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Feb 19, 2014

I Like Big Gas!! Wins CMRA Four-Hour Endurance Race At MSR-Houston (Updated)

Brandon Young (67) in action on the I Like Big Gas!!/Big Gas Racing Suzuki GSX-R1000. Photo by Blair Hartsfield/, courtesy of Big Gas Racing.

The I Like Big Gas!! team rode their Suzuki GSX-R1000 to victory at the Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association's (CMRA) 4 Hour Championship Endurance race of the season this past Saturday, February 15, 2014. CMRA held its first round of Championship Endurance, Lightweight Endurance, and Mini Sprint grids, bringing over 10 hours of racing action to Texas World at MSR Houston in Angleton, Texas. Good weather with temperatures in the 70's, and a steady breeze made for great track conditions on the 2.4-mile clockwise course.

The Mini Sprint grids ran on the 1.3-mile short course and were a great warm up for the endurance races, with Formula 4 and E Superstock having 27 and 31 entries each. The Junior Motard class, for younger racers age 8-12, also had some good racing with only 0.407-second separating the first and second place finishers at the checkers.

The inaugural round of the new CMRA Lightweight Endurance series ran a 2-Hour endurance on the 1.3-mile short course with a combined grid of 42 teams and classes including 500 Supersport, 300 Supersport, 500 Classic, E Superstock , and Formula 4. As the start lights went out for the first race of the season, the Super Awesome Machine team of Jesse Davis, and David Tiede put their heads down and grabbed the lead on their Honda CBR500R. The F Bomb Racing team of Brian Millsap, Thomas Delaney, and Dirk Anderson riding a Kawasaki EX300, had their hands full with the Forza Monica team of Jude Monica, Lissa Deeter, Ryan Andrews, and Mark Andrews, also on a Kawasaki EX300, and the race leaders battling pulled them away from the rest of the pack by a lap.

A red flag was brought out on lap 11 with two riders going down, and the bikes were gridded in running order until it cleared. Taking the restart and building momentum back up, the race leaders went right back at it, stretching a lead over the rest of the field.

Heading into the final hour the competition stayed strong, and coming into the checkers F Bomb Racing shook off Forza Monica for the win in 300 Supersport and first overall by 3 seconds. Forza Monica crossed the line for second overall and second in 300 Supersport. The Faltless Racing team of Eric Falt, Bill Erzal, Ted Phillips, and Robert Bradlaw finished third overall and first in 500 Classic. Halffast Racing Team with Jose Gutierrez and Mark Shim, Unobtanium Racing team of John Redford, Gavin Williams, and Braeden Ortt, and Desert Brats Racing with Zachary Boldwyn, Rick Hogge, Brad Thomas rounded out the top six finishers.

The 4 Hour CMRA Championship Endurance race had a combined grid of 36 teams, with classes including A Superbike, C Superbike, Formula 2, and Modern Classic Endurance. The start lights went out, and the whole field went at it. The I Like Big Gas!! team of Scott Buckley, Dewayne Davis, Craig Montgomery, and Brandon Young took the early lead on their Suzuki GSX-R1000, holding off the Yamaha YZF-R6 mounted Village Idiots team of Brandon Cleland, Chris Headley, John Orchard, and Garet Tomlinson. The Excel EMR team of Conner Blevins and Dustin Meador on a Kawasaki ZX636 was in the mix with the Yamaha YZF-R6 mounted LocoMotion team of Alonzo Contreras, Mark Windham, Ryan Max Johnson, and Matt Vastine, vying for third. Lead rider for I Like Big Gas!! Brandon Young fought through the pack and immediately put a 2 second lead on the field with the Village Idiots in hot pursuit.

As the afternoon wore on, I Like Big Gas!! held their lead, their second rider Craig Montgomery stretching it to 44 seconds heading into the final hour. The Village Idiots kept a firm grip on second, and when I Like Big Gas!! took too long on a pit stop, Garet Tomlinson, riding for the Village Idiots, took the lead and stretched out a 22 second gap between them and I like Big Gas!! Dewayne Davis, the final rider for I like Big Gas!! came out of the pits on fire and went after Tomlinson, chasing him down. The Village Idiots had one pit stop left for fuel, and Davis took full advantage, staying out instead of pitting in, and retaking the lead and widening the gap back to 40 seconds.

