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Feb 12, 2013

Roadracing World Action Fund Reaches $1,069,273 And Deploys More Soft Barriers At Tracks Nationwide

Two new sections of Airfence were deployed in memory of Carl McAllister, and carry this custom artwork.

The Roadracing World Action Fund has reached $1,069,272.76 in donations, with the motorcycle racing community working together to help reduce racetrack injuries. Thanks to the efforts of racers and their family members, friends, sponsors and fans, new soft barrier sections are being deployed at racetracks across the U.S., including New Hampshire Motor Speedway, New Jersey Motorsports Park, Daytona International Speedway, Road Atlanta, Gateway Motorsports Park and Black Hawk Farms.


KURVEYGIRL.COM Go to the website and the first image you see is one of owner Julie Salcido wearing a Roadracing World Action Fund T-shirt. It's no coincidence, since every day that Kurveygirl does business, Salcido donates to the Action Fund.

Since 2006, Kurveygirl has based its yearly donation on the number of items sold during the year, and according Salcido, no matter how small the item, every item sold helps support the Roadracing World Action Fund. will continue the "Got Dzus?" donation campaign for 2013, in which $1 will be donated for each item sold on the website. With the most recent donation of $2,701,'s grand total now stands at $16,807.

MOTOSPORT.COM In 2011, began a program offering customers the opportunity to donate to the Roadracing World Action Fund at checkout, then matching the amount the customer gives. In a very short period of time, thanks to this ongoing fund-raising effort,'s total has grown to $5,118. Its most recent donation was $1,114.

Director of Marketing Operations Jarrod Rogers wrote, "During checkout, we give our customers the option to donate $1 to the Roadracing World Action Fund, and MotoSport matches customer donations dollar for dollar. We have some amazing customers who are very compassionate and giving when it comes to the sport we love so much...Thank you for everything you do to help prevent injuries. We are proud to associate ourselves with such a great organization and look forward to raising more money for the Roadracing World Action Fund."

SPIEGLER PERFORMANCE PARTS Spiegler Performance Parts has made a habit of contributing to the Roadracing World Action Fund, establishing a company tradition of making a yearly donation in lieu of giving corporate gifts, and instead giving "the gift of safety."

Spiegler Performance Parts President Matthias Schaub wrote, "This year we decided again to make a contribution in the name of our customers. Instead of sending gifts to our good customers, the money is better used to purchase and maintain inflatable barriers at motorcycle races through the U.S. In this way, all of us will be giving the gift of safety of the very racers whose talents and achievements we all admire so much."

This year's contribution of $1000, made in the name of the "Customers of Spiegler Performance Parts," brings the company's grand total to $3,550.

EUROSPORTS EuroSports sponsored a Jason DiSalvo-autographed Arai Corsair V race helmet giveaway which brought donations from customers "plus a little more," according to William Mondok, totaling $500.

VIETS PERFORMANCE Viets Performance's August 2012 Bridgestone Promotion netted $220 for the Roadracing World Action Fund. Viets has held various fundraising promotions since 2008, and its grand total now stands at $670.


The 8th Annual Chris Ulrich Two-Up Ride event, held at Auto Club Speedway on Thanksgiving weekend and hosted by Fastrack Riders, raised $6,314 - exceeding last year's total by over $2000 and bringing the all-time total for the event to $39,179. In additional to giving a record number of rides (71) on his two-seat GEICO Superbike over two days, Ulrich set new records for most laps completed with a passenger and most miles ridden with a passenger, as well as setting a new record for the amount raised at this event. Lucas Oil once again made a major contribution by paying for $2,000 worth of rides for various employees, business associates and VIPs.

The Chris Ulrich Two-Up Ride fundraiser inspired many donations even though the donors could not be in attendance. Among them was Jon Glaefke, who sent $500. "Wish I could be there but in my absence I'd like to see Chris give me a rain check...kidding! Ride on buddy and you keep up the great work. Thanks for you and your family's commitment to the cause! All the best, Jon G." Glaefke's all time total is $7,293.01.

Blackhawk Farms Raceway's First Annual Broken Wing Benefit hosted by JOS Motorsports/ over Labor Day weekend included a stunt show, contests, and an auction that, along with individual donations, raised $6,818 for the Roadracing World Action Fund.


