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Apr 29, 2014

Team Thornton/Wagnon And Team Super Awesome Machine Win CMRA Endurance Races At Eagles Canyon Raceway

Brandon Altmeyer (1) riding the Super Awesome Machine Honda CBR500R. Photo by Blair Hartsfield/Hart Photography, courtesy of CMRA.

Team Thornton/Wagnon and Team Super Awesome Machine Win Big At Eagles Canyon Raceway with CMRA

The Heavyweight team of Eddie Thornton/Derek Wagnon brought home the win in the Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association's (CMRA) round one Team 60 race, while the Super Awesome Machine team of Brandon Altmeyer, Jesse Davis, Alan Phillips, and David Tiede grabbed the win in 500 Supersport and the overall win for Lightweight Endurance this past Saturday, April 26.

CMRA held its third round of the season on Saturday with a 6-Hour Lightweight Endurance, Mini Sprints, and round one of the Team 60 race, bringing over 10 hours of racing action to Eagles Canyon Raceway in Decatur, Texas. The weather was sunny with temperatures in the 80's, and traction was a little unpredictable from 30-35 mph gusting winds, but lap times were still fast on both the 1.7-mile short course and the 2.5-mile full course.

The Mini Sprint grids ran the 1.7-mile short course and were a great start for Saturday's action, with Formula 4 and Superstock E having 26 entries each. The new Grom Challenge class continued to grow with additional grid entries as well.

The 6-Hour Lightweight Endurance had a combined grid of 41 teams with the classes 500 Supersport, 300 Supersport, 500 Classic, E Superstock, and Formula 4 Endurance represented, and also ran on the 1.7-mile short course.

When the starting lights went out, the Faltless Racing team of Robert Bradlaw, Danny Dominguez, Bill Erzal, Eric Falt, and Ted Phillips were off to the early lead on their Kawasaki EX500, with the Honda CBR500R mounted Super Awesome Machine team and the Kawasaki EX300 Forza Monica team of Mark Andrews, Ryan Andrews, Lissa Deeter, Jude Monica, and Les Murphy hot on their heels. The three teams battled it out, holding down the top spots for the entire 6 hour event. Super Awesome Machine got around Faltless Racing to take the lead during hour 3, and Unobtanium Racing slipped by Forza Monica for third. However, Forza Monica doubled down, and got past Unobtanium and Faltless Racing during the final hour and held onto second. Super Awesome Machine stretched their lead to four laps, taking the checkers for the overall endurance and 500 Supersport win with an impressive 244 laps. Forza Monica finished second overall and first in 300 Supersport with 240 laps. Faltless Racing took third overall and first in 500 Classic with 240 laps.

The final race of the day was the Team 60 Endurance race, which ran on the 2.5-mile full course. The wind had picked up, and the gusty wind made for interesting conditions. The 60-minute timed race consisting of two rider teams, competing on their own bike, riding 20-35 minutes each and making a mandatory transponder swap pit stop under “dead engine” conditions, with the classes of Heavyweight, Middleweight, and Lightweight. 30 teams gridded up to do a LeMans-style start. When the starting lights went out, the first leg riders sprinted from the infield across the track to their motorcycles being held by a crew member. As the riders started the motorcycles and pulled into the race line the crowd was on their feet cheering the amazingly clean rolling start.

The racing was close, with the Ty Howard/Brandon Young team taking the early lead, with Ty Howard turning a fastest lap of 1:49.958 during his first stint aboard his KTM RC8. The Thornton/Wagnon team would answer with a fastest lap of 1:50.601 from Derek Wagnon, riding a Suzuki GSX-R750. The 600cc mounted team of Conner Blevins/Doug Frenchak was battling with the Joseph Caruso/Dewayne Davis team for third, with Blevins aboard his Kawasaki ZX-6R and Caruso on his BMW S1000RR. As the first pit stops were made, the team strategies became apparent, and the speed of the pit stops made a difference. Howard still held the lead as the pit window approached half way. Eddie Thornton picked up the pursuit on his Kawasaki 636 after the hand-off from Wagnon. Suddenly Howard was down in turn 9 from a mechanical, and the lead was up for grabs. Howard got his transponder back to pit road during the window, made the hand off to Brandon Young, and only lost one lap. Young rocketed off pit road on his Suzuki GSX-R1000, still in the running for the top spot. Blevins got the jump on Caruso, and handed off to Frenchak, riding a Yamaha YZF-R6, now running second overall. Caruso handed off to Davis in third, but Young was determined, and snatched third from Davis as the checkers dropped at 6:30 pm. Eddie Thornton took the overall and Heavyweight win for his team, with Doug Frenchak in second overall and first in Middleweight for his team. Brandon Young held onto third overall and second in Heavyweight.
For a complete list of results and standings, please visit the website: The next CMRA Mini Sprints, Solo 30 and Championship Endurance round will be held on Saturday, May 17, 2014, at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, Hallett, OK. This will also be a combined round with WERA for round three of the U.S. National Endurance Series.



