James Roy and #434 Salvatore Rizzo had a great battle the entire race with Roy getting the better of Rizzo on the last lap and leading across the line 1 second ahead.

Although temperatures were lower for Sunday racing, we were still in triple digit ranges and the racing stayed just as hot as well with #888 Brandon Souza taking top honors in 450 Super Stock Novice race over #988 Miguel Correa by 0.136 seconds. Correa gave it a great shot and even set his fastest lap in the race in lap 4. And continuing his great weekend, first weekend racer #804 Greg Douglas II again put himself on the podium to collect another piece of hardware for mantle.

The much anticipated race between Twin Works Factory racers #444 Martin Sullivan and #438 Joshua Davies didn’t pan out and Sullivan took the victory without having to claw for every space on the track this race much to the disappointment of many spectators who have become accustomed to seeing some great racing out of the boys in yellow. #622 Peter Hively rounded out the top 3 in a pretty lonely ride all race.

In 750 Super Stock, #747 Steve Habura would edge out #823 Robert Brittain with both putting in best lap efforts late in the race. Likewise for #188 Luke Luciano who put in a best lap on the 4th lap trying to get back in touch with the leading pair. And in the 750 SS Novice class, Brittain’s XS Racing team mate #768 Nick Lundquist would get the win over #827 Hani Bisharat. These two have been going at it all year long and any victory over the other seems to be well deserved and this race was no different.

In our 300 World Super Sport class, #265 Edwards would take the win over #43 Kinberger with #8 Buchcik completing the podium. In our 250 Super Stock race, #389 Pao Vang would edge out #311 Paul Sturges by 0.114 seconds in a thriller of a race that came down to who would be the most consistent. Coming on to the front straight every lap was exciting to watch as there was some close drafting going on as each worked to get an advantage. In the 250 SS Novice class, #992 Neal Looney, would get the win over #947 Soua Yang. Looney was another one of the NRS racers who started racing this weekend with the AFM as part of our New Racer program which had 17 riders signed up to take their riding to the next level.

In 450 Superbike action, #230 Dr. Paul Johnson would lead #223 Dave Moss across the line after creating a small gap despite both turning in best laps on the third circulation around Sonoma. #995 Charles Coyston finished third.

Going from small displacement to largest displacement classes, our Open Super Stock and Open Twins bikes lined up. This race also highlights many of our Formula Pacific racers so it gives all of us spectators a tease as to what could happen later in the day. When the green flag dropped, O’Hara would get the lead as they went up the hill to turn 2. On the fourth lap, O’Hara would put down a 1:38.3 in response to Farris’ 1:39.2 on the previous lap. The two would create a small gap from the rest of the field and O’hara would cross the line ahead of Farris and #91 Jason Lauritzen who were all on Kawasaki’s.

In the Open SS Novice class, #986 Daniel Velazco and #761 John Doerheit, had a great battle going back and forth at each other for 6 laps. In the end, it would be Velazco by 0.104 seconds across the line despite a great effort by Doerheit out of turn 11.

Lining up for the next race and always a crowd pleaser, was 600 Super Stock. This class usually showcases AFM racers who have the speed to compete in at the National level. And #297 Ezra Beaubier and #7 Brandon Crawford, have been the perennial stars of the class each round this year. Beaubier and Crawford would get out of the gates quickly and as they headed up the hill out of sight, it looked to be another great race. However, Beaubier was determined to deliver a birthday present to his father and put down a pretty consistent chain of 1:41’s before dropping 1:40.3 on the 4th lap and creating a bit of separation from Crawford which he would carry to the line. #108 Kevin Murphy would best #57 Montano for 3rd place.

And equally exciting this year has been their counterparts in the 600 SS Novice class in #827 Hani Bisharat and #768 Nick Lundquist. These 2 have been banging on each other all year in some great battles and this was no different. Lundquist would get a great launch while working first lap traffic, but that was not to deter Bisharat. Lundquist would throw a best time in lap 3 and Bisharat responded by putting his down on lap 4. On the last lap it was anyone’s race and as they came down the esses and into turn 9, it was still not determined. With bikes squirming around under braking in the last corner, they went in almost side by side. However, Bisharat would get a slightly better drive out of turn 11 and get Lundquist by 0.370 seconds with #434 Rizzo taking a solid but lonely third.

