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Aug 17, 2013

Suzuki Endurance Racing Team Wins Oschersleben 8 Hours FIM Endurance World Championship Race

FIM Endurance World Championship: Suzuki Endurance Racing Team (1) leads BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent (99). Photo by, courtesy of FIM.
FIM Endurance World Championship
Oschersleben, Germany
August 17, 2013
Overall Race Results:

1. Suzuki Endurance Racing Team SERT (Vincent Philippe/Anthony Delhalle/Julien da Costa), Suz GSX-R1000, Superbike, 316 laps, 8:00:59.0651:26.897

2. BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent (Sebastien Gimbert/Erwan Nigon/Damian Cudlin), BMW S1000RR, Superbike, -2 laps

3. Monster Energy Yamaha YART (Broc Parkes/Josh Waters/Igor Jerman), Yam YZF-R1, Superbike, -3 laps

4. Bolliger Team Switzerland (Horst Saiger/Roman Stamm/Daniel Sutter), Kaw ZX-10R, Superbike, -3 laps, 18.628 seconds

5. Yamaha France GMT 94 Michelin Yamalube (David Checa/Kenny Foray/Maxime Berger), Yam YZF-R1, Superbike, -7 laps

6. Franks Autowelt Racing (Jason Pridmore/Pedro Vallcaneras/Steve Mercer), BMW S1000RR, Superstock, -8 laps

7. Team Motors Events April Moto (Gregory Fastre/Claude Lucas/Michael Savary), Suz GSX-R1000, Superstock, -8 laps, 55.935 seconds

8. DG Sport Herock (Didier Vankeymeulen/Raymond Schouten/Lucas Mahias), Yam YZF-R1, Superbike, -10 laps

9. Honda TT Legends (Michael Rutter/Simon Andrews/John McGuinness), Hon CBR1000RR, Superbike, -11 laps

10. AM Moto Racing Competition (Anthony Loiseau/Romain Maitre/Jonathan Hardt), Suz GSX-R1000, Superstock, -13 laps

More, from a press release issued by FIM Endurance Press Office:

SERT wins the Oschersleben 8 Hours ahead of BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent and Monster Energy Yamaha YART

As in 2012, the Suzuki Endurance Racing Team (SERT) won at Oschersleben ahead of the BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent. Vincent Philippe, Anthony Delhalle and Julien Da Costa on the French Suzuki managed two more laps over the 8 hours of the race than the Belgian BMW ridden by Sébastien Gimbert, Erwan Nigon and Damian Cudlin. Monster Energy Yamaha YART with Broc Parkes, Josh Waters and Igor Jerman wound up on the third step of the podium despite making the running at the start of the race. Broc Parkes clocked up a number of very fast laps, finishing on a 1’27.151. But the Austrian Yamaha #7 lost its second place when a fire almost broke out during one of its last refuelling stops.

Always a front runner, the Kawasaki of Bolliger Team Switzerland with Horst Saiger, Roman Stamm and Daniel Sutter tried to hang on to a place on the rostrum but ended up fourth ahead of the Yamaha France GMT 94 Michelin Yamalube whose crew David Checa, Kenny Foray and Maxime Berger made up a lot of ground, having started outside the top twenty following a crash in the second lap.

After a promising start, other crews were dogged by misfortune. The Suzuki R2CL was in a superb fourth place between the factory BMW and the Kawasaki du Bolliger Team Switzerland until the mid-point of the race. An oil leak followed by a crash then put paid to the hopes of Gwen Giabbani, Guillaume Dietrich and Dylan Buisson. R2CL finished 20th overall and just in the points with ninth in EWC.