1. Walter Walker III (Suz RM65)

2. Allan Boyd (Hon RS65)

1. Walter Walker III (Suz RM65)
2. Lindsey Leard (Yam TTR125)

3. William Coats (Yam TTR125)

4. Michael Simon (Kaw KX65)

5. Kevin B. Nolde (Kaw KX65)


1. Tarah Lyttle (SSR TX2)


1. Ryan Andrews (Hon Grom)

2. Domingo Day (Hon Grom)

3. Carl Price (Hon Grom)

4. David Sprague (Hon Grom)

5. Robert Duong (Hon Grom)

6. Dean Darnell (Hon Grom)


1. Brad Thomas (Kaw 250R)

2. Mark Shim (Kaw 250R)

3. Jim Whitten (Kaw 250R)

4. Kevin Randall (Kaw 250R)

5. Zachary Boldwyn (Kaw 250R)

6. Roger Albert (Kaw 250R)


1. Brylin Schrock (Kaw KLX110)

2. Hayden Giarratano (SSR SR110TR)

3. Daniel Phillips (Kaw KLX110)

4. Shaine Giarratano (SSR SR110TR)

5. Zach Nolde (Kaw KLX110)

6. Chandler Geary (Yam TTR110)


1. Jim Whitten (Kaw 250R)

2. Brad Thomas (Kaw 250R)

3. Kevin Randall (Kaw 250R)

4. Roger Albert (Kaw 250R)

5. Mark Shim (Kaw 250R)

6. Zachary Boldwyn (Kaw 250R)


1. Brandon Altmeyer (Hon CBR500R)

2. Jesse Davis (Hon CBR500R)

3. Kris Lillegard (Hon CBR500R)

4. Jaret Nassaney (Hon CBR500R)


1. Justin McWilliams (Kaw EX300)

2. Gavin Williams (Kaw EX300)

3. Gabriel Martinez-Abrego (Kaw EX300)

4. Javier Martinez-Abrego III (Kaw EX300)


1. Brylin Schrock (Kaw KLX110)

2. Hayden Giarratano (SSR SR110TR)

3. Zach Nolde (Kaw KLX110)

4. Daniel Phillips (Kaw KLX110)

5. Shaine Giarratano (SSR SR110TR)

6. Chandler Geary (Yam TTR110)



1. Super Awesome Machine (Brandon Altmeyer/Jesse Davis/Alan Phillips/David Tiede) Hon CBR500R, 500 Supersport, 244 laps

2. Forza Monica (Mark Andrews/Ryan Andrews/ Lissa Deeter/Jude Monica/Les Murphy) Kaw EX300, 300 Supersport, 240 laps

3. Faltless Racing (Robert Bradlaw/Danny Dominguez/Bill Erzal/ Eric Falt/ Ted Phillips) Kaw EX500, 500 Classic, 240 laps

4. Desert Brats Racing (Zachary Boldwyn/Rick Hogge/Brad Thomas) Kaw 250R, E Superstock, 237 laps

5. Those Other Guys (Drew Jankord/Steve Luckert) Kaw 250R, E Superstock, 237 laps

6. Numb Ninja Nuts (Jeff Hughes/Ryan Max Johnson/Clayton Schutz/Eric Williams) Kaw 250R, E Superstock, 236 laps


1. Super Awesome Machine (Brandon Altmeyer/Jesse Davis/Alan Phillips/David Tiede) Hon CBR500R, 244 laps

2. Altus Motorsports Brawp (Kris Lillegard/Peter Shaddock/Sid Shaddock) Hon CBR500R, 136 laps


1. Forza Monica (Mark Andrews/Ryan Andrews/Lissa Deeter/Jude Monica/Les Murphy) Kaw EX300, 240 laps

2. Unobtanium Racing (Sloan Essman/Braeden Ortt/John Redford/Eddie Thornton/Gavin Williams) Kaw EX300, 235 laps

3. Leather & Lace (Daisy DeSimone/Ana Duran-Gomez/Anita Thomas) Kaw EX300, 224 laps

4. F Bomb Racing (Dirk Anderson/Thomas Delaney/Brian Millsap/Jay Newton) Kaw EX300, 218 laps

