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May 27, 2014

Warning! Contains JRP Content: The Latest From Racer Johnny Rock Page

Johnny Rock Page calls Paris Whitney Hilton to join forces and lead America into the next Generation.

To the President of the U.S. Corporation Barack Obama (video attachment), Fellow Americans, Mr. Rick & Kathy Hilton, Roadracing World fans and readers, United Nations, Alex Jones, the U.S. Military, Corporate America, and all the stressed out Americans trying to keep up with the newly added 40,000 laws into our legal system in the year 2014 alone, and to the people who are financially stressed out trying to keep up with all the surcharges.

America has been led astray by it's current leadership with the things that matter most. America, when we humble ourselves before God, we know this is truth.

17 trillion dollars of debt - the writing is on the wall. Someone has to be accountable for the debt, and I'm sorry - U.S. Corporation, WE THE PEOPLE, Gods Sovereign People -are not subject to this debt. Keep the gold, that's it!

What I care most about is the true spirit of God being alive in the heart of America just like when the Republic was established in 1776 by our founding forefathers through the Declaration Of Independence.

Without pointing any fingers at any particular person, the time has come where RaDiKaL changes must take place in order to give the sovereignty back to the Republic, "We The People." The people of God are NOT the wealthy. God could care less about your lavish lifestyle. I'm sorry if you assume that your financial wealth makes you "blessed". What God deeply cares about is our purity and our righteousness - the things that are unseen, rather than the things that are seen. Everything we see will pass.

A few years ago, God through clear visions sent warning through me threatening wrath on mankind. This warning came to me like the warning that R2D2 in the movie Star Wars projected to Princess Leah. The task of carrying such a message is huge and simultaneously overwhelming. It has taken time to manifest and transform into a plan of action - a plan that does not require wealth and power derived from the money election and onto the dual party pageant election.

Prior to my calling I was partying, living a wild life believing that I was right with God since my life was "pretty awesome". Trust me, my ego is just as big as yours. God has called me to repentance and it has severed me from my life as I once knew it. I believe God has threatened mankind due to our perverse lifestyles, our greed, our lustful ways of devouring men and women, our selfishness and our life full of idolatry. We should be caring for one another and the God who gave us all life and free will, but are instead enslaved to our perversity. I am not innocent of these sins. My past has a laundry list of immorality, adultery, drugs, wild parties, and sadly, much more.

It is time for America to shift gears and restore it's morality - or face the wrath of God. I am an American citizen; God is simply utilizing me as his messenger. It is our duty and responsibility as American citizens to shift our values and revert back to the things that please God. My hope is that our example will be considered valiant in God's eyes and will spread across the World.

I haunt my past with my future.

Although I don't have a billion dollars to lead America, God has given me the keys to eternal life for those who care about salvation - something far more worthwhile. I'm not chasing anyone. However, it is sad; I've realized that hardly anyone is interested in God. The Bible is readily available as God's way of guiding mankind, and yet we live in a society of made-up religion and a cheap Christianity that strays from the simplicity of love and salvation.

Anyhow, I've asked Mr. Rick and Kathy Hilton if I may court their daughter, Paris Whitney Hilton, who I have always adored. I promised Mr. Rick Hilton in person that I would wed his daughter in absolute purity, bringing much honor to the Hilton family. There's nothing more beautiful than a marriage in purity as it honors the family name, the parents, and our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ.

I understand deeply how difficult it is to sever a relationship that feels loving yet is obviously impure. It is time for America to repent as a Nation Of God.

With the deepest sincerity in Christ love,

Johnny Rock Page

American Pro Superbike Racer

'WE THE PEOPLE' for PRESIDENT under the name JOHNNY ROCK PAGE; Project 269