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Nov 11, 2001

2001 MRA Champions Honored At Banquet

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The 2001 MRA Champions were honored at the Colorado organization's annual awards banquet, held Saturday night at the Airport Marriott at Gateway Park, near Denver International Airport.

The featured speaker at the AMA-affiliated club's banquet was Roadracing World's John Ulrich, who spoke about his life as a racer and as the father of a racer; his efforts to fund AirFence deployment and improve rider safety, including examples of riders hitting AirFence at Daytona and Road Atlanta; his experiences racing with MRA in the 1970s; the societal benefits of road racing; his theories of effective racing organization and race event management; his experiences working with teen phenom John Hopkins; and his campaign to be elected to the AMA Board of Trustees as part of the Take Back The AMA slate, which also includes Kevin Schwantz and Jeff Nash.

Racer Peter Hofmann also spoke, and compared racing in the European 125cc Series to racing in the United States.

MRA President Connie Kassel announced that the organization has raised over $10,000 and is buying five sections--about 150 feet--of Alpina Air Module for deployment at MRA events in 2002. The sections were originally part of a rental deal funded by the Roadracing World Air Fence Fund, which saw 20 sections deployed at the Pocono, Portland and Daytona F-USA races as well as at the WERA Grand National Finals/Suzuki Cup Finals at Road Atlanta. The new MRA deal to purchase the five sections includes an inflation blower, repair kits and training.

The top 10 racers in MRA's Race of the Rockies class are awarded the top 10 MRA numbers for the following year, and veteran racer Ricky Orlando won the Race of The Rockies Championship and the MRA #1 plate for 2002.

Top finishers in each MRA class follow:

Race of The Rockies 1. Ricky Orlando 2. Dan Turner 3. Doug Vickery 4. Marty Sims 5. John Carver 6. Mark "Nude" Nudelman 7. Dennie Burke 8. Rob Christman 9. Greg Glennie 10. Ron Curry

Solo Open Endurance 1. Rob Christman 2. Jason Kingham 3. Rob Fitzgerald 4. Jeff Ahner 5. Chris Ulrich

Solo Heavyweight Endurance 1. Michael Applehans 2. Jim Brewer 3. Rich Lundeen 4. Erik Schnackenberg 5. Eric Haugo

Solo Middleweight Endurance 1. Terry Skogen 2. Bob Seymour 3. Ben Fox 4. Trinity Huffman 5. Elton Curry

Solo Lightweight Endurance 1. Nicky Wimbauer 2. Sil Trujillo 3. Stephen Husbands 4. Sharan Maitland 5. Scott Beltinck

Amateur GTU 1. Sean Fey 2. Gregg Algazi 3. David Lambert 4. Dean Delturco 5. Thomas Hinton

Amateur GTO 1. Sean Fey 2. David Lambert 3. Marv Rosencrans 4. Gregg Algazi 5. Jeff Hetzler

Modern Vintage GTU 1. David Gallant 2. Sil Trujillo 3. Chuck Shettsline 4. Stephen Husbands 5. Alice Palmer

Modern Vintage GTO 1. David Gallant 2. Jay Yarrington 3. Gregg Algazi 4. Karl Frakes 5. Don Medina Jr.

SuperTwins GTU 1. Sil Trujillo 2. Jurgen Wimbauer 3. Stephen Husbands 4. James Comstock 5. Anthony Viera

Supertwins GTO 1. Pedro Bravo 2. Jim Brewer 3. Jurgen Wimbauer 4. Ben Fox 5. Terry Benson

Middleweight Supersport 1. Rob Christman 2. Marty Sims 3. Greg Glennie 4. Andrew Drattlo 5. Alex Zinaich

Middleweight Superbike 1. Rob Christman 2. Greg Glennie 3. Marty Sims 4. Leslie Gerber 5. Andrew Drattlo

Heavyweight Supersport 1. Dennie Burke 2. Michael Applehans 3. Terry Teske 4. Robert Christman 5. Andrew Drattlo

Heavyweight Superbike 1. Rob Christman 2. John Carver 3. Michael Applehans 4. Jon Glaefke 5. Jim Brewer

Open Supersport 1. Ricky Orlando 2. Marty Sims 3. Dennie Burke 4. Michael Applehans 5. Brian Thomsen

Open Superbike 1. Ricky Orlando 2. Dan Turner 3. Doug Vickery 4. Marty Sims 5. Travis Graham

Formula II 1. Russell Strobridge 2. Sil Trujillo 3. Mark Erickson 4. Norman Dehm 5. John Burbach

Formula III 1. Tracy Schram 2. John Hjelm 3. David Tippie 4. Nicky Wimbauer 5. Robert Johnston

Lightweight Superbike 1. Jurgen Wimbauer 2. Tracy Schram 3. Nicky Wimbauer 4. David Tippie 5. Stephen Husbands

Formula Colorado 1. Tracy Schram 2. Nicky Wimbauer 3. David Tippie 4. Robert Johnston 5. Chuck Shettsline

Novice GTO 1. Jeff Hetzler 2. Sean Fey 3. Thomas Hinton 4. Eric Truman 5. Crash Lowe

Novice GTU 1. Sean Fey 2. Dean Delturco 3. Thomas Hinton 4. David Lambert 5. Troy Miller