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Sep 16, 2011

More Readers Comment On Sam Fleming And His Report On Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Tires


Via e-mail:

After reading Eric Brown's letter about Sam Fleming's subversive diatribe about tires and the editor's response, I was moved to write. After taking the time to measure Sam's comments in print, I determined that it was actually a smidge OVER an inch of text.

This is, needless to say, troubling. As you've obviously misrepresented the actual size of the comment. This means that you are a socialist, Marxist, fascist, solipsist vessel for social commentary. This has no place in American society! For SHAME!

Sam Fleming should be sent to France.

John Margiolas Glenview, Illinois


Via e-mail:

Here's my take on the Sam Fleming article and the Eric Brown comment.

Mr. Brown, you are obviously part of the banking community. I've had first-hand experience in the virtual loan-sharking practices of banks from four years ago. Our bank had a backroom "affiliate" who swung a mortgage that has us treading water in today's economy. OK, call me stupid, but, I'm in with a couple million other morons.

Also, a question. How much was your yearly performance bonus last year?

Warren Smith Kennett Square, Pennsylvania


Via e-mail:

Maybe Mr. Brown objects to the word "caused" in Sam's referenced text. If, perhaps, Sam had written "contributed to the global financial crisis in 2008..." maybe Mr. Brown's objection would have been less pointed.

As it stands, Sam's use of the word "caused" is hardly enough to label the article "drivel"--it may be somewhat inaccurate to attribute the whole meltdown to Golman Sachs but it is hardly childish or stupid to assume that Goldman Sachs did have a hand in causing the meltdown--even if their contribution was not the sole cause or reason for the financial meltdown... And, Army of Darkness rocks and will ALWAYS rock WERA endurance racing! 

 Matt Roth Haymarket, Virginia

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