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Jan 31, 2003

Reader Comments On New Mexico's Proposed Forced Organ Donation Program

Copyright 2003, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.<BR><BR>From an e-mail:<BR><BR>I wanted to comment on your post on the proposed New Mexico bill for organ donors (1/30/2003 AMA Objects To New Mexico Bill Which Effectively Classifies Helmetless Street Riders As Organ Donors).<BR><BR>First, I must say that I am a great believer in helmets, they have saved my noggin a few times, but, it's still up to the individual whether they wear a helmet or not.<BR><BR>Secondly, is Allen Hurt going to be an equal-opportunity butcher and also harvest organs from motorists who died and were not wearing a seat belt? I'm sure they would get a much richer crop there.<BR><BR>I cannot imagine how a bill like this could be introduced in the first place and then to even stand the slightest chance of getting through. This guy obviously has a true hatred of motorcyclists in general.<BR><BR>I started riding in 1963 in the UK and continued when I moved to the U.S. in 1977. I own a multitude of bikes including a Honda CBR600 and a Suzuki DR350 to name but two. I always wear protective gear when I ride and it scares me to see the kids on the bikes with sunglasses, T-shirt, shorts and tennies...but that's their choice. I'm glad I'm a member of the AMA and that they are fighting this. Thanks for reporting the story.<BR><BR>Mike Hughes<BR>Rockford, Illinois<BR><BR><BR><BR>