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Mar 21, 2001

Superbike Racing's Wright Blasts Engel, Editor Ulrich, Blames Wheel Problem On Engel

POSTED March 21st, 2001:

In a March 21 e-mail headlined "RESPONCE" (sic) and sent to Roadracing World but addressed to former racer Allen Engel, Superbike Racing's Andrew Wright denounced Engel and Roadracing World Editor John Ulrich and firmly placed the blame for the dispute between Superbike Racing and Engel--which is centered around Dymag wheels which Engel bought more than a year ago and found did not fit Engel's Moto Guzzi, and around Engel's attempts to either get wheels that did fit or a refund--at Engel's feet.

In the e-mail, Wright wrote:

"I have no desire to communicate with you at all, now or ever dont (sic) bother wasting your time. As I told you yesterday Carol has issued your refund, before you start to criticize me, make sure that you are beyond any criticism yourself. I guess your (sic) perfect like John you never make any mistakes.

"When I shipped the Dymag wheels to you they were new. You returned them to me they were without security documents no original packing they had not even been cleaned, you just thru (sic) them in the box.

"Most DECENT people wanting a refund would return items in the SAME condition that they recieved (sic) them in. NO NOT YOU. If you returned items to any store for a refund in the condition that you return the wheels to me, you would not have been given a refund.

"All you are interested in is first of all lying to Ulrich, giving him an incorrect account of the transaction and admitting that your intention is to discredit me.

"See your letter to him December '00.

"You are responsible for this whole bunch of crap, you created this, you and your buddy John. Both of you are immature viscious (sic) and vindictive people.

"Andrew Wright"

Attached to the bottom of Wright's e-mail was a March 20 e-mail sent to Wright by Engel, after posted a news item revealing that Engel still had not received a refund for Dymag wheels which Wright admitted did not fit Engel's bike and which Engel had ordered more than a year ago. At one point in the saga, Wright made the publication of an "apology" letter from Engel in Roadracing World a condition of Engel getting his money back for the wheels which never fit his bike. At another point in the saga, Wright promised to refund Engel's money and told him to return the wheels, then refused to accept the wheels when they were delivered to Superbike Racing. Engel's March 20 e-mail to Wright read:

"I will telephone you in the morning to allow you to explain to me why you feel I am vindictive. It has been nearly two years and I have written one correspondence to one publication. Days drag on to weeks that have dragged on to months. I have always given you every opportunity to do the right thing. You will not even return my calls or call when you say you will. Think about it Andrew - two years, and I have nothing to show for my frustration, time and patience. I am looking at a receipt dated May 28th, 1999. I have a thick folder of e-mails, letters, phone receipts, magazine articles where, when I read them again, it sounds like I am begging for you to either provide me with the correct wheels or return my money.

"I never ever threatened legal recourse, even though I was advised to do so. I have never sued anyone in my life. Certainly when one of our club members or an industry friend asked about Superbike Racing I do not hesitate to relay my personal knowledge. But I have had no contact with John Ulrich, until yesterday via e-mail, since I asked him to publish the apology letter, over two months ago. Once I get my money returned you will never hear my name mentioned again. It is a waste of my time and energy.

"You say your wheels went onto a 1997 1100 Sport. Have the person contact me so he can tell me how he did it. The 1996 Sport (Stan's) that was at Daytona which had your wheels had a great deal of fabrication done to adapt your wheel and the '96 wheel hub is very different than that which is on my '97. The (sic) would love to talk to the guy who purchased the wheels.

"Regards, Allan Engel"

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