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Sep 4, 2013

Jason Pridmore’s STAR School Trailer Recovered In Whittier, California

Jason Pridmore's STAR School trailer has been recovered.
On Tuesday, September 3, reported the theft of Jason Pridmore’s STAR School trailer, the rented tractor attached to it and all of the trailer’s contents, including 14 motorcycles. Today, less than 24 hours later, the trailer and all of its contents have been recovered by police in Whittier, California.

“Mark [Gallardo, Pridmore’s business partner] called me this morning and said the Whittier Police just found our trailer,” Pridmore told Wednesday. “What happened was, a new, young officer went on a call in an industrial area where a car had been broken into. She went and took a report, and when she was leaving she saw an unmarked trailer parked on the road without a tractor. So she ran the license plate and it came back stolen. They got ahold of the Buena Park Police, and they called Mark, and it was 10 minutes from our shop.

“They had gotten into the trailer, but the cops said they must have been professionals with keys because they didn’t break into the door. They got in, they rummaged around looking through stuff and they even locked the door on the way out. What the cops said they’ll [thieves] do is they’ll steal a semi and go park it somewhere and let it sit for 48 hours to make sure it doesn’t have a LoJack device on it or something. These guys were probably going to come back.

“I was just about to call you and Tweet thanking Roadracing World, but my phone is going crazy right now. The out pouring of support we got yesterday was insane. It was amazing what people wanted to do for me, just unbelievable. I don’t have the words to express how thankful I am. It’s amazing. I feel so respected and so thankful that people think enough of me to do all of that. We work hard at the school, but we’re understated. We just do our own thing with our small core of people. I just really appreciate what you guys posted yesterday. I really, really appreciate it.”

Pridmore said Gallardo has already rented a new tractor and retrieved the trailer. They are now in the process of getting their generator fixed (the reason the trailer was in Orange County and not parked at its usual home, Chuckwalla Valley Raceway) and having a LoJack system installed. Then it will back to business as usual for STAR School, said Pridmore.
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