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Mar 14, 2018

Roadracing World Action Fund Donations To Improve Rider Safety Near $2,000,000 Milestone

From 104-to-0 In Four Feet: After losing his brakes, MotoAmerica Superbike racer Kyle Wyman ran off the track at 140 mph, crashed, and was still going 104 mph when he hit Roadracing World Action Fund-supplied soft barriers covering a wall at Barber Motorsports Park last fall. He walked away, thanks to donors like you! Photo courtesy of MotoAmerica/beIn Sports TV.

How The Roadracing World Action Fund Made A Big Difference

The Roadracing World Action Fund -- a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization -- began back in 2001 as a grassroots movement to improve racetrack safety for motorcycle racers. At the time, haybales or stacks of tires were sometimes placed in front of concrete walls for rider protection in case of a crash. A far better solution for rider safety existed - inflatable soft barriers which absorb the energy of a crash. Soft barriers – made by Airfence or Alpina – can allow racers to often walk away from a crash which in the past might have caused catastrophic injury, or even death.

The Roadracing World Action Fund gained the support of the motorcycle community, as racers, riders, family and friends, motorcycle industry and businesses helped to make soft barriers the standard, rather than the exception, at motorcycle races and track days at racetracks across the nation. Now, from Laguna to Daytona, Motorsports Ranch to VIR, Auto Club Speedway to Blackhawk Farms, and many more, soft barriers are deployed more frequently and in greater quantities than ever before, thanks to the contributors who, over 17 years, have donated $1,904,130.45 to support the Roadracing World Action Fund in fulfilling our mission to help prevent racetrack injuries and spread the word through motorcycle road racing safety education.

With donations nearing the $2 million milestone, 2017 saw established fundraising programs and activities return, along with annual fundraisers that have become a tradition, including the P.R.E. fundraiser at VIR; Midwest Track Days’ Chili Cookoff and Motovid’s Broken Wing events at Blackhawk Farms; Pirelli’s Laguna WSBK ticket fundraiser; and Chris Ulrich’s 2-Up Ride Program. Along with continuing support from individuals within the motorcycle racing community, the Roadracing World Action Fund had a banner year of donations totaling $157,003, which added 354 linear feet of new soft barriers and funded maintenance and repair to an existing fleet to help keep soft barriers deployed at races and track days across the U.S.

As the 2018 racing season begins...Here is a review of Roadracing World Action Fund 2017 highlights.


Steady Donations Add Up…

Each year since 2013, Rand Kennedy has sent in a year-end donation of $200 to the Roadracing World Action Fund, with this past year’s contribution bringing his grand total to $1000. With this year’s donation, Kennedy sent a post-it note with the question, “How many lives and limbs did you save this year? Thanks for all you do!”

Former racer-and-crew-chief couple Chris & Beth Pyles have donated $1,000, $500 for road race and $500 for dirt track, bringing their overall total donations since 2009 to $1,850.

Craig Beardsley has donated to the Roadracing World Action Fund steadily since 2008. As in 2016, Beardsley donated in four quarterly payments of $100 each for 2017. But this year’s donations totaling $400 will be doubled – thanks to Beardsley signing up for the Disney Employees Matching Gifts program. Beardsley’s grand total now stands at $3,210 ($3,610 including the matching gift!)


With John Allen at the helm, this year’s P.R.E. Fundraiser at VIR raised $25,204, bringing the grand total to $77,678 raised since 2014. When combined with the amount he raised for the Roadracing World Action Fund while with NESBA, John Allen-led fundraisers total $136,178.

Midwest Track Days held a very successful Chili Cook-off on the Labor Day weekend and raised $17,034. Since 2013, this yearly event has raised a total of $40,811.

N2 held its first fundraiser in July of 2014, and each year since. In 2017, donations received totaled $22,830. N2 now tops the Roadracing World Action Fund donor list at $79,425.45.

The Sixth Annual Motovid Broken Wing Benefit, with support from Buffalo Wild Wings – Beloit, raised $10,612. The event, held September 3, 2017 at Blackhawk Farms, set a new record for Broken Wing events -- this year nearly double last year’s total -- bringing the grand total over six years to $43,612.

