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Nov 8, 2002

Readers Comment On AMA Pro Thunder Situation, And On Erik Buell's Statements

Copyright 2002, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.<BR><BR>From Chris Wilson:<BR><BR>The apparent conflict of interests within AMA Pro Racing is related to one thing - fear of accountability. If the body of AMA Pro Racing were to come forward publicly with a clear mission, from that moment on they would be accountable for that mission. We, as the racing and race-watching public, would be able to clearly see how and if AMA Pro Racing was indeed "talking the talk" AND "walking the walk."<BR><BR>I applaud Erik Buell for having the guts to publicly express his opinion. Even after revising his statement, he still offers a pointed insight into how misguided decisions and policies can affect real people in real ways.<BR><BR>My only hope is that AMA Pro Racing will realize that statements like Erik's represent the feelings and opinions of the very people their organization is intended to support and represent - American motorcycle racing teams and enthusiasts. I understand that it takes funds for an organization to persist, and corporate "sponsorship" is a large portion of those funds. However, the interests of the corporations should not outweigh the interests of the members, or soil the core mission of the organization.<BR><BR>Now, if we only knew what that mission was...<BR><BR><BR><BR>More, from Jim Douglas:<BR><BR>I am a die-hard Beemerphile, former local BMWMOA club pres and the whole thing...and would love to be able to see the Boxer Cup expanded...HOWEVER!!! As an AFM turnworker (and AMA member) and rabid racing fan, I was very disappointed with the AMA's move to eliminate the Pro Thunder series, and just as the XB9R was really coming on. Now, we have a brand-specific event scheduled for Daytona as what? An exhibition round? (And BMW had made a big deal of this on their German Boxer Cup website!) I think BMW has stepped in it big time. I can understand the desire of BMW NA and AG to get this exposure, but I don't think they were aware of the politics involved in the elimination of the Pro Thunder class, which they are now apparently a substitute for. I am very dissappointed in BMW and the AMA.<BR><BR><BR>More, from Jim Armstrong:<BR><BR>I would like to take the time to thank you for the article about the AMA's decision to cancel Pro Thunder racing, and replace it with the BMW Boxer Cup.<BR><BR>I think the AMA has made a huge error in canceling one of the favorite classes in American racing.<BR><BR>I'm going to cancel my AMA membership next year if this situation is allowed to continue.<BR><BR>Thank you also for all of your efforts in trying to shape up the AMA in the past.<BR><BR><BR>More, from Jose Obando:<BR><BR>The AMA is making a big mistake neglecting and abusing road racing, they are making a big push to get their membership to over 300,000, but by alienating the racing fans they are about to acomplish the complete opposite. I for one hope that they come to their senses, otherwise the sport and the road racing fans will suffer for it. Road racing in America may never recover unless a great change in attitude on their part (AMA) takes place.<BR><BR><BR><BR>More, from Dave Blunk of Sport Cycle Pacific:<BR><BR>Regarding Erik Buell's statement about AMA Pro Racing discontinuing both ProThunder and 250GP due to "staff workload," I say "Thank you, Erik," for venting what hundreds, thousands of people must be thinking. Take AMA Pro Racing out behind the barn. Take the current leadership to the Unemployment Office! Take stock of what the racers really want, how to generate enthusiasm and interest to race with AMA again. THAT is what will take road racing to the next level.<BR><BR><BR>More, from Randall Rohrmann:<BR><BR>Just a humble subscriber that wanted to comment on the Erik Buell/loss of Pro-Thunder series.<BR><BR>I first noticed the Pro-Thunder class at Sears Point a few years back. I just happened to be near the starting line when the green flag fell....that was the coolest sensation I can remember at a race. All those V-Twins taking off from the line was just awsome sounding. From that point forward I always looked forward to the <BR><BR>Pro-Thunder races. It was a fun class to watch just as the 250 GP class was. I say "was" since the AMA Pro racing people want to take away both these classes. At Laguna Seca, I really looked forward to all the racing that took place but now there is going to be, what, 3 or 4 races? (not counting WSBK) <BR><BR>I think Erik Buell was correct when he said there will be fewer and fewer people going to the races. I am sure the price will be the same (or more) to get in the gate but there will be less racing going on.<BR><BR>With all the turmoil that 'Superbike' racing is going through now I would think that they would want to make going to the races more of an event (i.e.: more racing!) <BR><BR>If there are only going to be 2 or 3 races at Sears Point in the future I may just end up staying home and watching the races on TV (if AMA Pro Racing doesn't screw that up, too.)<BR> <BR>Roadracing World, thanks for the great work.<BR> <BR>