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Aug 3, 2001

Rossi Fastest In Suzuka 8-Hour Practice

Valentino Rossi was fastest in practice for the Suzuka 8-Hour in Suzuka, Japan on Friday, turning a best time of 2:07.349 on a Honda RC51. Makoto Tamada was second-fastest at 2:07.597 on another RC51, followed by Suzuki's Akira Ryo at 2:07.783 and Tamada's teammate Tohru Ukawa at 2:07.894.<BR><BR>Leading Superbike teams include:<BR>Tohru Ukawa/Daijiro Katoh/Makoto Tamada (Honda) with an average time of 2:07.812<BR>Valentino Rossi/Colin Edwards/Shinichi Ito (Honda) with an average time of 2:08.240<BR>Akira Ryo/Kagayama/Watanabe (Suzuki) with an average time of 2:08.335<BR>Tadayuki Okada/Alex Barros/Manabu Kamada (Honda) with an average time of 2:08.353<BR>Akira Yanagawa/Hito Izutsu (Kawasaki) with an average time of 2:08.512<BR>Takeda/Yamaguchi (Honda) with an average time of 2:08.640<BR>Noriyuki Haga/Anthony Gobert (Yamaha) with an average time of 2:09.106<BR>T. Serizawa/Gregorio Lavilla/Ian MacPherson (Kawasaki) with an average time of 2:09.239<BR><BR>The leading SuperProduction teams were:<BR>Deguchi/Giles/Kawase (Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R1000) with an average time of 2:10.211<BR>Kitagawa/Arakaki/Toda (Suzuki GSX-R1000) with an average time of 2:10.416<BR><BR>Selected individual rider times follow:<BR><BR>Valentino Rossi, Honda RC51, 2:07.349<BR>Akira Ryo, Suzuki GSX-R750, 2:07.783<BR>Tohru Ukawa, Honda RC51, 2:07.894<BR>Y. Kagayama, Suzuki GSX-R750, 2:07.983<BR>Makoto Tamada, Honda RC51, 2:07.597<BR>Tadayuki Okada, Honda RC51, 2:07.910<BR>Daijiro Katoh, Honda RC51, 2:07.946<BR>T. Yamaguchi, Honda RC51, 2:08.189<BR>Alex Barros, Honda RC51, 2:08.327<BR>Akira Yamagawa, Kawasaki ZX-7RR, 2:08.497<BR>Hito Izutsu, Kawasaki ZX-7RR, 2:08.527<BR>W. Yoshikawa, Yamaha YZF-R7, 2:08.573<BR>T. Serizawa, Kawasaki ZX-7RR, 2:08.604<BR>K. Kitagawa, Suzuki GSX-R1000, 2:08.608<BR>Shinichi Ito, Honda RC51, 2:08.683<BR>Colin Edwards, Honda RC51, 2:08.689<BR>O. Deguchi, Suzuki GSX-R1000, 2:08.693<BR>Gregorio Lavilla, Kawasaki ZX-7RR, 2:08.696<BR>Naoki Matsudo, Yamaha YZF-R7, 2:08.709<BR>M. Kamada, Honda RC51, 2:08.823<BR>Anthony Gobert, Yamaha YZF-R7, 2:09.086<BR>Y. Takeda, Honda RC51, 2:09.092<BR>Noriyuki Haga, Yamaha YZF-R7, 2:09.127<BR>A. Watanabe, Suzuki GSX-R750, 2:09.239<BR>O. Nishijima, Kawasaki ZX-7RR, 2:09.711<BR>Sean Giles, Suzuki GSX-R1000, 2:09.838<BR>T. Arakaki, Suzuki GSX-R1000, 2:09.884<BR>R. Tsuruta, Kawasaki ZX-7RR, 2:10.051<BR>D. Sakai, Honda RC51, 2:10.118<BR>Ian MacPherson, Kawasaki ZX-7RR, 2:10.418<BR>T. Hamaguchi, Moriwaki Honda RC51, 2:10.604<BR>M. Maruyama, Honda RC51, 2:10.662<BR>Stephane Mertens, Suzuki GSX-R1000, 2:11.342<BR>T. Honma, Yamaha YZF-R7, 2:11.598<BR>K. Hasegawa, Honda RC51, 2:11.921<BR>H. Kawase, Suzuki GSX-R1000, 2:12.104<BR>T. Toda, Suzuki GSX-R1000, 2:12.756<BR>Michael Barnes, Suzuki GSX-R1000, 2:14.025<BR>K. Kosaka, Suzuki GSX-R1000m 2:14.528<BR>