Sportbike Track Time and Motoworks Chicago hosted their 14th Annual “Trackfest” and “Moto Monday” track days at Gingerman Raceway over the weekend of August 12-14, 2017, and this year’s event was planned as a fundraiser for the Roadracing World Action Fund.

Sportbike Track Time’s Richard Harris wrote: “While the event has always been one of the highlights of the track day season in the Midwest, this year we decided to add an element of altruism to the endeavor and support the Roadracing World Action Fund.

“Our fundraising efforts were made possible with generous contributions by Shinysideuplaw, Tucker Rocky Distribution, Apex Manufacturing, Moto & Motor, Triumph Motorcycles, Arai Helmets, and Amsoil. We are pleased to present the Action Fund with a check in the amount of $3035, which represents 100% of the proceeds of our raffle and complimentary dinners and drinks at the track.

“We look forward to continuing this tradition of supporting the Action Fund and making the sport safer for all of us. Our hope is that Roadracing World will join us making next year’s event an even greater success and help us identify areas of our tracks in need of Airfence.”

Midwest Safety Crew has once again donated to the Roadracing World Action Fund in memory of Bill Ritger, the former head of the organization who passed away from cancer in 2007 at the age of 53. The legacy non-profit organization, which worked closely with Blackhawk Farms Raceway and has been inactive since 2015, has donated $6,542.36, for a total of $18,726.68 donated since 2008.

For the sixth year in a row, Pirelli has once again provided special VIP ticket/parking packages for the World Superbike round at Laguna Seca, to be sold and the proceeds donated to the Roadracing World Action Fund. This year’s total came to $4,025, and the total raised over six WSB events is $18,434. matches customer donations to the Roadracing World Action Fund dollar-for-dollar. The program began in 2011 with donations totaling $2442 for the year. Each year since, donations have grown steadily. In 2017, contributed $12,462, bringing the program’s grand total to $31,069.

Team Hammer’s Chris Ulrich was busy giving two-up rides on the Dunlop M4 Suzuki at MotoAmerica race events in 2017, promoting motorcycle road racing and raising money for the Roadracing World Action Fund. Members of the media got the chance to learn about the sport and experience the ride of a lifetime on the back of a racebike, and at each event, a limited number of rides were available for race fans who donated a minimum $250 to the Roadracing World Action Fund. Fans at VIR, Utah, Laguna, Sonoma, PittRace, NJMP, and Barber donated a total of $7,950 through this program in 2017.

After the racing season concluded, Chris Ulrich teamed up with Fastrack Riders once again for the 12th Annual RWAF Fundraiser held at Auto Club Speedway on Thanksgiving weekend. Ulrich, (assisted by David Anthony), gave 43 two-up rides on Sunday, raising $2,285, and bringing the total raised at the event since 2006 to $57,060.

Racers at the AMA 2017 Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course donated $425 to the Roadracing World Action Fund.

In Memory of…

Nicky Hayden

Stanton Simmerson donated $69.69 to the Roadracing World Action Fund and challenged others via the Internet to do the same in honor of Nicky Hayden. Many donations were received in answer to the challenge, using Hayden’s number “69” as the basis for the amount donated: John & Holly Casley, $69.69; Ryan Cramer, $69.69; Eddie Kraft, $69.69; John Deuser, $69.69; Eddie Ganbrel, $69.69; Stephen Haft, $69.69; Kenneth Hill, $69.69; Lori Hill, $69.69; William Rasche, $69.69; Garrett Rick, $69.69; Russell Parker, $69.69; Stephen Tsotsoros, $69.69; Steve Wenner, $69.69 each for road race and dirt track (total $138.38); and Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bittner, $69.00.

The Reading Motorcycle Club has donated $500 in memory of Nicky Hayden. Secretary Don Kuterbach wrote: “Thanks for accepting our check in the name of Nicky Hayden. This money was collected from the members of the Reading Motorcycle Club, AMA #4 in District 6. We put out a jar and collected $500. We would like it to be put to good use to help prevent injuries on racetracks. We are safety conscious because we have a drag strip.”

