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Jan 6, 2002

Sponsorship Kits Available For AMA Pro Racers

AMA Pro Racing is making sponsorship kits available to licensed AMA racers and teams with AMA-licensed racers through the "Riders Only" area of the company's website, The kits are specific to each of the different AMA Pro Racing disciplines and are designed to help riders and teams in their search for sponsorship.<BR><BR><BR>From the AMA Pro Racing website and a bulletin sent to licensed racers:<BR><BR>AMA Pro Racing has designed series-specific AMA Pro Racing Team Sponsorship kits for 2002 to assist your efforts to obtain sponsorship. These professional-quality kits explain your sport and its audience, show how AMA Pro Racing provides riders and teams with exposure opportunities, and details other benefits for sponsors affiliated with your sport. Each series-specific kit has been designed to provide a glimpse of the excitement of your sport, and contains valuable and key information for potential sponsors regarding television and event audiences.<BR><BR>The kits are designed so that you can create as many as you need. You can access the kits on the RIDERS ONLY website at<BR><BR>AMA/AMA PRO RACING INTRODUCTIONS <BR>The first section of each AMA Pro Racing Team Sponsorship kit contains background on the AMA and AMA Pro Racing. These sections introduce your sport to businesses that are not familiar with the motorcycle or racing industries, and further inform businesses that are familiar with your sport. These sections show potential sponsors that you are committed to race at the top professional level of your sport, in conjunction with an organization that has a long and steadfast heritage in the motorcycle, motorsports entertainment, and service industries.<BR><BR>AMA media properties are also explained in the kit, including American Motorcyclist magazine and the AMA network of websites. Depending on your race results and your own efforts to obtain publicity, these media properties can provide a valuable outlet for sponsor recognition. AMA Pro Racing television broadcast hours and networks are also detailed in each kit.<BR><BR>MOTORCYCLING AND AMERICA: SUSTAINED GROWTH AND RISING POPULARITY<BR>This section details the growing appeal and popularity of motorcycles and racing. This section is important to any business seeking to be affiliated with a growth trend in the mainstream, athletics and motorsports markets, and further explains the broad market appeal of motorcycle racing.<BR><BR>AMA PRO RACING FAN DEMOGRAPHICS AND RELEVANCIES<BR>The AMA Pro Racing Demographics and Relevancies section details the popular appeal and market segments that make up motorcyclists and AMA Pro Racing fans in general.<BR><BR>AMA PRO RACING U.S. CHAMPIONSHIPS – SERIES SPECIFICS<BR>Each kit has a series-specific section providing important details about the AMA Pro Racing U.S. Championship you compete in. This section holds attendance figures, television hours, race schedules, venues and markets, potential media exposure, and key demographic information for your particular AMA Pro Racing U.S. Championship.<BR><BR>LETTERHEAD TEMPLATE<BR>Series-specific letterhead templates are provided for you to use for your own personalized message or cover letter. Simply print the letterhead template, then re-insert the letterhead in your printer in the correct position. Write your letter in any word processing program, set the margins to fit the letterhead template, and re-print your personalized letter to send along with the kit. Using this same approach, you can also include an additional page where with more details, or add digital photos or you or your team.<BR><BR>PRINTING/DISPLAY OPTIONS<BR>Print: The kit can be printed from your personal computer's printer, in black & white or color, depending on your printer. For even better results, you can ask your local quick-print company to print the kit on a high-quality color printer and bind it onto a single book for a more professional presentation.<BR><BR>Online use: you may place the kit in its Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file format on your own website, for download or viewing by potential sponsors.<BR><BR>ACCEPTABLE USE/DISCLAIMER<BR>Please read the following text, which is included in the kit.<BR><BR>Use of this document is reserved exclusively for members of the American Motorcyclist Association who hold an active AMA Pro Racing Professional Competition License, and by team owners who have contracted with licensed AMA Pro Racing riders for competition in AMA Pro Racing events.<BR><BR>Authorized use of this document does not imply endorsement by AMA Pro Racing of any team or individuals participating in AMA Pro Racing events.<BR><BR>This document is intended to provide a general history of AMA Pro Racing and describes potential exposure opportunities for riders and teams licensed to compete in AMA Pro Racing events. Some of the media outlets described in this document are owned and controlled by AMA, others are not. Due to race qualification procedures or factors beyond rider or team control, no individual rider or team can guarantee event or television exposure for sponsors. No individual or team can authorize a sponsor to use AMA Pro Racing trademarks or copyrights in advertising, products, promotions or other uses, without prior written authorization from the executive officers of AMA Pro Racing. All information and images copyright AMA Pro Racing, 2001-2002.<BR>