I Like Big Gas!! was running on fumes when the checkers dropped at 5:40 pm, but held on to their lead, crossing the line just 42.186 seconds ahead of second for the win in A Superbike and the overall win. The Village Idiots held off Excel EMR, taking first in C Superbike and second overall. Excel EMR took second in C Superbike and third overall. Rounding out the top six overall finishers were LocoMotion, Lone Star Track Days, and team Young Guns Racing 2.

For a complete list of the weekend results and standings, please visit the website: The next round in the CMRA season will be on March 22-23, 2014, at Texas World Speedway, College Station, Texas. This will also be the opening round for the US National Endurance Series with WERA. Details for the weekend will be announced when finalized. Come out and see some great endurance racing action!


1. Walter Walker III (Suz RM65)

2. Kyle Jenkins (Kaw KX65)

3. Allan Boyd (Hon RS65)

4. Sam Napier (Hon NSR50)


1. Walter Walker III (Suz RM65)

2. Britten Geary (Hon CRF100)


1. Jose Gutierrez (Hon NSF100)

2. Dean Sims (Hon CRF100)

3. Caleb Luu (Kaw KLX110)


1. Ryan Andrews (Hon Grom)

2. David Tiede (Hon Grom)

3. Carl Price (Hon Grom)


1. Zachary Vonler (Kaw 250R)

2. Brad Thomas (Kaw 250R)

3. Jim Whitten (Kaw 250R)

4. Mark Shim (Kaw 250R)

5. Zachary Boldwyn (Kaw 250R)

6. Roger Albert (Kaw 250R)


1. Hayden Giarratano (SSR SR110TR)

2. Shaine Giarratano (SSR SR110TR)

3. Brylin Schrock (Kaw KLX110)

4. Chandler Geary (Yam TTR110)


1. Brad Thomas (Kaw 250R)

2. Zachary Vonler (Kaw 250R)

3. Jim Whitten (Kaw 250R)

4. Mark Shim (Kaw 250R)

5. Walter Walker III (Hon RS150R)

6. Roger Albert (Kaw 250R)


1. Brandon Altmeyer (Hon CBR500R)

2. Kris Lillegard (Hon CBR500R)

3. David Hicks (Hon CBR500R)


1. Braeden Ortt (Kaw 300R)

2. Justin McWilliams (Kaw 300R)

3. Christopher Cullen (Kaw 300R)

4. Kasey Lewis (Kaw 300R)

5. Javier Martinez-Abrego (Kaw 300R)

6. Gabriel Martinez-Abrego (Kaw 300R)


1. Richard Pearson (Yam RD400)

2. Mike Milligan (Yam RD400)

3. Rob Rowland (Yam RD400)


1. Hayden Giarratano (SSR SR110TR)

2. Shaine Giarratano (SSR SR110TR)

3. Brylin Schrock (Kaw KLX110)

4. Chandler Geary (Yam TTR110)



1. F Bomb Racing (Dirk Anderson/Thomas Delaney/ Brian Millsap) Kaw 300, 300R, Supersport, 61 laps

2. Forza Monica (Mark Andrews/Ryan Andrews/ Lissa Deeter/Jude Monica) Kaw 300R, 300 Supersport, 60 laps

3. Faltless Racing (Robert Bradlaw/Bill Erzal/ Eric Falt/ Ted Phillips) Kaw EX500, 500 Classic, 60 laps

4. Halffast Racing Team (Jose Gutierrez/Mark Shim) Kaw 250R, E Superstock, 59 laps

5. Unobtanium Racing (Braeden Ortt/John Redford/Gavin Williams) Kaw 300, 300R Supersport, 59 laps

6. Desert Brats Racing (Zachary Boldwyn/Rick Hogge/Brad Thomas) Kaw 250R, 58 laps


1. Super Awesome Machine (Jesse Davis/David Tiede) Hon CBR500R, 63 laps

2. Altus Motorsports Brawp (Kris Lillegard/Sid Shaddock) Hon CBR500R, 31 laps

3. Stealth Brawp (David Hicks/Trey Morris) Hon CBR500R, 15 laps


1. F Bomb Racing (Brian Millsap/Thomas Delaney/Dirk Anderson) Kaw 300R, 61 laps

2. Forza Monica (Dirk Anderson/Thomas Delaney/ Brian Millsap) Kaw 300R, 60 laps

3. Unobtanium Racing (Braeden Ortt/John Redford/Gavin Williams) Kaw 300R, 59 laps

4. Dos Hermanos Racing (Gabriel Martinez-Abrego/Javier Martinez-Abrego) Kaw 300R, 57 laps

5. Misfit Racing (Christopher Cullen/Adam Dillard /Kasey Lewis) Kaw 300R, 57 laps

6. Leather & Lace (Daisy DeSimone/Ana Duran-Gomez/Anita Thomas) Kaw 300R, 54 laps


