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Feb 20, 2018

Traxxion Dynamics Celebrating 20th Anniversary

Traxxion Dynamics founder Max McAllister.

Traxxion Dynamics Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Traxxion Dynamics has arrived at its 20th Anniversary this week. Founded in February of 1998, the company has created products that have changed the way motorcyclists around the world upgrade the suspension on their bikes.

Max McAllister, President of Traxxion Dynamics, was the first to begin componentizing front fork cartridge parts. He explains how it happened: “For many years, front forks were upgraded by a complete disassembly of the stock fork cartridge and replacing internal bits and pieces. Pistons and shims were being sold by various companies and installed by people with little to no experience, and the results were always bad. I knew the future was going to be complete replacement cartridges, but getting there was an arduous process.

"By 2000, we were selling complete pre-built valving assemblies, which took most of the guesswork out, and at least allowed us to be sure our company’s products would function properly when installed by an expert. In order to protect our brand, we never sold these parts to end users.

"In 2004, after years of frustration, I bought my own CNC machinery and we began design and manufacture of the world’s first complete aftermarket supersport legal racing fork cartridge kit. In just 6 months we were able to introduce the AK-20 Axxion Cartridge Kit at the Indy Dealer Expo in February 2005. It was complete, and required no expert intervention. This product changed the way people all over the world upgrade their suspension. At this point, every major company in the world now offers replacement fork cartridges.

"In 2006, we once again set a first by being the first company to sell, race, and win on a supersport-legal, drop-in, gas-charged fork cartridge kit, our AK-Gas Kit. This competition-use-only kit brought a wave of competing innovation to the world of racing suspension.

"Our company has moved into many other markets from the knowledge we acquired in racing. Honda Gold Wings, and Harley-Davidson motorcycles are a large part of our business now.”

In 2011, McAllister started his own manufacturing initiative “A Kernel of Hope,” when he gutted his manufacturing facility and remodeled and retooled using only American Made equipment, supplies, and services. He believes American Small Business Owners can make a huge impact on our economy with their purchases, and encouraged others to follow in his footsteps.

For 2018, Traxxion Dynamics has created a completely new product, to meet the needs of entry level sport bike riders. According to McAllister, “I’ve had this idea in my head for years… way too long. Most entry-level sport bikes are equipped with damper rods instead of cartridges. These low end fork internals help keep the cost of the bike down. We are going to introduce a really nice damper rod kit that will get as close as possible to the function of a cartridge fork, without the high price."

For further info, visit, contact, or call 770 592-3823.

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