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Dec 31, 2014

Motorcycle Racing Safety Benefits As Roadracing World Action Fund Nears $1.4 Million In Donations

The Roadracing World Action Fund has reached $1,399,960.77 in donations thanks to the support of the motorcycle racing community.

Creative fundraising efforts by racers, track day organizations, and businesses, as well as individual donations, helped make it possible for more soft barriers to be deployed at racetracks across the U.S., and to fulfill the mission of the Roadracing World Action Fund to promote motorcycle racing safety education.

Donations and activities from 2013 through 2014 are included in this post.

2013 Review & Highlights

AMA Pro Superbike racer Chris Ulrich, working with significant support from track day provider Fastrack Riders, Lucas Oil Products and Dunlop, set new records at the ninth-annual Roadracing World Action Fund fund-raising event held Thanksgiving Day weekend at Auto Club Speedway, in Fontana, California. Ulrich gave rides on his two-seat GEICO Honda CBR1000RR Superbike to a record 89 donors over Saturday and Sunday, covering approximately 445 miles with a passenger around the 2.3-mile infield road course. Over $6600 was raised, bringing the grand total over nine years to $46,329.

Racers Melissa Paris and Chris Ulrich were the driving force behind a bike apparel fundraiser which raised $4,331. The pair arranged the design and manufacture of Roadracing World Action Fund jerseys, bibs, vests, and arm- and leg-warmers, and procured sponsors for the project whose logos were featured on the apparel including Fastrack Riders, Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association, Josh Hayes Racing, Loyal Coaching, Freegun Underwear, AP Moto Arts, and racer Dustin Coyner. Over 100 items were sold, with the profit from those sales donated to the Action Fund.

The 2nd Annual NESBA Southeast Airfence Fundraiser held at Road Atlanta July 4th weekend raised $38,500, nearly double the amount raised in the first event held in 2012. The grand total raised stands at $58,500.

Pirelli donated World Superbike tickets for the 2013 Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca round to be sold to benefit the Action Fund. A total of $2,729.80 was raised.

The 4th annual M1GP 24-Hour Race was held September 21st at Willow Springs, and for the second year in a row, Chase Spitz/Team Wolf Pack chose the Roadracing World Action Fund as the team's charity The team raised $402 and clinched the championship as well, while bringing their all-time total contribution to $602.

Specially branded for just one event at Mid-Ohio in 2012, M4 Broaster Chicken AMA Pro Team shirts were auctioned on eBay in June of 2013 and raised $378.75 for the Roadracing World Action Fund. Crew shirts auction winners included David Pierce, Robert Buchsbaum, Jack Bates, and Paul McKeith.

2014 Fundraisers & Auctions

Although the now-disbanded NESBA held its last fundraiser in 2013, new track ride providers have sprung up. At VIRginia International Raceway, track day provider PRE (Performance Riding Experience) held its first Action Fund fundraiser June 28-29, raising $32,122.00. Not be outdone, N2 held its first fundraiser under the direction of Robert Cichielo for New Jersey Motorsports Park, raising $50,595.

The Second Annual "Bikers & Beauties" Austin MotoGP Party held Saturday April 12 on the MotoGP weekend at COTA featured appearances by Colin Edwards, Scott Russell and Kevin Schwantz; a silent auction held to benefit the family of Tommy Aquino; and over $35,000 in door prize giveaways. Cover proceeds from the event, which totaled $4,600, were donated to the Roadracing World Action Fund.

The third annual Broken Wing Benefit fundraiser held August 30, 2014, at Black Hawk Farms Raceway and hosted by, raised $7,000, bringing the grand total raised over three years to $20,418.20.

Pirelli donated special three-day VIP tickets and parking passes for the eni FIM World Superbike Championship and AMA Pro Racing event July 11-13, 2014, at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway to be sold for the benefit of the Roadracing World Action Fund. A total of $2,400 was raised from VIP tickets sold in bundles of two for $300, and included paddock access and participation in the World Superbike Pit Walk sessions Saturday and Sunday, and one VIP parking pass that allowed parking where all the race team members park.

Pirelli also donated Checa Hats to be sold for the Action Fund; $335 was raised.

Chicken Hawk Racing Yoshimura Suzuki Tire Warmers Autographed by Blake Young $320/winner Lance Lau; ($120 dirt track and $200 road race fund.)

Hotbodies AMA Pro Team Race Bodywork eBay Auction $375.97.

Donating as a Tradition

Jonathan Glaefke, one of the earliest supporters of the Roadracing World Action Fund, donated $2900 back in 2001, at the beginning of the original call-to-action drive. It was enough to buy a full section of Airfence at the time. Glaefke has donated consistently over the years, and with his latest donation of $5000, his grand total now stands at $17,293.01.