1. Faltless Racing (Robert Bradlaw/Bill Erzal/ Eric Falt/ Ted Phillips) Kaw EX500, 60 laps


1. Halffast Racing Team (Jose Gutierrez/Mark Shim) Kaw 250R, 59 laps

2. Desert Brats Racing (Zachary Boldwyn/Rick Hogge/Brad Thomas) Kaw 250R, 58 laps

3. Wabi-Sabi Racing (Jon Francis/Aaron Sonntag/ Zachary Vonler) Kaw 250R, 58 laps

4. Purple Helmets (Angelo Sanchez/Dean Webster) Kaw 250R, 57 laps

5. NEXX Helmets (Dean Dufrene/David Kobierowski/Nicholas Wise) Kaw 250R, 56 laps

6. BRAWP BRAWP (David Hicks /Patrick O’Malley/Trey Morris/John Rangel) Kaw 250R, 56 laps


1. Hi-Zoot Racing (Scott McDermott/Nathan Winchester) Hon RS100, 57 laps

2. HPCRacing/ LSTD 2 (Enoc Garza/Billy Hinojosa/Jon Whitfill) Apr RS125, 56 laps

3. HPCRacing/ LSTD (Thomas Anderson/Griff Richardson/David Tiede) Apr RS125, 56 laps

4. Wreck It Pandas (Caleb Luu /Quan Luu /Johnny Santana/Sherman Yeung) Kaw 250R, 51 laps

5. Recycle Racing (Ryan Andrews /Stephen Guynes/ Bill Syfan) Hon RS96R, 25 laps

6. Leftovers (Jeffrey Ortiz/Doug Ross) Kaw 250R, 9 laps



1. I Like Big Gas!! (Scott Buckley/Dewayne Davis /Craig Montgomery/Brandon Young) Suz GSX-R1000, A Superbike, 140 laps

2. Village Idiots (Brandon Cleland/ Chris Headley/John Orchard/Garet Tomlinson) Yam YZF-R6, C Superbike, 140 laps

3. Excel EMR (Conner Blevins/Dustin Meador) Kaw ZX636, C Superbike, 138 laps

4. LocoMotion (Alonzo Contreras/Ryan Max Johnson/Matt Vastine/Mark Windham) Yam YZF-R6, C Superbike, 138 laps

5. Lone Star Track Days (Brandon Altmeyer/Andy Galindo/Mark Niemi/Eric Williams) Kaw ZX-6R, C Superbike, 135 laps

6. Young Guns Racing 2 (Jay Newton/Hayden Schultz) Yam YZF-R6, C Superbike, 135 laps


1. I Like Big Gas!! (Scott Buckley/Dewayne Davis /Craig Montgomery/Brandon Young)) Suz GSX-R1000,140 laps

2. Desert Rats Racing (Stephen Guynes/Rick Hogge/Derek Thomas) Suz GSX-R750, 133 laps

3. Team Penetration (Enoc Garza/Nathaniel Orona/Will Zamora) Yam YZF-R6, 133 laps

4. TPM Racing (Kaid Hopper/ Kevin Taylor/Matthew Taylor) Hon CBR1000RR, 126 laps

5. Broke Backmarkers (Jim Dugger/Carl Price/Mark Sneed/Jim Webster) Suz GSX-R600, 126 laps

6. Crazy Jacks Powersports (Rusty Grant/Jack Moss/Matthew Palmore/Jack Polzin/Chris Walicek) Suz GSX-R1000, 123 laps


1. Village Idiots (Brandon Cleland/ Chris Headley/John Orchard/Garet Tomlinson) Yam YZF-R6, 140 laps

2. Excel EMR (Conner Blevins/Dustin Meador) Kaw ZX636, 138 laps

3. LocoMotion (Alonzo Contreras/Ryan Max Johnson/Matt Vastine/Mark Windham) Yam YZF-R6, 138 laps

4. Lone Star Track Days (Brandon Altmeyer/Andy Galindo/Mark Niemi/Eric Williams) Kaw ZX-6R, 135laps

5. Young Guns Racing 2 (Jay Newton/Hayden Schultz) Yam YZF-R6, 135 laps

6. Hold Fast (Dirk Anderson/Ulug Bayramoglu/Chris Hamlett/Michael Humphries) Yam YZF-R6, 132 laps


1. Team EDS (David Branyon /Darrell Ricks/Mike Sweeney/Shane Zelm) Suz SV650, 131 laps

2. G-Baby Racing (Nicole Ayres/Daisy DeSimone/Theressa Riggs) Suz SV650, 123 laps

3. Oak Hill Junkies (Seth Cooke/Noah Reese/Chris Vinson), Hon CBR600F2, 122 laps

4. Slick Willy (William Coats/Josh Henke/Chris Woolsey) Suz SV650, 115 laps

5. The Bike Doctors #1 (Jacob Asay/Ossman Avila/Ross Horn/Jeremias Moreno) Buell XB12R, 114 laps

6. The Bike Doctors #2 (Sean Brown/John Byus/Karl Hansen/David Wilson) Hon CBR600F3, 107 laps


1. Buffington Homes Racing (Chris Fields/Kenny Smith) Yam YZF-R6, 130 laps

2. Lawdawg Racing (Danny Dominguez/Britten Geary/Jordan Pence/Andrew Sukach) Hon CBR1000RR, 128 laps