In Superstock, Junior Team LMS Suzuki seemed on track for another win but a crash shortly after the halfway mark reshuffled the pack. Team Motors Events April Moto, always a steady performer, took over the lead just behind the top teams, but the French Suzuki with Baptiste Guittet, Etienne Masson and Gregg Black was overtaken by the Franks Autowelt Racing Team. The BMW ridden by Jason Pridmore, Pedro Vallcaneras and Steve Mercer finished in sixth, winning the Superstock category ahead of Team Motors Events April Moto and the Yamaha of DG Sport Herock with Didier Van Keymeulen, Raymond Schouten and Lucas Mahias. A crash relegated the Suzuki AM Moto Racing Compétition to the foot of the podium ahead of the Suzuki No Limits in fifth, followed by the Yamaha Viltais Experiences and BMW du Völpker Team Schubert Motors. Junior Team LMS Suzuki finished 22th and 11th in Superstock.

The Honda TT Legends came in 9th, with Superstock teams in front and behind. The British team was unable to keep pace with the frontrunners but was relying on its fuel consumption strategy to make its mark. Unfortunately, they lost contact with the leaders after running short of petrol. Michael Rutter, Simon Andrews and John McGuinness took 6th place points in the EWC.

The Suzuki Endurance Racing Team is still at the top of the provisional rankings of the FIM Endurance World Championship with a 13 point lead over the Monster Energy Yamaha YART and 24 points ahead of the Yamaha France GMT 94 Michelin Yamalube. BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent scored its first points of the season in Oschersleben as did the Honda TT Legends and Team 18 Sapeurs Pompiers.

Don’t miss the 24 Hours of Le Mans, next round of the FIM Endurance World Championship on 21 and 22 September.

More, from a press release issued by Honda TT Legends:

Honda TT Legends score points at Oschersleben

The Honda TT Legends today completed the 8 Hours of Oschersleben in Germany in ninth place overall and sixth in the Endurance World Championship class. The result sees the team pick up 16 points to rank 15th in the EWC standings.

The race got off to a good start with Michael Rutter and Simon Andrews taking the first and second stints respectively and by the third stint with McGuinness on board, the team were up to sixth place from 11th on the grid. Unfortunately, a fuelling issue saw the team drop to 17th as McGuinness was forced to push the bike back to the pits.

A determined battle ensued with the riders and crew pushing hard for the remaining four hours. Aided by consistent lap times and fast and efficient pit stops, the team re-claimed eight places to eventually finish the race in ninth overall and sixth in the EWC category. The race was won by the Suzuki Endurance Racing Team from BMW Team Thevent and YART.

The next outing for the Honda TT Legends will be the final round of the 2013 Endurance World Championship – the Le Mans 24 Hour in France on 21/22 September.

Neil Tuxworth
Although it was a pity we had the fuel problem that cost us a bit of time, we had no other issues whatsoever during the event as a whole and it was a much better race for the team than the Suzuka 8 Hours. Had everything gone to plan I think we had the potential to finish fourth or fifth. It would have been nice to finish a little higher up, but we finished and we scored some points so we’re pleased with that.

John McGuinness
You can’t help but be a bit disappointed for the whole team because everyone puts so much effort and hard work in so when you suffer a setback like we did today it's frustrating. It would have been nice to have a trouble-free race this time and get the result I think we deserve, but a finish is a finish and we have to be happy that we pulled it back after the problem and scored some points to get on the championship ladder.

Michael Rutter
I’m pleased with that as I did some decent times and tried to keep consistent all the way through. I’ve found this a difficult circuit to ride and it was tiring, but it’s been good. We had the fuel issue which is a shame, but we pulled together and brought it back to finish the race, so overall I’m happy.

Simon Andrews
We started off really well and my first stint was good. I got up to seventh and did some fast and consistent times. After the fuel problem, we were able to manage the race to keep up to the lap times we needed and we got through the rest without any issues. It was good for me to finish the race and get my first EWC chequered flag too.

Meanwhile at the Ulster Grand Prix in Northern Ireland, Honda TT Legends’ Michael Dunlop took second in the first Superbike outing after a race-long battle with Guy Martin. In the end, Martin clinched the win by just 0.039 seconds. Dunlop was forced to withdraw before the start of the second and final Superbike race due to a fuel problem.