Joe & Andrea Marietta have once again donated $407, in the memory of Jeremy Gordon. For seven years in a row, they have donated $407, always on July 7th, for a grand total $2849.

Steve Brunton has 12 donations since 2005, a minimum of $1000 yearly for the past eight years, for a grand total of $9500.

Charles Buse has 11 yearly donations since 2003, for a total of $2900.

William Pritchard has donated in honor of Vincent Haskovec each year since 2005. With this year’s donation of $100, his grand total stands at $1200.

David Pierce has donated $500 to the Action Fund for the eighth time since 2005, for a grand total of $4000.

Craig Beardsley 22 donations since 2008, for a grand total of $2010.

Michael Arenella, who donates through the Chevron Humankind Matching Funds Program, has accumulated $6658.20 in donations since 2006. The program matches dollar-for-dollar each of Arenella's contributions.

Michael Gougis finds any excuse to add to his donations to the Action Fund. With his most recent donation of $25, Gougis wrote, "..settling a bet ;) and using that as an excuse to support the most important program ever established for motorcycle road racers." Over the past eight years he has donated 13 times, for a total of $665.

Also, settling a bet was Jeffrey Lever, who sent in $50, and wrote: "Courtesy of Darren Talbott for beating Lever this year in fantasy foozball. Hope it helps save some lives." While it was only Jeffrey’s second donation, it was inspired by Darren Talbott, who has donated 21 times since 2004. 

In Memory Of...

Checks totaling $500 were donated at a memorial held in honor of Fred Duncan, including $200 from D. Reed; Bonnie & Justin Cowan, $225; Eric Levita, $50; and Debra Frieders, $25. Additional donations in memory of Fred Duncan include Carol Larson,$500; and Tim Rourk, $50.

Bonnie Duncan Cowans wrote: "The donation is being made in honor of my brother, Fred Duncan, who passed away November 17, 2013 from skin cancer. Before it was disbanded, Fred was the Director of the Midwest division of NESBA. Fred and his group were proud supporters of the [Roadracing World Action] Fund and held annual chili competitions to raise funds for airfences. We are honored to make this donation in Fred's name." The legacy of Fred's NESBA annual chili cook-off fundraisers is over $36,000 donated to the Roadracing World Action Fund over seven years.

The memory of fallen racer Peter Lenz inspired many donations from friends and fans, including The Zimmerman Family, $500; Marlena Djukich, $100; Jennifer Roberts, $100; John Duffy, $75; Geoffrey Gerbandt, $75; Laura-Anne Sammarco, $50; Ursula Lorton, $50; Tom Woodley. $50; Li Chung-Yang, $50; Tim Chin, $50; Matt Wallace, $50; Aaron Brown, $50; Mehrdad Assadi, $50; David J. Evans, $50; Amy Robinson, $45; James Russell, $35; Bjorn Hinrichs, $35; Jason Neff, $30; David Zimmerman, $25; Sandie Welter, $25; Slickstuff Oil, $25; Michael Sanchez, $20; Charlie Dana, 20; Stephen Currie, $20; David Cruz, $18; David Kucy, $10; Jessica Harris, $10; Lacie Price, $5.

Mehrdad Assadi wrote: “We were inspired by Peter's achievements and his extraordinary talent, as me and my 7-year-old daughter were exploring pocket bikes, as she is showing interest in starting to ride, and that she, based on his story, was convinced to also be able to take on this sport and challenge herself not to give up without trying - in her own words."

David Van Ommeren has donated $500 in memory of Mike Moore; including yearly donations since 2009 plus participation in the Mike Moore Memorial Fundraiser, Van Ommeren’s grand total stands at $3500.

Weiss Racing has donated $380 to the Roadracing World Action Fund/Dirt Track in memory of Rob Gette.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company has donated $150 in memory of Harvey "Harv" C. Rousseau. Also donating in Rousseau's memory is Paul Bradstreet, $100; Kim Wyman, $100; and Outlet Rod & Gun Club, $100.

Gene Facchin has donated $2000 “In memory of Chris Knaver, #74, Midwest Café Racing Association.” 

Ongoing Business Programs

Since 2006, Kurveygirl has donated a portion of its total sales to the Roadracing World Action Fund. Withs its latest contribution of $1609, the grand total stands at $20,192. has a program whereby they match their customer donations dollar for dollar, which they began in 2011. With recent donations totaling $1743, its grand total now stands at $6861 donated over three years. has an ongoing keychain fundraiser in memory of fallen racer Marco Simoncelli. Its latest donation added $216, for a grand total of $717.