Craig Beardsley's donations are on an automatic schedule - $100 quarterly - but recently he sent in an extra $60. He wrote, "Enclosed is a contribution of $60, which is the proceeds of my sale of two sets of crashed track bodywork which formerly used to be on my track bike. (They were really wrecked.) Although Airfence was not involved in these crashes, I was fortunate to walk away from all but one of the crashes that damaged these sets of bodywork unscathed, and with minor injury from the one crash. I can think of no better place for the proceeds of this sale than the Action Fund. I have watched Airfence save lives and minimize injuries. Know that the work the Fund does is appreciated. Keep up the good work, and congratulations on reaching the $1 Million mark with the Action Fund." Beardsley's grand total now stands at $1,210.

Gary McQuiston has donated to the Roadracing World Action Fund each year since 2004 in memory of Bill Parr, a former racer and AMA and CCS race official, and his total had reached $500. This year he matched his all-time total with a single contribution of $500 - donated in memory of both Bill Parr and Capt. Richie Halstead, a former racer and CCS cornerworker who passed away last November.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bittner have been strong supporters of the Roadracing World Action Fund, first donating in 2002. With their recent year-end donation of $4500 - $2900 designated for the Road Race part of the fund and $1600 for Dirt Track - the Bittner's all-time total now stands at $28,550 ($22,750 for Road Race and $5,800 for Dirt Track).

A small monthly donation really can add up. That's the philosophy of Gary Rand, who earlier this year put his donations on a recurring credit card monthly schedule. In a phone call to the Action Fund, Rand said it's easy to put off donating, so making automatic donations eliminates that procrastination, and will help him reach his personal goal of making into the Top-100 contributors as listed on the Roadracing World Action Fund website. Rand's all-time total now stands at $926.

($1501 will get you into the top 100.)

Also donating on a recurring credit card monthly schedule is Timothy Downey. In just 10 short months, a seemingly small donation of $15 per month has grown to a total of $150!


Fundraisers and individual donations made in memory of Mike Moore totaling $29,378 helped to bring 18 new sections of Airfence to New Jersey Motorsports Park in 2012. Each section of Airfence has a specially designed graphic honoring Mike Moore. Recent donations include David Van Ommeren, $500; John Allen, $250; and John H. Lee, $250.

Donations made in memory of Carl McAllister brought two new sections of Airfence to NHMS, also featuring special artwork. Stephen Nogueira's recent donation of $500 was added to the contributions of 10 donors that included Jeff Wood and Eric Wood, who led the fundraising effort and also provided the artwork.


Coming off the success of the 2011 fundraiser which raised $11,500 for the dirt-track portion of the Roadracing World Action Fund, David Lloyd of Lloyd Brothers Motorsports geared up to once again to hold a year-long raffle in 2012. With sponsorship from Foremost Insurance, AMA Pro Racing, who provided the 2009 Buell Ulysses XB12XP, a former pace bike; and Saddlemen, who provided the second prize - a custom Saddlemen seat, Lloyd sold tickets at each AMA Pro Flat Track half-mile and mile event of the 2012 season as well as on the Lloyd Brothers Motorsports website. This year's total came to $10,220, for a grand total of $21,720 raised over two years.

Summary of Recently Posted Contributions

(Contributor comments and dedications are included below with their listing. Total overall contribution appears in parentheses.)


The Copham Family Foundation $15,000 

Blackhawk Farms Raceway Broken Wing Benefit $6,818.20 

Chris Ulrich Two-up Bike Ride/ Fundraiser $6,314 ($39,179) 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bittner $2900 ($28,550) 

Bob Robbins $3500 ($12,650) 

KurveyGirl $2701 ($16,807) 

Red Flag Fund $2000 In Memory of Bill Fehrman ($15,500) 

Chris Brown/Chevron Humankind Matching Gift $1500 ($9362) 

Customers of Spiegler Performance Parts $1000 ($3,550) Matching Funds Program $1114 ($5118) 

Henry Avello $1000 ($2000) 

Michael Arenella/Chevron Humankind Matching Gift 

$653.92 ($4083.20) 

EuroSports/Jason DiSalvo Arai Helmet Giveaway $500 

David Van Ommeren $500 ($2500) In Memory of Mike Moore 

Gary W. McQuiston $500 ($1000) In Memory of Bill Parr and Cpt. Rich Headley 

Stephen Nogueira $500 ($1151) "In memory of our fast friend, Carl McAllister, LRRS 101 EX. Thanks for making us laugh!" 