The day continued to provide some great racing up to our Formula Pacific race. With many of the contenders running 1:39’s and 1:40’s coming into the FP race, it looked to be another great one for everyone to watch as they headed for the grandstands on the front straight and around the track.

With a clean launch, #192 Tyler O’Hara would come back to the line in the lead with #3 Cory Call, #2 Wyatt Farris and #4 Chris Siglin in tow. #297X Beaubier came across the line in 8th on his One6Sport Yamaha YZF-R6 and was on the attack against all the liter bikes. Beaubier got past Edginton and then put his head down and went after Lauritzen. Unfortunately, after getting by Lauritzen in lap 2, he reportedly had brake issues and retired on lap 7 after maintaining the 6th spot for 5 laps.

Back up front, O’Hara on his Jim Deehan Kawasaki ZX10R would continue to set the pace up front. Cory Call on his San Jose BMW S1000RR try to match the pace of O’Hara and Farris on his Bikers 911/Indian Resort & Spa/GP suspension Kawasaki ZX10R gave chase but neither were able to find a chink in O’Hara’s armor and the 3 stayed in those positions until the end of the race with only a couple of seconds separating each other. Siglin and his Fastline BMW S1000RR would follow with #173 Sebastiao Ferreira rounding out the top 5.

The next match up of Edwards and Voorhees would happen in Lightweight Twins. When the flag dropped, it would be Voorhees leading from the outside as they went up the hill. Voorhees would continue to lead as they finished lap 4, but Edwards had been sticking a wheel in every chance he got and as they came down to the turn 9, Edwards would slip by on the brakes and now it was Voorhees who was sticking his wheel in when or where he could. On the last lap, Voorhees made several attempts under braking as they headed back to the start finish line. He would make another attempt in the last corner but Edwards would have the inside line and at the line, nipped Voorhees by 0.137 seconds setting up for their final showdown later in 250 Superbike.

A bit further back, #88 Lisa Kinberger and #816 Ashlee Deskin were involved a great battle. With Deskin leading Kinberger and the two doing almost identical lap times, Kinberger came out of turn 11 on the white flag and pulled along side Deskin going into turn 1. Deskin lifted first and Kinberger fired it into turn 1 leading Deskin up the hill. As they came around for the checkereds, Kinberger crossed the line first. Both of these ladies also set their fastest laps of the race during the final lap so it made for quite the exciting finish when they came down through the esses and through the last corner.

Everyone then hunkered down to watch the next match up between #7 Crawford and #297X Beaubier in 600 Superbike. Unfortunately, it would not happen as Beaubier did not make the start. Crawford didn’t relax and laid down a series of 1:41’s all race and created quite a gap on the rest of the class by the time the checkereds were thrown.

Next up, Open Superbike and another match up between O’Hara and Farris. Farris would get the holeshot up the hill but O’Hara would slip by posting a 1:39.9 to Farris’ 1:40. O’Hara would then throw down a 1:39.1 and Farris responded with a 1:39.9. Over the next couple of laps they both would circulate at low 1:39’s but O’Hara would maintain a small gap. However, on the last lap, Farris threw down a 1:38.7 and finished .5 seconds behind O’Hara. #99 Chad Swain would fill out the top 3. And on the Novice side, #712 Nick Allison would lead #761 Doerheit and #986 Velazco across the line.

The last race of the day would also be the final showdown for Edwards and Voorhees. When the green dropped, the 2 would head up the hill side by side. The only thing going faster was the pacing by both the fathers on pit lane. As they came around Voorhees had the lead and maintained a small gap for several laps. On lap 6, as they went through traffic, Voorhees was able to create a larger gap and that is how the two finished the race. #230 Dr. Johnson was able to best both his team mates and led #8 Buchcik and #436 Pull across the line.

A special thanks to all the turn workers and race personnel who braved the triple digit heat and smoked filled air all weekend. Without you guys and gals, we could not race, and you all exemplified the spirit of the AFM and why our club has been racing for almost 65 years. Also thank you to the racers for putting on a great show each and every race and the pit crews who supported each racer, kept them hydrated and the tires hot. And a tip of the hat to the photographers who also braved the heat so that we all can have memories of our racing efforts. Oh and can’t forget the announcer team of Vik Anderson and Kyle Norman who battled dry mouths and the air conditioning to call every race for us!

AFM will be at Thunderhill Raceway for Round 6 on September 23-24. Hope to see you all there!