Gary & Brenda Sharp have donated $250 in memory of Nicky Hayden. Brenda wrote: “My family and I attended the races at V.I.R over the weekend of May 12, 13, and 14th. It was a wonderful weekend and we were happy to see Roger Hayden win a race there! We learned about the Airfence project from P.R.E. Riding School and made a donation. I promised to make a bigger donation when I got home.

“Sadly we learned about Nicky Hayden’s death on our trip home to Charleston. I would like this donation to be in memory of #69 Nicky Hayden because we have been fans since Nicky, Tommy, and Roger were all just boys. It is a sad loss for the family and for the motorcycle racing community! Hopefully the Airfence will saves lives and serious injuries in the future. I realize Nicky’s injuries were not sustained while on the track but this seems to be a fitting memorial for him. Thank you.”

Frenda Ann Carr

Stephen & Frona Winter have donated $100 to the Roadracing World Action Fund/Dirt Track in memory of Frenda Ann Carr, mother of Chris Carr. They wrote: “Please accept this donation to the Roadracing World Action Fund in memory of Frenda Ann Carr…Our families had many memories of Manteca High School where Ann taught with Steve, and Chris attended with our son, Don.”

Also donating to Roadracing World Action Fund/Dirt Track in memory of Frenda Ann Carr: DFW, $500; James P. & Brenda G. Harrington, $100; Ann & Rand Collins $100; The Wilcox Family--Claude, Mary Ann, and Alvin, $100.

Charles “Chuck Deluxe” Ruiz

The Tammy Stratman Brown Charities Foundation has donated $2,000 to the Roadracing World Action Fund/Dirt Track, dedicated to the memory of Charles “Chuck Deluxe” A. Ruiz of Deluxe Harley-Davidson, which brings the total donated by the foundation to $11,000.

Ave Gudelsky

An anonymous donation of $5,000 to the Roadracing World Action Fund has been made in memory of Ave (Avrum) Gudelsky, who was an early founder of ERA (later WERA). The donor wrote: “One of Ave’s top priorities was to make racing safer for the participants, so it seems cruelly ironic that he was killed instantly when he hit a hard barrier during a race at Mosport in 1979. I am so happy that you and your family have gotten this crucial program off the ground.”

Mike Moore

David Yarnall has donated $2000 in memory of Mike Moore, who was killed in a crash at NJMP in November of 2011. The NESBA Atlantic Race Director has been honored by racers and friends who have made donations totaling $23,634 to the Roadracing World Action Fund over the years in his memory.

Kevin Rentzell

John Shepard has donated $100 in memory of racer Kevin Rentzell.

Summary of Recently Posted Contributions

(Contributor comments and dedications are included below with their listing. Total overall contribution appears in parentheses.)

Roadrace Fund

P.R.E. Fundraising Events/VIR $25,204 ($77,678.50)

N2 Track Days Fundraisers $22,830 ($79,425.45)

Midwest Track Days $17,034 ($40,811) Matching Funds Program $12,462 ($31,069)

Motovid Broken Wing Benefit $10,612 ($43,612)

Midwest Safety Crew $6,542 In Memory of Bill Ritger ($18,727)

In memory of Ave (Avrum) Gudelsky $5,000

Pirelli WSB Fundraiser $4,025 ($18,434)

Red Flag Fund $3,300 ($18,800)

Bob Robbins $3,000 ($28,400)

New Jersey Motorsports Park $2,500 ($25,000)

John Cook/In Memory of Hazel Harrell $2,200

David Yarnall $2,000 In Memory of Mike Moore ($4,000)

Anonymous/Network for Good $1,427.86

AR Slaven $1,000

Russell Masecar $1,000 ($2,000)

Reading Motorcycle Club/AMA #4 - $500 In Memory of Nicky Hayden

David Pierce $500 ($5,500)

David Hildebrand $500

Chris & Beth Pyles $500 ($1,850)

AMA 2017 VMD Racers $425

Joe & Andrea Marietta $407 In Memory of Jeremy Gordon ($3,663)

Craig Beardsley $400 ($3,210)

Keith & Patti Souter $400 ($3,400)

