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Mar 9, 2003

Roberts Drafts Hacking To Win Supersport Race At Daytona

Copyright 2003, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.<BR><BR>Kurtis Roberts drafted Jamie Hacking in the final run from the chicane to the finish line and won the AMA Supersport race at Daytona.<BR><BR>At one point 16 machines were in the lead group, but at the end the race was decided by a group including Hacking, Roberts, Jake Zemke, Damon Buckmaster, Jason DiSalvo and Miguel Duhamel.<BR><BR>Jamie Stauffer turned the fastest lap of the race, a 1:52.275. DiSalvo turned the second-fastest lap of the race at 1:52.452.<BR><BR>1. Kurtis Roberts, Honda<BR>2. Jamie Hacking, Yamaha, -0.118 second<BR>3. Miguel Duhamel, Honda, -0.283<BR>4. Jake Zemke, Honda, -0.414<BR>5. Jason DiSalvo, Yamaha, -0.458<BR>6. Damon Buckmaster, Yamaha, -0.780<BR>7. Jamie Stauffer, Yamaha, -0.915<BR>8. Aaron Gobert, Yamaha, -1.692<BR>9. Ben Spies, Suzuki, -5.601<BR>10. Ben Bostrom, Honda, -5.624<BR>11. Roger Lee Hayden, Honda, -5.705<BR>12. Matt Wait, Yamaha, -12.908<BR>13. Tommy Hayden, Kawasaki, -18.696<BR>14. Aaron Yates, Suzuki, -18.723<BR>15. Alex Gobert, Honda, -30.102<BR>16. Tony Meiring, Kawasaki<BR>17. Lee Acree, Suzuki<BR>18. Andrew Nelson, Honda<BR>19. Doug Chandler, Honda<BR>20. Jason Curtis, Honda<BR>21. Jonathan Gomez, Yamaha<BR>22. Chris Peris, Honda<BR>23. Thad Halsmer, Yamaha<BR>24. Ty Howard, Honda<BR>25. Greg Moore, Suzuki<BR>26. Joseph Ford, Yamaha<BR>27. Chris Siglin, Suzuki<BR>28. Dirk Sanchez, Kawasaki<BR>29. Antonion Piccioni, Yamaha<BR>30. Tim Knutson, Yamaha<BR>31. James Mann, Yamaha<BR>32. Jason Hobbs, Suzuki, -1 lap<BR>33. Michael McAllister, Yamaha, -1 lap<BR>34. James Kerker, Honda, -1 lap<BR>35. David Guy, Suzuki, -1 lap<BR>36. Larry Roberts, Yamaha, -1 lap<BR>37. Crash Chris Lowe, Suzuki, -1 lap<BR>38. Chad Simons, Yamaha, -2 laps<BR>39. Oliver Jervais, Kawasaki, -5 laps<BR>40. Darrin Mitchell, Suzuki, -6 laps<BR>41. Craig Connell, Honda, -8 laps, DNF, crash<BR>42. Owen Weichel, Kawasaki, -12 laps, DNF, mechanical<BR>43. Hector Romero, Yamaha, -13 laps<BR>44. Heath Small, Yamaha, -15 laps, DNF, crash<BR>45. Eric Bostrom, Kawasaki, DNS<BR>46. Jason Perez, Suzuki, DNS<BR>47. Brent Bennett, Yamaha, DNS<BR><BR><BR><BR>