3. Full Tilt Racing (Brandie Cox/Gary Welborn) Kaw ZX636, 123 laps

4. Crazy Jacks Racing (Luis Aguero Jr /Chris Leggett/Josh Simmons/Scott Srednicki) Hon CBR1000RR, 123 laps

5. Dark Horse Racing (Nick Chapman/Thomas Delaney/Bill Klindworth/Brian Millsap/ Ryan Warren) Hon CBR600RR, 122 laps

6. Bohica (Chris Coffey/Jorge Guerrero Jr./Patt Hagens) Suz GSX-R750, 96 laps

More, from a press release issued by I Like Big Gas!!/Big Gas Racing:

Big Gas Racing Wins CMRA’s Overall and A Superbike Endurance at MSR Houston

Big Gas Racing (BGR), a brand new team in the CMRA Championship Endurance Series, started off with a dramatic win. Brandon Young, a CMRA regular, took an early lead on the field with BGR’s Suzuki GSX-R1000 and held it throughout his 1 hour 12 minute stint. With lap times consistently in the 1:38 range, he held station rode with a mission.

Young said, “We had limited time on the new bike and no idea what type of fuel mileage to expect. In addition, we did very little pit stop practice. I knew I had to ride as hard as possible. I wanted to create a cushion in the event something went wrong later in the race.”

Second rider Craig Montgomery, had a solid performance. Prior to his ride Montgomery commented, “Guess I’ll have to try a bit harder since Brandon is handing me off the lead.” His second leg stint got serious quick. Montgomery exited the pits with a 27 second lead in hand and he extended to 45 seconds. Montgomery, who is focusing his efforts this season on endurance riding, ran steady times in the 1:40’s with an occasional lap in the 39’s. More importantly, Montgomery managed to stay out almost 15 minutes longer than Young, and may have been the deciding factor in this race.

The third and final stint of the race was manned by Dewayne Davis, who is returning to regular racing this season after some time off. Davis had some minor excitement to contend with prior to his ride when rear tire change took longer than anticipated (90 seconds) and Davis entered the track in second position. With the GSX-R1000 full of fuel, lap times were in the 1:43s. The lead rider was disappearing into the distance, but about 30 minutes into his leg, Davis found his groove and came to grips with his ride. As the fuel burned off, the lap times dropped.

Circulating down into the 1:37s, Davis eventually ran the fastest lap of the race and regained the lead. The real drama occurred in the final moments of the race. With under ten minutes left, the team in second place hunting Davis down, pitted for a fuel stop. With 4 minutes left, the gas light came on for Davis, and his run down the straight created panic in the pit as he gestured at his tank. BGR pit chief and rider Scott Buckley gave no indication that Davis would pit. However, luck was on their side, as Davis passed the timing and scoring beacon as time expired to take the checkers and the win before the bike ran out of fuel on the last lap!

Davis was all smiles when he said, “I wasn’t coming in! I know that I’m racing the clock and not the checkers. I knew how much time was left so I stayed out.” Big Gas Racing celebrated as Davis and his silent GSXR were pushed into the pits. A truly dramatic finish to a great first race!

BGR would like to thank the CMRA as well as its sponsors: Pirelli, South Central Race Center, P1 Racing, Vesrah, Silkolene, Pilot, and 680 Construction as well as family, friends and crew.

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