Formula III - 265-Marc Edwards (YAM), 412-Brett Voorhees (YAM), 43-Jay Kinberger (YAM), 230-Paul Johnson (KAW), 771-Clifton Ramsdell (YAM)

Formula III Novice - 954-Alan Fortin (KAW), 907-James Dills (KAW), 197-Haim Beressi (KAW), 990-Andrew Park (KAW), 973-Chris Ackerman (YAM)

Vintange - 79-Paul Kieffer (SUZ), 132-Terry Cheney (HON), 893-Mark McKinney (YAM)

Clubman LT - 776-Nick Gomez (SUZ), 888-Brandon Souza (YAM), 988-Miguel Correa (SUZ), 369-Lee Simmons (YAM), 804-Greg Douglas II (SUZ)

F-40 HVY - 91-Jason Lauritzen (KAW), 3-Cory Call (BMW), 18-Gavin Botha (KAW), 23R-Keith DiBrino (SUZ), 46-Paul Rico (KAW)

F-40 MID - 57-Thomas Montano (YAM), 14-Stephen Rue (HON), 688-Kevin Winter (YAM), 708-Maarten Bon (KAW)

F-40 MID Novice - 745-Greg Stone (YAM), 456R-Harm Hansen (YAM), 946-James Roy (YAM), 977-Jaakko Tiistola (TRI), 749-Todd Braner (YAM)

F-40 LT - 223-Dave Moss (HON), 134-Greg Clouse (YAM), 423-Owen Flatley (YAM), 611-Matt Verheaghe (YAM)

F-40 LT Novice - 804-Greg Douglas II (SUZ), 808-Brian Hunnicutt (KAW)

AFemme - 302-AJ Jacobsen (KAW), 619-Jennifer Lauritzen (YAM), 92-Valentine Welch (SUZ), 103-Daniela Fredrick (YAM)

AFemme Novice 772-Shiree Cano (TRI), 991-Caroline Looney (KAW)

300 Super Stock - 412-Brett Voorhees (YAM), 265-Marc Edwards (YAM), 43-Jay Kinberger (YAM), 230-Paul Johnson (KAW), 436-Gordon Pull (KAW)

300 Super Stock Novice - 954-Alan Fortin (KAW), 990-Andrew Park (KAW), 197-Haim Beressi (KAW), 973-Chris Ackerman (YAM), 770-Alessia Sera (?)

F-50 - 18-Gavin Botha (KAW), 708-Maarten Bon (YAM), 23R-Keith DiBrino (SUZ)

F-50 Novice - 745-Greg Stone (YAM)

Clubman HVY - 761-John Doerheit (YAM), 986-Daniel Velazco (BMW), 774-Dallas Alison (BMW), 916-Jade Oliver (DUC), 951-David Thomas (BMW)

Clubman MID - 827-Hani Bisharat (YAM), 946 James Roy (KAW), 434-Salvatore Rizzo (YAM), 623-Ali Khosroshahi (YAM), 924-Jackson Burkhart (YAM)

450 Super Stock - 230-Paul Johnson (YAM), 995-Charles Coyston (YAM), 210-Chris Reed (HON), 423-Owen Flatley (YAM), 510-Charles Almy (YAM)

450 Super Stock Novice - 888-Brandon Souza (YAM), 988-Miguel Correa (SUZ), 804-Greg Douglas II (SUZ), 981-Xiao Xiao (SUZ)

650 Twins - 444-Martin Sullivan (SUZ), 438 Joshua Davies (SUZ), 622-Peter Hively (SUZ), 853-Chad O'Hara (KAW)

650 Twins Novice - 776 Nick Gomez (SUZ)

Formula II - 146-Roger Baker (YAM), 797-Norbert Katona (KTM)

Legacy HVY - 721-Benjamin Hodges (SUZ), 829-Jesse Carter (SUZ), 28-Jose Flores (SUZ), 337-Christian Diegelman (SUZ), 925-Benjamin Gover (SUZ)

Legacy HVY Novice - 712-Nick Allison (?), 996-Jeremy King (KAW), 832-Jesse Wawrzyczek (SUZ)

750 Super Stock - 747-Steve Habura (KAW), 823-Robert Brittain (YAM), 188-Luke Luciano (YAM), 729-Fabian Fernandez (YAM), 333-Ilya Roytman (YAM)

