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Feb 7, 2012

MRA 2011 Champions Honored

MRA #1, Shane Turpin, gives his acceptance speech as #6, Ricky Orlando, looks on. Photo by John Chadwick.
MRA Celebrates Champions Present and Past at Awards Ceremony

2011 was an exciting year for the MRA and the annual awards ceremony traditionally marks the celebration of class champions and the building of excitement for the coming season. This year the MRA held its awards ceremony on February 4th at Casselman's Bar & Venue in downtown Denver, Colorado.

Racers, both present and past, were honored at this year's event, which marked the final passing of the Eugene Bazyl Memorial Award back to his parents Anatoly and Tamara. Anatoly graced the audience with a moving remembrance of his son's discovery of motorcycle racing as a video of Eugene played in the background.

Class champions were honored for their performance throughout the 2011 season and the evening ended with an announcement from MRA 2011 #1 plate holder, Shane Turpin, that he has earned a wild card position at the 2012 round of World Superbike held at Miller Motorsports Park.

Championship awards were given away for a championship series, 26 classes of racing, and a clubman championship in addition to 5 special awards that mark unique achievement in the club. The MRA proudly presents its 2011 Class Champions and Special Awards:

Race of the Rockies Championship Series Top 10 Plates

1 Shane Turpin

2 Dan Turner

3 Colter Dimick

4 Dalton Dimick

5 Josh Galster

6 Ricky Orlando

7 Keith Eastin

8 Erik Peat

9 Shannon Moham

10 Douglas Kahl

Fay Myers Motorcycle World Race of the Rockies GTO

1 Shane Turpin

2 Dan Turner

3 Keith Eastin

4 Dalton Dimick

5 Erik Peat

6 Patrick Lansu

7 Douglas Kahl

8 Rob Christman

9 Mike Applegate

10 Jim Wilson

Vickery Motorsports Race of the Rockies GTU

1 Colter Dimick

2 Josh Galster

3 Ricky Orlando

4 Shannon Moham

5 Aaron Hersh

6 Jon Glaefke

7 Mike Applehans

8 Anthony Ross

9 James Davis

10 Jarret Scarberry

MotoGear Outlet Solo Lightweight Endurance

1 Shannon Moham

2 Geoffrey Snyder

3 Ray Ray Gaimara

4 Rodney Mattison

5 Tracy Schram

WyethHomes Solo Middleweight Endurance

1 Mike Applehans

2 Aaron Fisk

3 Michael Lakritz

4 Scott Woodall

5 Josheph Turek

Kahl & Partners Solo Heavyweight Endurance

1 Mike Applehans

2 Shannon Moham

3 Casey Smith

4 Joseph Turek

5 Michael Lakritz

ABATE of Colorado Solo Open Endurance

1 Douglas Kahl

2 Keith Eastin

3 John Fifield

4 Chris Fuller

5 Scott Woodall

MotoAdventure Kawasaki Production 250

1 Tracy Schram

2 Jonathan Kuo

3 Matt Diehl

4 Tony Baker

5 Jason Madama

Vickery Motorsports Amateur GTU

1 Peter Tabor

2 Zach Shearon

3 Aaron Fisk

4 Dennis Stowers

5 Jessie Martinez

BMW of Denver Amateur GTO

1 Jason Patton

2 Peter Tabor

3 Aaron Fisk

4 Kevin Finnegan

5 Louis Ortiz Jr

Brighton Radiator & Muffler Middleweight SuperSport

1 Josh Galster

2 Colter Dimick

3 Ricky Orlando

4 Wesley Seems

5 Zach Shearon

Grand Prix Motorsports Middleweight SuperBike

1 Shane Turpin

2 Colter Dimick

3 Josh Galster

4 Ricky Orlando

5 Shannon Moham

Apex Sports, Inc. Heavyweight SuperSport

1 Colter Dimick

2 Ricky Orlando

3 Zach Shearon

4 Carlton Sorensen

5 Josh Galster

Factory Trained Auto Repair Heavyweight SuperBike

1 Shane Turpin

2 Shannon Moham

3 Patrick Lansu

4 Carlton Sorensen

5 Tim Young

Coyote Motorsports Open SuperSport

1 Dalton Dimick

2 Jason Patton

3 Chris Fuller

4 Louis Ortiz Jr

5 Jarret Scarberry

Colorado Powersports Open SuperBike

1 Shane Turpin

2 Dan Turner

3 Erik Peat

4 Keith Eastin

5 Aaron Petrie

Colpar Hobbies Formula 40

1 John Fifield

2 Aaron Fisk

3 Aaron Petrie

4 David Neighbour

5 Tim Young

HPR Ladies of the Rockies

1 Wyeth Jackson

2 Donna Turner

3 Samantha Coleman

4 Trina Dawsom

5 Siobhan Bennett

Boulder Motor Sports Thunderbike

1 Patrick Lansu

2 Carlton Sorensen

3 Scott Rybarik

4 Dennis Stowers

5 Dominic Medina

Foothills BMW Triumph Colorado Class

1 Tracy Schram

2 Anthony Ross

3 Dominic Medina

4 Jeff Winter

5 Mike Kionka

Scooter News Lightweight GrandPrix

1 Shannon Moham

2 Geoffrey Snyder

3 Tracy Schram

4 Ray Ray Gaimara

5 Matt Diehl

The Walnut Room Modern Vintage GTU

1 Aaron Hersh

2 Scott Rybarik

3 Shannon Moham

4 Tracy Schram

5 Aaron Fisk

Un!nk Printworks Modern Vintage GTO

1 Aaron Hersh

2 Aaron Petrie

3 Scott Rybarik

4 Aaron Fisk

5 Fernando Arroyos

Woody's Wheel Novice GTU

1 Peter Tabor

2 David Purcell

3 Kevin Finnegan

4 Nyles Gourlie

5 Dennis Stowers

Rocky Mountain Kawasaki Novice GTO

1 Peter Tabor

2 David Purcell

3 Nyles Gourlie

4 David Neighbour

5 Jeremy Widmann

Scooter News SuperTwins GTU

1 Shannon Moham

2 Ray Ray Gaimara

3 Jeff Winter

4 Charlie Coyner

5 Rodney Mattison

Alliance Motorsports SuperTwins GTO

1 Patrick Lansu

2 Shannon Moham

3 Scott Rybarik

4 Ray Ray Gaimara

5 Jim Brewer

Chicane Track Days Clubman Championship

1 Shannon Moham

2 Tracy Schram

3 Aaron Fisk

4 Peter Tabor

5 Shane Turpin

Donald E Bruner Award: Colter Dimick

Merle Jensen Award: Chris Dale

Eugene Bazyl Award: Mike Applehans

Sportsman of the Year: Shane Turpin

Rookie of the Year: Spencer Russell

The MRA is dedicated to promoting safe and competitive motorcycle road racing events for enthusiasts in Colorado and the surrounding area. The MRA is now on Facebook at Motorcycle Roadracing Association, join our group and stay up to date on all the latest racing news! For more information go to or call the MRA hotline at 303-530-5678.