Jonathon Oakden-Graus $294 ($335)

Richard Varner $250

Gary & Brenda Sharp $250 In Memory of Nicky Hayden

Rand Kennedy $200 ($1,000)

Gary McQuiston $200 ($1,200) In Memory of Bill Parr and Cpt. Richey Halstead

John Stewardson $200 ($1,405)

Richard & Deborah Knoss $200

Scott Walter $156 ($286)

Juan & Gudrun Negreira $135

Geoff Kramer $101 ($662)

David Sapsis $100 ($497)

David Frick $100

Jim Bonner $100 ($200)

Colin Fowler $100 ($200)

Steve Oeschger $100 ($175)

John Shepard $100 In Memory of Kevin Rentzell

Greg Melka $100 ($300)

John Schiavone $100

Jeremy Burnich $90.00

Anthony Breslin $89

Stanton Simmerson $69.69 In Memory of Nicky Hayden

Eddie Kraft $69.69 In Memory of Nicky Hayden

Ryan Cramer $69.69 In Memory of Nicky Hayden

Eddie Ganbrel $69.69 In Memory of Nicky Hayden

John & Holly Casley $69.69 In Memory of Nicky Hayden

John Deuser $69.69 In Memory of Nicky Hayden

Kenneth Hill $69.69 In Memory of Nicky Hayden

Lori Hill $69.69 In Memory of Nicky Hayden

William Rasche $69.69 In Memory of Nicky Hayden

Garrett Rick $69.69 In Memory of Nicky Hayden

Stephen Haft $69.69 In Memory of Nicky Hayden ($94.69)

Russell Parker $69.69 In Memory of Nicky Hayden

Stephen Tsotsoros $69.69 In Memory of Nicky Hayden ($214.69)

Steve Wenner $69.69 In Memory of Nicky Hayden (138.38)

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bittner/ In Memory of Nicky Hayden, $69.00 ($22,819)

Paul Rosal $50 ($730)

Jason Owens $50

Vijay Lorick $50

David & Carmelita Gougis $50

Nathan & Allison Kirklin $50 ($100)

Louden Clear Designs $43.70

William J. Cramer $40

Joyce Grote $30

Natalie Goodman $25

Don Neilson $25 ($50)

Tyler L. Ryan $9.80 ($198.90)

Dirt Track Fund

ESPN X Games $2,500

Tammy Stratman Brown Charities Foundation $2000 In Memory of Charles A. Ruiz ($11,000)

The Ethan Gillim Memorial “Chasin’ A Dream” Program $800

Chris & Beth Pyles $500 ($1850)

DFW $500 In Memory of Frenda Ann Carr

David Lenkowsky – Mr. Sign $250 ($300)

John Stewardson $100 ($150)

Gerry & Ann Carr $100 ($500)

Robert & Frona Winter $100/In Memory of Frenda Ann Carr

James P & Brenda G Harrington $100/ In Memory of Frenda Ann Carr

The Wilcox Family $100/In Memory of Frenda Ann Carr

Ann & Rand Collins $100/ ”In Memory of Frenda Ann Carr, as she was a dedicated fan of dirt racing!”

Steve Wenner $69.69/In Memory of Nicky Hayden (138.38)

Paul Rosal $50 ($170)

December 31, 2017

Accounting Details to Date

Road Racing Expenditure Details

Purchases of soft barriers: $1,415,590.19

Shipping/Customs: $75,972.55

Bank Fees: $6,556.84
Transportation & Installation: $201,147.17

Soft Barrier Parts, Repairs & Signage $39,512.81

Accounting/Business Fees: $5,818.00

Misc. Supplies/Services $906.15

Office Services: $14,987.00

Total Spent: $1,760,490.71

Total Donations Collected: $1,761,002.01

Cash on hand: $511.30

Dirt Track Expenditure Details

Purchases of soft barriers: $123,789.35

Shipping/Customs: $2,717.72

Transportation & Installation: $2,174.77

Total Spent: $128,681.84

Total Donations Collected: $143,128.44

Cash on hand: $14,446.60

Certain administrative costs, including website maintenance, promotional items and shipping have been absorbed by Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

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