More, from a press release issued by Honda:


Pos / Team / Riders / Bike / Time / Laps / Gap
1 / Suzuki Endurance Racing Team (SERT) / Philippe Vincent / Delhalle Anthony / da Costa Julien / Suzuki GSX-R1000 / 08:00:59.065 / 316 / -
2 / BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent / Gimbert
Sébasti… / Nigon Erwan / Cudlin Damian / BMW
S 1000 / 08:01:36.415 / 314 / 2 Lp.
3 / Monster Energy Yamaha - YART / Parkes Broc / Waters Josh / Jerman Igor / Yamaha R1 / 08:01:26.301 / 313 / 3 Lp.
4 / Bolliger Team Switzerland / Saiger Horst / Stamm Roman / Sutter Daniel / Kawasaki ZX-10R / 08:01:44.929 / 313 / 3 Lp.
5 / Yamaha France - GMT 94 - Michelin Yamaha / Checa David / Foray Kenny / Berger Maxime / Yamaha R1 / 08:01:17.036 / 309 / 7 Lp.
6 / Franks Autowelt Racing Te… / Pridmore Jason / Vallcaneras / Mercer Steve / BMW S 1000 / 08:00:59.067 / 308 / 8 Lp.
7 / Team Motors Events April Moto / Fastre Grégory / Lucas Claude / Savary Michael / Suzuki
GSX-R1000 / 08:01:55.902 / 308 / 8 Lp.
8 / DGSPORT HEROCK / van Keymeulen / Schouten / Mahias Lucas / Yamaha R1 / 08:01:20.693 / 306 / 10 Lp.
9 / Honda TT Legends / Rutter Michael / Andrews Simon / McGuinness / Honda CBR100RR / 08:01:52.816 / 305 / 11 Lp.
10 / AM Moto Racing Competition / Loiseau Anthony / Maitre Romain / Hardt Jonathan / Suzuki
GSX-R1000 / 08:01:29.674 / 303 / 13 Lp.
11 / No Limits Motor Team / Casas Victor / Bossei Giovanni / Boscoscuro / Suzuki GSX-R1000 / 08:01:01.627 / 302 / 14 Lp.
12 / Yamaha Viltais Experiences / Bardet Loic / Berthome Dimitri / Carrillo Cyril / Yamaha YZF R1 / 08:01:31.948 / 302 / 14 Lp.
13 / Völpker Team Schubert motors / Bergau Daniel / Hansen Luca / Reichmann Udo / BMW S 1000 / 08:01:33.209 / 300 / 16 Lp.
14 / Flembbo Leader Team / Prosenik Janez / Demarey Xavier / Bellucci Emiliano / Kawasaki ZX-10R / 08:01:18.450 / 299 / 17 Lp.
15 / rs speedbikes racing / Albrecht Lars / Kollan Tobias / Altendorfer Filip / BMW S 1000 / 08:01:46.795 / 299 / 17 Lp.
16 / Team DL Moto Racing / Morin Mickael / Thuillier Manu / Saive Guillaume / Kawasaki ZX-10R / 08:01:00.407 / 297 / 19 Lp.
17 / Maco Racing Team / Luis Rita Jose … / Roccoli Massimo / Junod Gregory / Yamaha R1 / 08:01:04.318 / 297 / 19 Lp.
18 / ECS - Ecurie Chrono Sport / Herveux Lionel / Bergeron Lionel / Mecène Mickael / Kawasaki ZX-10R / 08:02:09.141 / 294 / 22 Lp.
19 / Team R2CL / Buisson Dylan / Dietrich Guillau… / Giabbani Gwen / Suzuki GSX-R1000 / 08:00:59.069 / 291 / 25 Lp.
20 / Team Louit Moto 33 / Marino Florian / Savadori Lorenzo / Jonchiere / Kawasaki ZX-10R / 08:02:16.345 / 290 / 26 Lp.
21 / Team 18 Sapeurs-Pompiers / Molinier Stépha… / de Carolis Lucas / Briere David / Kawasaki ZX-10R / 08:01:42.869 / 287 / 29 Lp.
22 / Junior Team LMS Suzuki / Guittet Baptiste / Masson Etienne / Black Gregg / Suzuki GSX-R1000 / 08:02:14.626 / 285 / 31 Lp.
23 / Team Space Moto 37 / Roche Charles / Gallerand Julien / Deneque Franck / Suzuki
GSX-R1000 / 08:01:27.502 / 284 / 32 Lp.
24 / Aprilia Grebenstein / Uhlig Ralph / Schwarz Holger / Meisner Thomas / Aprilia RSV 4 / 08:01:00.792 / 282 / 34 Lp.
25 / KSB One Racing / Kesseli Raimo / Nevala Tapio / Taina Juha / BMW HP 4 / 08:01:12.777 / 281 / 35 Lp.
26 / 2Fast4you by / Behrendt Sven / Schoder Sascha / Kemmer Herbert / Yamaha YZF-R1 / 08:02:10.776 / 279 / 37 Lp.
27 / MCS Racing - IPONE / Saseta Ricardo / Ivanov Marin / Anastasia / Suzuki GSX-R1000 / 08:01:04.899 / 273 / 43 Lp.
28 / Team Racing + _ Oüi FM / Dubarle Jean-P… / Vigneau Remi / Brillante Jonath / Kawasaki ZX-10R / 08:02:34.606 / 268 / 48 Lp.
29 / VEDO-Racing / Vetter Rico / Genscher Stefan / Domke Klaus / Kawasaki ZX-10R / 08:02:12.694 / 251 / 65 Lp.
30 / Gas Nolimits / Zizza Jacopo / Passarelli Marco / Rovera Stefano / Suzuki GSX-R1000 / 08:02:00.488 / 242 / 74 Lp.
31 / Frostbeulen Racing / Kaiser Henrik / Bäcker Rainer / Mockenhaupt / Ducati Panig / 08:01:53.855 / 240 / 76 Lp.

