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May 29, 2016

Repsol FIM/CEV Championship Race Results From Motorland Aragon

Carmelo Morales (31) leads a Superbike race start at Motorland Aragon. Photo courtesy of Repsol FIM/CEV Press Office.

Repsol FIM/CEV Championship Series

Motorland Aragon, Spain

May 29, 2016

Superbike Race One Results:

1. Carmelo Morales, Spain (Yamaha), 15 laps, Total Race Time 28:44.704, Best Lap time 1:54.157

2. Santiago Barragan, Spain (BMW), -0.053 second, 1:54.130

3. Maximilian Scheib, Chile (BMW), -7.734 seconds, 1:54.125

4. Anthony Delhalle, France (Suzuki), -29.039, 1:56.174

5. Niko Makinen, Finland (Yamaha), -35.600, 1:56.503

6. Oscar Climent Sanchis, Spain (Yamaha), -39.744, 1:56.806

7. Diego Pierluigi, Argentina (Yamaha), -40.558, 1:56.501

8. Pierre Texier, France (Kawasaki), -49.837, 1:57.198

9. Tiago Magalhaes, Portugal (Kawasaki), -61.804, 1:57.474

10. Chris Cotton Russell, Canada (Suzuki), -63.086, 1:58.280

Superbike Race Two Results:

1. Carmelo Morales, Spain (Yamaha), 15 laps, Total Race Time 28:37.127, Best Lap time 1:53.601

2. Maximilian Scheib, Chile (BMW), -0.043 second, 1:53.625

3. Santiago Barragan, Spain (BMW), -17.929 seconds, 1:54.602

4. Anthony Delhalle, France (Suzuki), -32.720, 1:55.581

5. Oscar Climent Sanchis, Spain (Yamaha), -38.377, 1:55.807

6. Pierre Texier, France (Kawasaki), -50.751, 1:56.866

7. Ole Bjorn Plassen, Norway (Ducati), -52.902, 1:56.804

8. Eeki Kuparinen, Finland (Kawasaki), -56.244, 1:57.109

9. Guillermo Llano Pardo, Spain (Yamaha), -60.525, 1:57.496

10. Thierry Mulot, France (Ducati), -67.410, 1:57.710

Moto2 Race One Results:

1. Steven Odendaal, South Africa (Kalex), 15 laps, Total Race Time 29:08.156, Best Lap Time 1:55.715

2. Tetsuta Nagashima, Japan (Kalex), -2.374 seconds, 1:56.018

3. Alan Techer, France (HTS NH-6), -2.427, 1:55.615

4. Augusto Fernandez Guerra, Spain (Tech 3), -4.324, 1:56.331

5. Samuele Cavalieri, Italy (Kalex), -17.952, 1:56.800

6. Dimas Ekky Pratama, Indonesia (Kalex), -22.138, 1:57.407

7. Iker Lecuona, Spain (Kalex), -22.478, 1:57.185

8. Bertin Thibaut, France (Suter), -24.305, 1:56.910

9. Jayson Uribe, USA (Kalex), -24.340, 1:57.251

10. Xavi Cardelus Garcia, Andorra (Kalex), -24.450, 1:57.295

29. Michael Aquino, USA (Ariane), -13 laps, DNF, 2:01.881

Moto2 Race Two Results:

1. Steven Odendaal, South Africa (Kalex), 10 laps, Total Race Time 19:18.683, Best Lap Time 1:55.144

2. Alan Techer, France (HTS NH-6), -0.156 second, 1:55.164

3. Tetsuta Nagashima, Japan (Kalex), -0.484 second, 1:54.808

4. Augusto Fernandez Guerra, Spain (Tech 3), -4.249 seconds, 1:55.431

5. Remy Gardner, Australia (Kalex), -4.464, 1:55.520

6. Eric Granado Santos, Brazil (Kalex), -4.925, 1:55.527

7. Iker Lecuona, Spain (Kalex), -11.791, 1:56.081

8. Sena Yamada, Japan (Kalex-Honda), -12.648, 1:56.495

9. Dimas Ekky Pratama, Indonesia (Kalex), -12.746, 1:56.535

10. Bertin Thibaut, France (Suter), -22.476, 1:57.010

11. Jayson Uribe, USA (Kalex), -22.516, 1:57.104

27. Michael Aquino, USA (Ariane), DNS

Moto3 Race Results:

1. Marcos Ramirez Fernandez, Spain (KTM), 15 laps, Total Race Time 30:23.306, Best Lap Time 2:00.055

2. Alonso Lopez Gonzalez, Spain (Honda), -1.151 seconds, 2:00.838

3. Lorenzo Dalla Porta, Italy (Husqvarna), -1.195, 2:00.756

4. Kaito Toba, Japan (Honda), -1.260, 2:00.606

5. Raul Fernandez Gonzalez, Spain (Husqvarna), -1.358, 2:00.548

6. Tony Arbolino, Italy (Honda), -1.576, 2:00.818

7. Dennis Foggia, Italy (KTM), -6.700, 2:00.817

8. Marco Bezzecchi, Italy (Mahindra), -6.883, 2:00.968

9. Ayumu Sasaki, Japan (Honda), -6.885, 2:00.842

10. Kazuki Masaki, Japan (Honda), -7.927, 2:01.360

34. Gabriel Martinez-Abrego Cantu, Mexico (Mahindra), -83.457, 2:05.429

More, from a press release issued by Repsol FIM/CEV Press Office:

