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May 10, 2011

More Alleged Victims, Near-Victims Of Ty Lewis (a.k.a. Trivillus Lewis, a.k.a. Trivillus Harris) Bike-Buying And Bad-Check Scams Come Forward

Multi-time Canadian National Champion Jordan Szoke (101, pictured here in action during the AMA Pro Superbike National at Mid-Ohio), says a man using the name Ty Lewis tried to purchase his CBR1000RR Superbike, CBR600RR SportBike, spare engines and p Photo courtesy of AMA Pro Racing.
By David Swarts

The story posted Monday on covering Vesrah Suzuki Team Owner Mark Junge's claim that a man by the name of Ty Lewis defrauded him out of $30,000 worth of racebikes, engines and parts has resulted in more victims and one near-victim of Lewis, also known as (a.k.a.) Trivillus Lewis and Trivillus Harris, stepping forward to tell their stories.

"We were at the test at Jennings GP, and that guy [Ty Lewis] called me and wanted to buy my [2010] bikes," multi-time Canadian Superbike Champion Jordan Szoke told Tuesday. "He said he was from Virginia and he wanted some Hondas. We talked, and he knew a lot about bikes. He sounded like a legit guy. I've been around a long time, and he sounded real. Amy [Szoke's wife] even Googled his name and there's a website for the business where he worked. It looked all good. We came up with a price and what he would get for the bikes. I got a couple of crates from Honda to ship the bikes. But I think we scared him off when we told him we weren't going to ship the bikes until the money was cleared.

"Then we didn't hear anything from him," Szoke continued. "We e-mailed him a bunch of times, called him once and he totally disappeared. I thought, 'Prick! He bailed on buying it.' Then yesterday Amy goes, 'Well, it's a good thing,' and she showed me your story on the website. We talked and exchanged e-mails a bunch of times. He knew what he was talking about. Whatever scam he's got going he's pretty good at it."

While Szoke avoided what could have been a $45,000 loss, Ty Lewis, a.k.a. Trivillus Lewis, a.k.a. Trivillus Harris has allegedly been defrauding people in the motorcycle industry since the late 1990s.

"He is definitely a snake," Rick Beggs of RnR Cycles, in Sterling, Virginia, said when asked him Tuesday if he had any dealings with Trivillus Lewis. "Twice. The first time I ever saw him he came into the shop and was ordering something, and there was a guy beside him buying a battery. We got Trivillus' stuff, and he left. Then we're ringing the other guy up, and he says, 'Where's my battery?' I said, 'It was right there.' 'Well, it's not here. I saw it a minute ago, but I don't know where it is.' I called Trivillus, and he brought it back. He said, 'I thought you were giving it to me.' 'What do you mean giving it to you? Why would I give you a battery you didn't order?'

"I didn't really think anything of it. I just thought he was an idiot," Beggs continued. "The next time he burned me he used a credit card. I had met him before, then over three visits he told me this story about how he met his real dad, his [biological] father, how he met him and hung out with him and visited him and all this stuff. Eventually this whole thing was building up to he changed his name, to his original dad's name [Harris], and he now has a credit card in this name. This was all so that I would accept a credit card with a different name than I knew him by. I took it. It's a month, or longer, until the credit card company comes back on you. They came back for $1200 or something, but by that time Trivillus was already in jail so there was nothing I could do. Trivillus is a motorcycle addict and he will do whatever it takes to ride. He has scammed so many people. He keeps popping back up. I was surprised to see he was in this area again. He's definitely not to be trusted."

Another victim who came forward was CCS Florida boss and former racer Henry DeGouw, who said, "This guy wrote me a check back in 2005 [for race entry fees] for $515 that bounced higher than a kite, and the account was closed when he wrote it. The name on the check is Trivillus Harris from Clifton, Virginia. Back then, he was [CCS] Mid-Atlantic Amateur #997. He screwed a lot of people. When I went after him there was a trail there in 2005. This is what he does. You [] can't put him behind bars, but you sure can shine the spotlight on him and let people know where he is at and get that to the cops, because they need to put this guy away."

DeGouw said he learned about the stolen Vesrah Suzuki racebikes before his last event [4/30-5/1] at Homestead-Miami Speedway. So at that event DeGouw had his officials check the VIN numbers of all bikes as they passed through Technical Inspection, but they did not find the missing Vesrah Suzukis. DeGouw said he planned to continuing checking VIN numbers at all CCS Florida events.

More new information about Ty Lewis, a.k.a. Trivillus Lewis, a.k.a. Trivillus Harris (and other possible aliases) is currently being shared in comment threads on two popular online motorcycle forums:

Both threads contain what are claimed to be photos of Ty Lewis, a.k.a. Trivillus Lewis, a.k.a. Trivillus Harris.
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