1 Suzuki Endurance Racing Team 84
2 Monster Energy Yamaha YART 71
3 Yamaha France GMT 94 Michelin Yamalube 60
4 Team Bolliger Switzerland 44
5 Team R2CL 44
6 SRC Kawasaki 40
7 Musashi RT Harc Pro 35
8 Maco Racing Team 30
9 BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent 29
10 Yoshimura Suzuki Racing Team 29
11 Team Kagayama 25
12 Flembbo Leader Team 21
13 Team Space Moto 37 20
14 National Motos 19


More, from a press release issued by BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent:

Oschersleben, Germany - 18 August 2013: BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent secured their first championship points of the season with a superb second place in today's 8 Hours of Oschersleben, the third and penultimate round of the 2013 Endurance World Championship.

The team's three riders - Erwan Nigon, Sébastien Gimbert and Damian Cudlin - qualified second on the grid yesterday, after sacrificing one of their 20-minute timed sessions on both Thursday and Friday to work on race set-up. It was a strategy that paid dividends in today's race, with the #99 BMW S1000RR working faultlessly around the 3.696km Oschersleben circuit.

It was Nigon who got the race underway for BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent from second place on the grid, but the Frenchman had some work to do after struggling to get the bike started and only getting away in 15th position. Undeterred by the setback, Nigon got his head down and had worked his way back up to third place by the end of his first relay.

For the next five hours Gimbert, Cudlin and Nigon posted consistently fast laps while taking no risks aboard the #99 BMW S1000RR, as the team continued to turn the bike around at every rider change with faultless pit stops.

The consistency and speed of all three riders allowed them to close on the second placed YART bike, eventually passing the Yamaha as the race entered the final 90 minutes. Again, consistency paid dividends for the team, with the #99 BMW S1000RR crossing the finish line with a one lap advantage over YART, to claim second place and their first championship points of the 2013 season.

BMW Motorrad France Team Thevent head next to Le Mans, for the annual Pre-Mans test on 27 and 28 August, before returning to the Bugatti circuit for the 24 Heures Moto, the final race of the 2013 Endurance World Championship, on 21 September.