Win for Ramírez and double wins for Morales and Odendaal at MotorLand

Marcos Ramírez (SPA-KTM) took victory in the Moto3™ Junior World Championship at MotorLand Aragón, with Steven Odendaal (RSA-Kalex) and Carmelo Morales (SPA-Yamaha) each winning both races in the Moto2™ European Championship and Superbike European Championship classes.

Moto3™ Junior World Championship leader Marcos Ramírez came back strongly in front of 6,500 spectators at MotorLand Aragon this weekend, after failing to make the podium at Le Mans. Today he was back on top, accompanied by Alonso López (SPA-Honda) and Lorenzo Dalla Porta (ITA-Husqvarna).

A group of up to six riders - made up of the eventual podium riders along with Kaito Toba (JPN-Honda), Tony Arbolino (ITA-Honda) and Raúl Fernández (SPA-Husqvarna) – pulled away from the rest in the early stages and swapped the lead as they lapped. With two laps remaining, Marcos Ramírez upped the pace to break away from the group, crossing the finish line more than one second clear of Alonso López and Lorenzo Dalla Porta.

The Leopard Junior Stratos team rider boosted his lead in the championship, with 83 points compared to the 68 of Lorenzo Dalla Porta and 64 of Kaito Toba, who was fourth today. Aleix Viu (SPA-Honda) won the Moto3™ Production race.

Marcos Ramírez received the “Repsol free fuel” cheque for the second time this season, the previous time being in the first event of the season in Valencia.

The first Moto2™ race was won by Steven Odendaal (RSA-Kalex) after a struggle for the lead between the South African, Tetsuta Nagashima (JPN-Kalex), Alan Techer (FRA-NTS NH 6) and Augusto Fernández (SPA-TECH3). Remy Gardner (AUS-Kalex) started second but went down in the early stages. With three laps to go, Steven Odendaal pulled clear to cross the finish line alone and take his second victory of the season. He was followed by Tetsuta Nagashima and Alan Techer. Ivo Lopes (POR-Kawasaki) was victor in the Superstock 600 category.

The second Moto2™ race began with a multiple crash at the start of the back straight involving Xavi Cardelus (AND-Kalex), Michael Aquino (USA-Ariane), Jacopo Cretaro (ITA-Yamaha) and Thibaut Gourin (FRA-Yamaha). The shortened race (10 laps) was restarted with Odendaal, Alain Techer and Tetsuta Nagashima soon fighting for the lead in a group which also included Augusto Fernández and Remy Gardner. The South African rider finally earned his second win of the day win, followed by Alan Techer and Tetsuta Nagashima, a result that confirms his leadership of the Moto2™ European Championship and allowed him to pick up his second “Repsol free fuel” cheque. In Superstock 600, Ivo Lopes (POR-Kawasaki) was again the quickest rider.

The first Superbike European Championship race was won by Carmelo Morales after an intense duel with Santiago Barragán (SPA-BMW) and Maximilian Scheib (CHI-BMW). The Chilean Targobank Easyrace SBK Team rider led early on but the top three soon began to exchange positions as they lapped. When Maximilian Scheib went wide, Carmelo Morales and Santiago Barragán were left clear. The BMW rider passed the Superbike European Championship champion on the last lap, but the Yamaha Laglisse rider returned the favour on the final corner to take the race and his first “Repsol free fuel” cheque of the season. Niko Mäkinen (FIN-Yamaha) finished fifth and was the best privateer.

In the second Superbike European Championship race, Carmelo Morales and Maximilian Scheib took advantage when Santiago Barragán had problems in the opening moments to pull clear. Although Barragán fought back to third he had no chance of closing in on the two leading riders, who battled it out for the lead in a thrilling final lap, with the Spanish rider using his experience to finally overcome the Chilean and score his second victory of the day, and in the process earn another “Repsol free fuel” cheque.

With Niko Mäkinen going down on the third lap, Oscar Climent (SPA-Yamaha) ended fifth overall and took victory among the privateer riders.

Maximilian Scheib still leads the Superbike European Championship with 61 points, nine ahead of Santiago Barragán and 11 in front of Carmelo Morales.

The next FIM CEV Repsol event - the 4th of the season - will take place at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on June 11 and 12.

The full races can be seen again here.

We would like to remind the press and teams that in the next few hours more photos of each FIM CEV Repsol race will be available in the photo gallery and the FTP linked to this press release.

All the results and information about the championship are available on the official website:

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