Since donating $2900 in 2001 (enough for one section of Airfence soft barrier at the time), Traxxion Dynamics donated consistently over the years. The latest donation of $249, brings its grand total to $12,750.


Tammy Stratman Brown Charities Foundation has contributed to the Roadracing World Action Fund dirt track for the third year in a row, and with its recent donation of $1000 bringing the total donated to $6,000. The accompanying letter stated: "Based in Wentzville, MO, the Tammy Stratman Charities Foundation was founded by Tammy's generosity. Her hope was to encourage growth - - personal growth, spiritual growth, and a growth of knowledge. The Foundation's mission is to primarily benefit cancer research, fund mission work, and further education through scholarships and training programs. Tammy lost her battle with Brain Cancer in 2004.”

Didn't know he was a singer? Long-time Arai distributor Sammy Tanner, known as "The Flying Flea" is his early days as a professional dirt track racer in the 1950's, recorded a song of the same title during in his meteoritic rise as a popular young racing star of the dirt bike circuit back in the day. Recently, promoter Chris Agajanian re-issued the recording on CD, and Tanner saw an opportunity to spur donations to the Roadracing World Action Fund, offering the CD with a donation of $25. For more information, contact Sammy Tanner at

This one made us smile: Gary Yeast sent a check for $100, mistakenly dating it 2013, so we sent it back for correction. When he sent in a replacement check, the date was correct, but the amount of the check had been doubled, with a note that read: "Check had two errors." 


(Contributor comments and dedications are included below with their listing. Total overall contribution appears in parentheses.)


N2 Track Days 2014 Fundraiser $50,595

NESBA Southeast Airfence 2013 Fundraiser $38,500 ($58,500)

Performance Riding Experience (PRE) 2014 Fundraiser $32,122

The Copham Family Foundation $10,000 ($25,000)

Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula $10,000

2014 Third Annual Broken Wing Benefit $7,000 ($20,418)

Chris Ulrich 2013 Two-up Bike Ride/Fastrack Fundraiser $6,610

2013 Second Annual Broken Wing Benefit $6,600

AMA Pro Racing $5000

Jonathan Glaefke $5000 ($17,293.01)

Bob Robbins $5000 ($22,650)

Bikers & Beauties Austin MotoGP Party $4600

Chris Ulrich 2014 Two-up Bike Ride/Fastrack Fundraiser $3,931 ($50,260)

2013 Pirelli WSBK Tickets Fundraiser $2,729

Circuits of the America $2500

Ryan & Amanda Peters $2500 ($5000) In Memory of Mike Moore

2014 Pirelli WSBK Tickets Fundraiser $2,400

Zachary Smith/Microsoft Matching Gifts Program $2000 ($2200)

Gene Facchin $2000 In Memory of Chris Knaver

COTA $1990 Matching Funds Program $1743 ($6861)

Kurveygirl $1609 ($21,192)

Michael A. Arenella/Chevron Humankind Matching Gift $2400 ($6658)

MCRA $1200 ($9761)

Christopher L. Daugherty $1177

Steve Brunton $1050 ($9500)

Henry Avello $1000 ($3000)

SoCal Trackdays $750 ($1750)

Midwest Track Day $707

Craig Beardsley $100 ($2010)

Chris Brown/Chevron Humankind Matching Gift $600 ($9962)

Anthony Shidla $600

John R Scholl $500 In Memory of Mike Moore on behalf of SSR

The Zimmerman Family $500 In Memory of Peter Lenz

David A Pierce $500 ($4000)

Chris & Beth Pyles $500 ($850)

Anthony Serra $500 ($570)

Arthur Kowitz $500

Carol Larson $500 In Memory of Fred Duncan

David Van Ommeren $500 ($3500) In Memory of Mike Moore

Roger Lyle/Motorcyclexcitement $500 ($3450) In Memory of Roger A. Bacon 1947 – 2011

David Kosan $500

Joe & Andrea Marietta $407 ($2849) In Memory of Jeremy Gordon

Team Wolf Pack 2013 M1GP 24-Hour Champions $402 ($602)

M4 Broaster Chicken Team shirt eBay auction $378.75

Hotbodies AMA Pro Team Race Bodywork Ebay Auction $375.97

David Loikits $350

Bruce Porter $300 ($800)

Pirelli Checa Hat Fundraiser $295

Michael Arenella/Chevron Humankind Matching Gift $275 ($4358.20)

