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Jun 20, 2001

Non-factory Team Owners, Riders Say They Want Thursday Practice To Continue At AMA Nationals

The following petition was circulated through the paddock on Sunday morning at New Hampshire International Speedway in Loudon, New Hampshire during the AMA weekend 6/14-17.

The petition was circulated in response to statements made by AMA Pro Racing Superbike Operations Manager Ron Barrick and AMA Pro Racing Director of Competition Merrill Vanderslice that there will be no Thursday practice in 2002.

According to Vanderslice, Thursday practice costs too much money and riders can get set-up and practice time by attending club races held at the same racetracks prior to AMA Nationals. Vanderslice has also claimed that there is plenty of official AMA practice on Friday at Nationals

The petition read: "Non-factory teams and riders need Thursday practice to set up bikes and get up to speed. The cost of arriving a day early for Thursday practice is far less than making a special trip to a club race or participating in private testing, which is not available to most riders and teams. We want Thursday practice to continue. AMA Friday practice is not enough."

Chuck Graves (Team Owner, Graves Yamaha)
Geoffrey Maloney (Team Owner, GP Tech Yamaha)
Chuck Sorensen (Rider, GP Tech Yamaha)
Simon Turner (Rider, GP Tech Yamaha)
Shane Clarke (Mechanic, Valvoline EMGO Suzuki, former rider)
Landers Sevier IV (Team Owner, Corona EBSCO Suzuki)
Carry Andrew (Crew Chief, Corona EBSCO Suzuki)
Jimmy Moore (Rider, Corona EBSCO Suzuki)
Mike Ciccotto (Rider, Hooters Suzuki and Hal's Performance Buell)
David McIntyre (Rider, Dilligaf Racing)
Keith Perry (Crew Chief, Valvoline EMGO Suzuki)
Grant Lopez (Rider, Valvoline EMGO Suzuki)
John Hopkins (Rider, Valvoline EMGO Suzuki)
Chris Ulrich (Rider, Suzuki)
Jerry Wood (Rider)
Eric Wood (Rider, Team Owner, Keystone Learning Systems Racing)
Thomas Montano (Rider)
Bob Meiring (Father and tuner for rider Tony Meiring)
Poncho Rangel (Crew Chief For rider David Ortega)
David Ortega (Rider)
Scott Greenwood (Rider)
Mike Fargnoli (Crew Chief, Hooters Suzuki)
Vincent Haskovec (Rider, Corona EBSCO Suzuki)
Peter Kimball (Rider)
Michael Niksa (Rider)
Daigoro Suzuki (Rider, Vesrah Suzuki)
Dean Mizdal (Rider)
John France (Rider)
Charles Chouinard (Rider)
Richard Stanboli (Team Owner, Attack Suzuki)
Sean Lindseth (Mechanic, Ricci Motorsports)
Keith Sims (Mechanic, Ricci Motorsports)
Gary Ricci (Team Owner, Ricci Motorsports)
Stephen G. DeCamp (Team Owner, Hooters Suzuki)
Tripp Nobles (Rider, Tilley Buell)
W. M. Wadsworth (Team Owner, Tuner for Tyler Wadsworth)
Becky Wadsworth (Team Owner, Mother, Tyler Wadsworth)
Paul Richey (Team Owner, Tuner for Owen Richey)
Owen Richey (Rider)
Jim Lester (Rider)
Mike Cusano (Rider)
Jon Sweeney (Rider)
Mike Martire (Rider)
Tom Fournier (Rider)
Alan Gardner (Rider)
Frank Madden (Rider)
Joan Holske (Crew Chief for Chris Holske)
Peter Kates (Rider, owner, GMD Computrack Boston & L.A.)
Jim Barry (Owner, Barry Motorsports)
Michael Barnes (Rider, Hooters Suzuki)
Paul Hopkins (Rider)
Chris Holske (Rider)
Dale Seaton (Rider)
Jimmy Filice (Rider, Corbin Yamaha)
James Siddall (Team Owner, Corbin Yamaha)
Mike Himmelsbach (Rider)
Bill Ormerod (Rider)
Roland Williams (Rider)
Darian Polach (Rider)
Mike Gallagher (Rider)
Charles Sandoz (Rider)
Terry Galagan (Team Manager, Hals Performance Buell)
James Winter (Buell Motor Co.)
Henry Duga (Buell Motor Co.)
Gary J. Stippich (Buell Motor Co.)
Joshua R. Wilson (Buell Motor Co.)
J.R. Jones (Buell Motor Co.)
Perry Melneciuc (Rider, Sun Sports Yamaha)
Justin Blake (Rider)
Gus Holcomb (Rider)
Chad Healy (Rider)
Chris Decelle (Rider)
Dave Schweitzer (Rider)
Brian Turfrey (Team Owner, PJI Team Turfrey)
Michael Hannas (Rider, PJI Team Turfrey)
Rich Oliver (Team Owner, Rider, Team Oliver)
Tyler Wadsworth (Rider)
Jeffrey Nash (Team Owner, Rider, AMS Motorsports Ducati)
Adam Vella (Rider)
Chris Pyles (Rider)
Beth Walters (Crew Chief for Chris Pyles)

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