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May 6, 2002

Readers React To Speed Channel Interrupting Live Coverage Of AMA Supersport Race At Sears Point

From Peter Taran:<BR>I want to share with you my disappointment with Speed Channel's decision to break away from their live coverage of the AMA 600 Supersport race to air taped recap coverage of another event that was not aired or scheduled on Speed Channel (this despite the fact that "live coverage of AMA 600 Supersport racing" was listed as a "program highlight" on their website!) I dont know about your other subscribers/visitors, but I pay extra to recieve Speed Channel on my cable system, and live coverage of the AMA series forms the cornerstone of my interest in their service. If they have no intention of living up to the promise of live coverage of AMA racing, I wish they would inform us now, so that I may cancel my subscription to the service upgrades that give me access to Speed Channel in the first place.<BR><BR><BR>From Vaughn K. McVey of Dallas, Texas:<BR>I have to tell you something that really ticked me off today with the "Speed Channel", formerly Speedvision. My Sunday afternoon was planned around watching the 600cc Sears Point race at 2:00 pm Central time. After a somewhat slow start, the race was "on" and the announcers, in their usual good form, were covering the race. Then, at 2:25 pm, the race was pre-empted by a NASCAR update on yesterday's events, with the announcer reporting that they'll be back to Sears Point in a half hour, and that we could tune in tonight to watch the whole race!<BR><BR>That's what I thought I was doing; trying to watch the whole race.<BR><BR>The only reason I have subscribed to DirecTV is to watch motorcycle racing. I will probably cancel DirecTV now. If we can't rely on them to show the races, why should they rely on a paying customer?<BR><BR><BR><BR>From R. Christopher Landgraf of Pelham, Alabama:<BR>I Hope I'm only one of many who was EXTREMELY upset by SPEED Channel's Sunday live coverage of the AMA 600 SS race! I have already e-mailed my complaint to the TV station and for those who may not know; the 600 race was shown at the start and after barely a lap was interuppted to show "taped" interviews of the NASCAR race. Then the AMA race was shown at its very end...interviews etc. <BR><BR>Hey guys at RW, YOU GUYS ROCK! <BR><BR><BR><BR>From Ed Light:<BR>I was watching the AMA 600cc Supersport at Sears live, but on the half-hour they replaced it with NASCAR. What are they thinking? They were so helpful as to say that we could watch the 600 race tonight. Gosh.<BR><BR>The 600s came back right at the very end of the hour.<BR><BR>Their schedule does not show any NASCAR at that time.<BR><BR><BR><BR>From Willard Ivans:<BR>Below is an e-mail I sent to Speed Channel about them wiping out the last half of the live telecast of the AMA 600 SS race from Sears Point to talk about NASCAR racing highlights and their "reply". The message I get from this happening and their automated system reply is that<BR>motorcycle racing programming is not a priority for them, and that they don't have time or inclination to respond.<BR><BR>Why do you interrupt a live telecast (AMA 600 Supersport) to talk about *highlights* of NASCAR?! I thought that was what time slots for programming were for? I was looking forward to seeing the motorcycle races you had put in your schedule today and cancelled other activities for the day so that I would be able to watch them. Now I have to wait until another time to see the 600 race and I don't have the benefit of getting other things done. Pre-empt rally racing or soap box derby racing please. Better yet, how about<BR>waiting until the allotted time for NASCAR programming comes on to talk about NASCAR race highlights from wherever. I might even watch it when you do, even though I largely don't care about NASCAR. When NASCAR programming squashes motorcycle racing coverage, with no warning, I could be forgiven for developing a resentment toward that particular segment of motorsport and<BR>also toward the Speed Channel programming staff. I look at the schedule you produce for a reason, and I imagine you create the schedule for a reason. How about following through and actually doing it the way you planned? How do you think it would be received if you brought race highlights from World Superbike and AMA Supersport races from wherever right in the middle of a titanic battle for the lead at Bristol, telling your NASCAR fans that they can see the race in its entirety some other time? What happened today gives new life to my fears about how programming other than NASCAR will be treated by the new regime at Speed Channel. Please feel free to respond by e-mail, or contact me at the phone number I have provided. I eagerly anticipate your<BR>reply.<BR><BR>From: <><BR>Sent: Sunday, May 05, 2002 12:44 PM<BR>Subject: Thank you for contacting Speed Channel<BR><BR>Thank you for contacting Speed Channel.<BR>We commit ourselves to read all of your comments. However, due to the quantity of emails we receive, we may not be able to answer every email.<BR>If your question does not receive a response, we ask that you please visit the FAQ page on our website at, or try contacting us again.<BR>Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.<BR>To find out if Speed is available on your cable system, call 1-888-22-SPEED or call your cable operator or satellite provider directly.