Erwan Nigon:
"I'm happy with the result today, as the points we picked up here at Oschersleben are very important for both BMW and Michelin. I had some difficulties off the line because it took me a while to get the bike started and I finished the first lap down in 15th position. I had to work hard to get back up to third before handing the bike over, but I was happy enough with that. My teammates were incredibly good today and the team did a great job at the pit stops, which were fast and with no mistakes. Now we must work towards the final race of the season, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where anything is possible."

Sébastien Gimbert:
"We came here to Oschersleben to get a result for all the people who have worked so hard for this season, including my teammates, everyone in the team and everyone at Michelin, so I'm happy to finish on the podium today. We've made some big improvements with the bike since the Bol d'Or, which benefitted us here in Germany this weekend, but there is still work to do if we're to go to the final race of the season with the best overall package. So, while I'm happy with today's result, we must now carry this momentum into the biggest race of the year at Le Mans."

Damian Cudlin:
"It's been a long time between drinks but it feels great to be back on the podium again. It was a tough weekend for all of us, but my team showed real spirit to fight back. It's true we were down, but as they say, it's not about whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get back up again. Today we did that and I'm really proud to have been a part of it."

Michael Bartholemy: Team Principal
"We came to Oschersleben looking to get some points on the board with a podium finish, and we achieved our goal today. This weekend has not been without problem, but all three riders, as well as everyone in the team and at Michelin, has worked hard for this result and I want to say a big thank you to them all for their efforts. We've got our first championship points on the board, but now we have to look ahead to the final race at Le Mans, where a good result would allow us to finish the season much closer to the top of the championship standings."

More, from a press release issued by Team Suzuki News Service:


Suzuki Endurance Racing Team won the Oschersleben 8-Hour World Endurance third round after a start-to-finish victory.

SERT's GSX-R1000-mounted team of Vincent Philippe, Anthony Delhalle and Julien Da Costa recorded a total of 316 laps; two-laps ahead of second-placed BMW Motorrad France's Sebastien Gimbert, Erwan Nigon and Damian Cudlin.

SERT increased its lead in the series to 13 points over Monster Energy YART (84 to 71 points) after Broc Parkes, Josh Waters and Igor Jerman put their Yamaha into third position on 313 laps, just ahead of Kawasaki's Bolliger Team Switzerland. YART and Parkes - who clocked-up the fastest lap of the race with a 1:27.151 - were in the running for second place on the podium until a small fire broke out during a pit stop that cost the team valuable time.

Trouble hit Suzuki's top Superstock Qualifiers Junior Team LMS, who ran second to SERT at the start and were in the top six for half-race distance until a crash put back into 27th position. But they returned to the track after repairs and climbed to 22nd overall, 31 laps down on the winners.

Top Suzuki Superstock finisher was the Motors Events April Moto GSX-R1000 of Gregory Fastre, Claude Lucas and Michael Savary, who just missed-out on the class victory to the BMW, both teams completing 308 laps.

Motors Events currently holds second in the Superstock Standings with Junior Team LMS Suzuki third and AM Moto Racing Competition fourth aboard its GSX-R1000.

The World Endurance Championship final round takes place at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France on September 21-22 where SERT will be aiming to seal its 13th World Endurance crown.

Oschersleben 8-Hour Results: 1 SERT (Suzuki GSX-R1000) 316 laps, 2 BMW Motorrad France (BMW) 314, 3 Monster Energy YART (Yamaha) 313, 4 Bolliger Team Switzerland (Kawasaki) 313, 5 Yamaha France GMT 94 (Yamaha) 309, 6 Franks Autowelt (BMW) 308, 7 Motors Events April Moto (Suzuki GSX-R1000) 308, 8 DGSPORT HEROCK (Yamaha) 306, 9 Honda TT Legends (Honda) 305, 10 AM Moto Racing Competition (Suzuki GSX-R1000) 303.
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