Jon Glaefke $500 ($7293) 

Oliver Gooden $300 

Bruce Porter $300 ($500) 

Mike Moore Memorial Fundraiser $300 ($6403) Jeff Headley donation added to total 

John Allen $250 In Memory of Mike Moore, Bryan Andrews, and Stan Braxton

 Charles Buse $250 ($2550) 

John H. Lee $250 ($350)  In Memory of Mike Moore 

Gary Rand $250 ($926) 

Anibal Nieves/Microsoft Matching Gifts Program $250 ($775) 

Viets Performance $220 ($670) August 2012 Bridgestone Promotion 

Andrew Kenefick $200 "In honor of Rocco Horvath for the M1GP 24hr endurance race." 

Chase Spitzer $200 "We are doing this as a team competing in the M1GP 24-hour Mini race on our NSR50. we are happy to contribute." 

Terry Grimm $200 

Marcus McBain $165 ($6650) 

Craig Beardsley $160 ($1210) 

Timothy Downey $150
Robert Byland $100 ($500) 

Andrew King $100 

Nikk Rogers $100 ($150) 

David Sapsis $100 ($200) 

Mark Gilkey $100 

James Goodwyn $100 "Great magazine, great cause." 

Travis Boatwright $100 ($300) 

Mark & Beth Niemi $100 In Memory of Richard Haner 

Keith & Patti Souter $100 ($1200) 

Paul Black $100 ($700) 

Greg & Cindy Thomas $100 "We consider it an honor to be a part of this worthy cause." 

Paul Rosal $80 ($400) 

Ryan S. Nelson $55 ($250) 

Dan Chrystal $52 In Memory of Peter Lenz "Godspeed, racer, still missing you terribly." 

Andrew Daugherty $50 ($100) On behalf of Chris Daugherty 

Andrew Daugherty $50 ($100) On behalf of Ron Daugherty 

Khaled Shabany $50 

Rich Kim $50 

Ryan Nelson $50 ($300) 

Charles Boucher $50 

Stephen Tsotsoros $50 

Carlo Rao $50 

Richard Stout $50 

Crissy Hartley $40 In Memory of Peter Lenz 

Brad Martone $50 "To racers and track riders. Everyone contribute." 

Tim Ivanoff $50 

Curt Relick $50 

Davie Stone $50 ($280) 

Chuck Tydrich $50 ($100) 

Jermaine Jones $50 ($100) 

Cliff Williams $50 "In Memory of James Reeder "a Father, a Son, a Husband, a Brother, A Fireman, A Best Friend, a DragonSlayer." 

Jeffrey Haack $50 ($100) 

Norman Carver $25 ($100) 

Donald Neilson $25 

Dana Palmer $25 "I've seen the Airfence at work at Loudon. I love motorcycle road racing and don't want to see any rider get seriously hurt or killed. Unfortunately I've seen both. I applaud Roadracing World for having the balls, the concern and the common sense to step up to the plate and do something about rider safety. (Are you listening AMA or DMG?)" 

Jennifer Morris $20 "For my brother, Brandon, whose life you guys may save one day. God bless you!" 

Frank Berns $20 In Memory of Peter Lenz 

Douglas Kirk $20 "Lost a wager with SteelCity Racer. Making good." 

Verenice Garcia $13 

Blake Irvin $10 

Geoffrey Maloney $10 

Tryce Welch $10 ($20) In Memory of Ethan Gillim


 2012 Foremost Insurance/Lloyd Brothers Motorsports/AMA Pro Racing Fundraiser $10,220 ($21,720)

 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bittner $1,600 ($28,550) 

Susan Conklin $500 ($1500) In Memory of Mike Shattuck 

AMA Pro Fines Program $310 

Mark Hayes $69 

Jack T. Shipper $50 

Jeffrey Haack $50 ($100) 

Paul Rosal $20 ($400) 

Tryce Welch $10 ($20) In Memory of Ethan Gillim

January 25, 2013 Accounting Details to Date 

Road Racing Expenditure Details

Purchase of Soft Barriers: $843,164.60

Shipping/Customs: $47,574.88

Bank Fees: $2,041.01

Transportation & Installation: $11,269.78

Soft Barrier Repairs $3500

Corporation/Business Fees: $3208

Online Auction Fees: $327.46

Printing Education Materials: $346.42

Professional Services $280

Misc Supplies: $98.01

Total Spent: $911,810.16

Total Donations Collected: $968,941.79

Misc. Income: $145.74

Cash on hand: $57,367.37

Dirt Track Expenditure Details

Direct purchase of soft barriers:$66,839.335

Shipping/Customs: $2717.72

Transportation & Installation $2174.77

Total Spent: $71,731.84

Total collected: $100,330.97

Cash on hand: $28,599.13

Administrative costs have been paid by Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

*Trademark of Airfence Safety Systems Australia.

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