750 Super Stock Novice - 768-Nick Lundquist (YAM), 827-Hani Bisharat (YAM), 608-Cyril Brun (SUZ), 555-Oludadare Dare Kolawole (YAM), 404-Tomas Covinha

250 Super Stock - 389-Pao Vang (KAW), 311-Paul Sturges (KAW), 667-Steve Driscoll (KAW), 86-Laura Llovet (KAW)

250 Super Stock Novice - 947-Soua Yang (KAW), 968-Dan Nguyenphuc (KAW)

300 World Super Sport - 265-Marc Edwards (YAM), 43-Jay Kinberger (YAM), 8-Patryk Buchcik (KAW), 20-Michael Kim (KAW), 771-Clifton Ramsdell

300 World Super Sport Novice - 954-Alan Fortin (KAW), 720-Derek Powel (KAW), 907-James Dills (KAW), 939-Niladhar Lucky Odisetti (YAM), 197-Haim Beressi (KAW)

450 Superbike - 230-Paul Johnson (YAM), 223-Dave Moss (YAM), 995-Charles Coyston (YAM), 134-Greg Clouse (YAM), 436-Gordon Pull (YAM)

450 Superbike Novice - 888-Brandon Souza (YAM), 988-Miguel Correa (SUZ), 981-Xiao Xiao (YAM), 804-Greg Douglas II (SUZ)

Open Twins - 98-Brendan Walsh (DUC), 834-Joseph Akrop (BUE), 847-John Akrop (BUE), 36-Thomas Dorsey (SUZ)

Open Twins Novice - 916-Jade Oliver (DUC), 769-Matthew Houston (DUC), 937-Derek Yuill (DUC)

Open Super Stock - 192-Tyler Ohara (KAW), 2-Wyatt Farris (KAW), 91-Jason Lauritzen (KAW), 99-Chad Swain (KAW), 24-David Raff (YAM)

Open Super Stock Novice - 986-Daniel Velazco (BMW), 761-John Doerheit (YAM), 982-Kenneth DeAlba (BMW), 978-Brian Kellogg (SUZ), 832-Jesse Wawrzyczek (SUZ)

600 Super Stock - 297X-Ezra Beaubier (YAM), 7-Brandon Crawford (YAM), 108-Kevin Murphy (YAM), 57-Thomas Montano (YAM), 14-Stephen Rue (HON)

600 Super Stock Novice - 827-Hani Bisharat (YAM), 768-Nick Lundquist (YAM), 434-Salvatore Rizzo (YAM), 404-Tomas Covinha (YAM), 608-Cyril Brun (SUZ)

Super Dino - 721-Benjamin Hodges (SUZ), 146-Roger Baker (YAM), 622-Peter Hively (SUZ)

Super Dino Novice - 776-Nick Gomez (SUZ), 704-Greg Jessee (HON)

Open GP - 3-Cory Call (BMW), 173-Sebastiao Ferreira (YAM), 4-Chris Siglin (BMW), 143-Jordan Edginton (YAM), 54-Tyler Wolters (YAM)

Open GP Novice - 986-Daniel Velazco (BMW), 712-Nick Allison (?), 761-John Doerheit (YAM), 751-Paul Hess (YAM), 769-Matthew Houston (DUC)

Formula 1 - 823-Robert Brittain (YAM), 928-Trevor Nogueira (KAW), 188-Luke Luciano (YAM), 333-Ilya Roytman (YAM), 729-Fabian Fernandez (YAM)

Formula 1 Novice - 768-Nick Lundquist (YAM), 434-Salvatore Rizzo (YAM), 555-Oluwadare Dare Kolawole (YAM), 404-Tomas Covinha (YAM), 838-Robert McCoy (SUZ)

Legacy MID - 747-Steve Habura (SUZ), 28-Jose Flores (SUZ), 829-Jesse Carter (SUZ), 337-Christian Diegleman (SUZ), 925-Benjamin Gover (SUZ)

Legacy MID Novice - 892-Jesse Quinionez (KAW), 772-Shiree Cano (TRI), 430-Marcos Brito (HON), 782-Richard Stone (SUZ)

Formula IV - 444-Martin Sullivan (SUZ), 438-Joshua Davies (SUZ), 622-Peter Hively (SUZ), 510-Charles Almy (YAM), 436-Gordon Pull (YAM)