5. Misfit Racing (Thomas Cocker/Christopher Cullen/Adam Dillard /Kasey Lewis/Renee Stephenson) Kaw EX300, 192 laps

6. Dos Hermanos Racing (Gabriel Martinez-Abrego/Javier Martinez-Abrego III/Jay Newton) Kaw EX300, 66 laps


1. Faltless Racing (Robert Bradlaw/Danny Dominguez/Bill Erzal/ Eric Falt/ Ted Phillips) Kaw EX500, 240 laps

2. Team 19 (Phillip Fisher/Dennie Spears/Mark Tuttle) Kaw EX500, 226 laps


1. Desert Brats Racing (Zachary Boldwyn/Rick Hogge/Brad Thomas) Kaw 250R, 237 laps

2. Those Other Guys (Drew Jankord/Steve Luckert) Kaw 250R, 237 laps

3. Numb Ninja Nuts (Jeff Hughes/Ryan Max Johnson/Clayton Schutz/Eric Williams) Kaw 250R, 236 laps

4. The Blue Crew (Mitchell Klein/Josh Simmons/Scott Srednicki) Kaw 250R, 231 laps

5. Inordinate Racing (Doug Frenchak/Kevin Randall/Shawn Randall/Tim Rose) Kaw 250R, 228 laps

6. Claymore (Mark Gerow/Lynn Stackable) Kaw 250R, 225 laps


1. Hi-Zoot Racing (Scott McDermott/Alan Phillips/Nathan Winchester) Hon RS100, 232 laps

2. HPCRacing/ LSTD (Thomas Anderson/Andy Galindo/Mark Niemi/Griff Richardson/David Tiede) Apr RS125, 215 laps

3. Wreck It Pandas (Caleb Luu /Quan Luu /Johnny Santana/Sherman Yeung) Kaw 250R, 192 laps

4. Wiley Coyote Racing(Sha Edwards/David Kessler/Carl Large/David Wilson) Kaw 250R, 51 laps

5. HPCRacing/ LSTD 2 (Enoc Garza/Billy Hinojosa/Ted Phillips/Jon Whitfill) Apr RS125, 48 laps


1. Eddie Thornton/Derek Wagnon (Kaw 636/Suz GSX-R750), HW, 31 laps
2. Conner Blevins/Doug Frenchak (Kaw ZX-6R/Yam YZF-R6), MW, 31 laps
3. Ty Howard/Brandon Young (KTM RC8/Suz GSX-R1000), HW, 30 laps
4. Joseph Caruso/Dewayne Davis (BMW S1000RR/Suz GSX-R1000), HW, 30 laps
5. Garet Tomlinson/Harry Tomlinson (Yam YZF-R6/Yam YZF-R6), MW, 30 laps
6. Peyton Inge/Jeff Wrobel (Kaw ZX-10R/Yam YZF-R6), HW, 30 laps


1. Eddie Thornton/Derek Wagnon (Kaw 636/Suz GSX-R750) 31 laps

2. Ty Howard/Brandon Young (KTM RC8/Suz GSX-R1000) 30 laps

3. Joseph Caruso/Dewayne Davis (BMW S1000RR/Suz GSX-R1000) 30 laps

4. Peyton Inge/Jeff Wrobel (Kaw ZX-10R/Yam YZF-R6) 30 laps

5. Sean Gurevich/Carl Price (Kaw ZX-10R/Kaw ZX-10R) 29 laps

6. Jorge Guerrero Jr/Terence Ladner (Kaw ZX-10R/Kaw ZX-6R) 29 laps


1. Conner Blevins/Doug Frenchak (Kaw ZX-6R/Yam YZF-R6) 31 laps

2. Garet Tomlinson/Harry Tomlinson (Yam YZF-R6/Yam YZF-R6) 30 laps

3. Bobby Davies/John Orchard (Yam YZF-R6/Yam YZF-R6) 30 laps

4. Kevin Randall/Shawn Randall (Yam YZF-R6/Yam YZF-R6) 29 laps

5. Nick Doolan/Mark Niemi (Kaw ZX-6R/Kaw ZX-6R) 29 laps

6. Andy Galindo/Eric Williams (Kaw 636/Yam YZF-R6) 18 laps


1. Daniel Adams/Shawn Adams (Suz SV650/Suz SV650) 28 laps

2. Danny Dominguez/Britten Geary (Suz SV650/Suz SV650) 28 laps
3. Andy Gilliland/Michael Gilliland (Suz SV650/Suz SV650) 26 laps

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