A.Kevin Boda $250

Mary Mehan Hung $250

Anibal Nieves/Microsoft Matching Gifts Program $250 ($1275)

Angela Spence Foundation Heart Ride $250 In Memory of Austin Smithers

Carlos Gonzalez-Mier $250 ($750)

Traxxion Dynamics $249 ($12,750)

Roger Lyle's Motorcycle Xcitement $250 ($2950) In Memory of Howard "Doc" Weiss

Bar Code Specialties $250

Bonnie & Justin Cowan $225 In Memory of Fred Duncan Fundraiser $216 ($717) In Memory of Marco Simoncelli

Anibal Nieves/Microsoft Matching Gifts Program $250 ($1025)

Patrick Ryan $200 ($450)

Rand A Kennedy $400

Keith & Patti Souter $100 ($2200)

John Palmer $200 ($250)

D. Reed $200 In Memory of Fred Duncan

Stephen Neeley $200 "Dedicated to the memory of Jon Guzman, who passed June 28, 2013. He was an avid fan of all motorcycle racing and felt strongly about measures to ensure rider safety."

Chicken Hawk Racing Yoshimura Suzuki Tire Warmers Autographed by Blake Young $200

Gary Yeast $200

Travis Boatwright $200 ($500)

James di Pretoro $200

Oliver Gooden $160 ($580)

Matthew Hamilton $150 ($175) "2013 WERA BBS Fantasy football League - Lever is the Sacko"

Harley-Davidson Motor Company $150 In Memory of Harvey "Harv" C. Rousseau

Blashfield Sign Co $150

John Stewardson $150 ($1155)

Dave Sapsis $147 ($347)

Chris Semoff $134 In loving memory of Fran Barnes

Ryan S. Nelson $120 ($420)

Greg Spears/Spears Enterprises $111

Michael Ryan $100 ($200) Brew Crew Racing

Harry Leitner $100

Locke Mc Corkle $100

Jan Boot $100

Charles Buse $100 ($2900)

Reed May IV $100 "After watching one of my fellow riders bounce off the armco in turn 9 I can't thank you enough for stepping up and taking action to insure the safety of us riders. Thank you! Thank you!"

Shane W. Liles $100 ($200)

Jennifer Roberts $100 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Marlena Djukich $100 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Rich Kim $100 (With Microsoft Matching Gift) In Memory of Gertrude K. Ulrich

John Geiger $100

William Pritchard $100 ($1200) In Honor of Vincent Haskovec

In Honor of Alison Fournier and Daniel Heverly $100

James Campbell $100

Michael J. Kelly $100 ($250)

Paul Bradstreet $100 "In Remembrance of Harvey Rousseau from Wayne County Hog"

Chris Cooke $100 "Donating because I believe in the fund and because Trudy was awesome in helping out a former customer! Thanks, Trudy!"

Elizabeth Streif $100 For Jeff Wheat of

Donald Paris CPA, LLC $100

Rich Johnson $100 ($300)

Kim Wyman $100 In Memory of Harv Rousseau

Outlet Rod & Gun Club $100 In Memory of Harv Rousseau

Tim Ivanoff $100 ($150 “Thanks for yours and Pitbull’s support.”

Sean Clarke $100 WERA BBS/Pitbull

Tyler L. Ryan $96

John Duffy $75 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Jessica Whittemore $75 “Donated in the name of my dad Jeff Whittemore, an avid track enthusiast who has taken a few tumbles in pursuit of a faster track time.”

Geoffrey Gerbandt $75 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Geoff Kramer $60 ($571)

Chris Broome $60 ($160) "Per beeb commitment"

Darby Ryan $60

Xen Stanhope $60 “Great cause. Keep up the excellent work!”

CA State Employees Charitable Campaign $59

Chris Sassano $55 ($80)

Paul Rosal $50 ($500)

Bob Dickey $50 ($373) “For all you do for all of us. Bob Panthercity Racing.”

Peter Hively $50 ($750)

Paul McKeith $50

Chris Lowitz $50 ($475)

Gary Van Voorhis $50

Patrick A. Reagan $50

Li Chung-Yang $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Ursula Lorton $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Tom Woodley $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Anonymous in Jasper FL $50 ($400)

Dean Smith $50

Tim Chin $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Mehrdad Assadi $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Laura-Anne Sammarco $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Matt Wallace $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Mark Arrington $50 "Always happy to lose a bet on the BBS for the fund."

Mark Arrington $50 "I lost a bet to Eric Cell, smartest guy Jig Moore knows, and fastest SV in Michigan."

Kevin Oliver $50 "To all of my fellow racers that Airfence has saved and will save."