Formula IV Novice - 888-Brandon Souza (YAM), 988-Miguel Correra (SUZ)

FORMULA PACIFIC - 192-Tyler Ohara (KAW), 3-Cory Call (BMW), 2-Wyatt Farris (KAW), 4-Chris Siglin (BMW), 173-Sebastiao Ferreira (YAM), 91-Jason Lauritzen (KAW) 99-Chad Swain (KAW), 143-Jordan Edginton (YAM), 765-George Myshlyayev (KAW), 25-Greg McCullough (KAW)

Formula Singles - 797-Norber Katona

Lightweight Twins - 265-Marc Edwards (YAM), 412-Brett Voorhees (YAM), 230-Paul Johnson (KAW), 43-Jay Kinberger (YAM), 8-Patryk Buchcik (KAW)

Lightweight Twins Novice - 954-Alan Fortin (KAW), 720-Derek Powell (KAW), 939-Nihladhar Lucky Odisetti (YAM), 197-Haim Beressi (KAW), 992-Neal Looney (KAW)

700 Super Stock - 787-Sam Romick (SUZ), 444-Martin Sullivan (SUZ), 438-Joshua Davies (SUZ)

600 SBK - 297X-Ezra Beaubier (YAM), 7-Brandon Crawford (YAM), 108-Kevin Murphy (YAM), 57-Thomas Montano (YAM), 823-Robert Brittain (YAM)

600 SBK Novice - 434-Salvator Rizzo (YAM), 827-Hani Bisharat (YAM), 608-Cyril Brun (SUZ), 404-Tomas Covinha (YAM), 623-Ali Khosroshahi (YAM)

Open SBK - 192-Tyler Ohara (KAW), 2-Wyatt Farris (KAW), 99-Chad Swain (KAW), 24-David Raff (YAM), 54-Tyler Wolters (YAM)

Open SBK Novice - 712-Nick Allison (SUZ), 761-John Doerheit (YAM), 986-Daniel Velazco (BMW), 904-Charles Mouillet (KAW), 774-Dallas Allison (BMW)

750 SBK - 108-Kevin Murphy (YAM), 823-Robert Brittain (YAM), 747-Steve Habura (KAW), 928-Trevor Nogueira (KAW), 729-Fabian Fernandez (YAM)

750 SBK Novice - 608-Cyril Brun (SUZ), 838=Robert McCoy (SUZ), 404-Tomas Covinha (YAM), 861-John Jackson (YAM), 910-Tyler Shaw (YAM)

Legacy LT - 622-Peter Hively (SUZ), 995-Charles Coyston (YAM), 36-Thomas Dorse (SUZ), 853-Chad O'Hara (KAW)

Legacy LT Novice - 776-Nick Gomez (SUZ), 704-Greg Jessee (HON)

250 SBK - 412-Brett Voorhees (YAM), 265-Marc Edwards (YAM), 230-Paul Johnson (KAW), 8-Patryk Buchcik (KAW), 436-Gordon Pull (KAW)

250 SBK Novice - 954-Alan Fortin (KAW), 720-Derek Powell (KAW), 939-Niladhar Lucky Odisetti (YAM), 990-Andrew Park (KAW), 197-Haim Beressi (KAW)

Top Overall Expert Points as of Round 5 - 09/03/2017

1 - 260 - 297X Ezra Beaubier

2 - 246 - 7 Brandon Crawford

3 - 246 - 2 Wyatt Farris

4 - 245 - 3 Cory Call

5 - 244 - 265 Marc Edwards

6 - 242 - 4 Chris Siglin

7 - 239 - 412 Brett Voorhees

8 - 231 - 444 Martin Sullivan

9 - 230 - 192 Tyler Ohara

10 - 223 - 14 Stephen Rue

11 - 218 - 747 Steve Habura

12 - 230 - 230 Paul Johnson

13 - 206 - 831 Mark Fitzsimmons

14 - 206 - 223 Dave Moss

15 - 193 - 721 Benjamin Hodges

Top Overall Novice Points as of Round 5 - 09/03/2017

1 - 261 - 827 Hani Bisharat

2 - 235 - 768 Nick Lundquist

3 - 209 - 434 Salvatore Rizzo

4 - 196 - Tomas Covinha

5 - 195 - 986 Daniel Velazco

Top 5 This Week