Joshua Sechrist $50

Tim Rourk $50 In Memory of Fred Duncan

Anonymous in Jasper FL $50 ($350) "For Wilson's Walls"

Jeffrey Lever $50 ($75)

Caitlin Burke & Cullen Morris $50

John McKenzie $50

Aaron Brown $50 ($160) In Memory of Peter Lenz

Jeff Solberg $50

Eric Levita $50 In Memory of Fred Duncan

Brandon and Heather O'Neill $100

Alan Hill $50

Katherine Squires $50 In honor of our friends, Alison and Dan

Jorge Covarrubias $50

David Sapsis $50 ($397) Barf Wager

Benjamin Walters $50 ATT Employee Giving Campaign

Robert Berbeco $50

Derick Burgad $50

Scott Holmes $50 “To all the Uccios, but mostly Brownman CVMA #41”

Jeff Thacher $50 ($100)

Nick Morehouse $50

David J Evans $50 ($150)In Memory of Peter Lenz

Amy Robinson $45 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Raymond Leigh $40

Christopher Sully $40

James Russell $35 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Bjorn Hinrichs $35 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Nathan Coy $30

Jason Neff $30 In Memory of Peter Lenz

David Zimmerman $25 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Bob Dickey $25 ($373) "In memory of my Endurance partner, M3

Bob Dickey $25 ($373) "Congratulations Metalhead for 2nd in your first WERA race!"

Nate Weiner $25

Debra Frieders $25 In Memory of Fred Duncan

Sammy Tanner "Flying Flea" CD Fundraiser $25

Michael Gougis $25 ($665)

Albert Cooper $25

SlickStuff Oil $25 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Sandie Welter $25 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Curtis Murray $20

Stephen Tsotsoros $75 ($145)

Charlie Dana $20 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Stephen Currie $20 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Robert Bobenmoyer $20 ($70)

Erik Luke $20

Michael Sanchez $20 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Goran Jablan $20 "I challenge Scott Swensgard to post the picture of his first bike on Facebook and tell us a story about the bike and how he got into the sport. In return I was going to donate $20. Screw ice dumping on head it is a great cause but I donate to save racers lives. Challenge completed, hence I donate $20."

David Cruz $18 In Memory of Peter Lenz "Thanks and RIP, Peter, your videos never cease to amaze me."

Martin Lotman $15

Verenice Garcia $13 ($26)

David Kucy $10 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Jessica Harris $10 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Henry DeLuca $5 "Lost a bet with Dr. Stupid on the WERA BBS."

Jeff Copp $5

Lacie Price $5 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Kevin Foster $5 ($20) 


AMA Pro Racing $7050 ($21,645)

Richard Damele $2900

Ramspur Winery - Nancy M. Otton $1235 Ramspur Winery is proud to give back to the Roadracing World Action Fund, keeping riders and racers safe."

Tammy Stratman Brown Charities Foundation $1000 ($6000)

Ricky Graham Memorial Fund $500 In Memory of Ricky Graham

Weiss Racing $380 In Memory of Rob Gette

Greg Pearson Flat Track Book Auction $375 (Don Miller, Metro Racing, winner)

Finishline Creative Group $250

Chicken Hawk Racing Yoshimura Suzuki Tire Warmers Autographed by Blake Young $120

Michael J. Kelly $100 ($250)

In Memory of David Gauffin $50 (anonymous)

Peter Hively $50

Gary Van Voorhis $50

James di Pretoro $100

Nathan Coy $30

David J Evans $25

Paul Rosal $20 ($100)

Christopher Sully $10

December 31, 2014

Accounting Details to Date

Road Racing Expenditure Details

Purchases of soft barriers: $1,057,105.39

Shipping/Customs: $60,552.94

Bank Fees: $3798.32
Transportation & Installation: $65,170.66

Soft Barrier Parts, Repairs & Signage $10,914.72

Accounting/Business Fees: $4243.00

Misc. Supplies/Services $1051.89

Office Services: $4987.00

Total Spent: $1,207,823.92

Total Donations Collected: $1,228,966.06

Expense Reimbursements & Misc. Income: $60,513.74

Cash on hand: $81,655.88

Dirt Track Expenditure Details

Purchases of soft barriers: $123,789.35

Shipping/Customs: $2717.72

Transportation & Installation $2174.77

Total Spent: $128,681.84

Total Donations Collected: $110,480.97

Cash on hand: ($18,200.87)

Certain administrative costs, including web site maintenance, promotional items and shipping have been absorbed by Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

*Trademark of Airfence Safety Systems Australia.