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Oct 21, 2001

Harwell Stars In Saturday CCS Action At Daytona

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Arclight Suzuki's Scott Harwell took two race wins, a second and a fourth place on four different Suzuki motorcycles equipped with Metzeler DOT-labeled tires Saturday, October 20, during the CCS Race of Champions weekend at Daytona.

Harwell, riding a GSX-R600, started the day on the 10th row of the Middleweight Supersport Expert grid and finished the five-lap race in second place behind race-winner Scott Greenwood of New England Performance.

Riding a TL1000R, Harwell finished the Expert Super Twins sprint in fourth. Blackmans Aprilia guest rider Chris Carr won the race handily on a RSV1000 Mille R Superbike but was docked one lap after the race for a jumped start. Carlos Macias was awarded the win ahead of Thomas Fournier, Steve Johnson and Harwell.

Two races later, Harwell started the Unlimited Supersport Expert final on his GSX-R1000 from the sixth row, motored by John Ashmead and his GSX-R750 to take the lead on lap two and pulled away to a four-second victory margin with 1:56 lap times.

Moments later, Harwell and Ashmead squared off on GSX-R750s in the five-lap Heavyweight Supersport event. Ashmead was leading on lap two when Harwell reached the front from his ninth-row starting spot. Ashmead and Harwell went back-and-forth in the draft and on the brakes for the final three laps, with Harwell taking the win.

Harwell, 27, pulled over and stopped in Turn Two on the cool-down lap of the Heavyweight Supersport race. Harwell called the cornerworker over and gave the worker a hug. The North Carolina rider then explained to the worker that he had crashed in that corner in the 2000 Race of Champions. Harwell crashed and hit an Armco barrier, suffered a badly broken arm and a concussion among other injuries.

"Those guys probably saved my life," said Harwell. "I just wanted to tell them thanks. It was a little bit of an emotional moment for me."

Harwell will not compete in Sunday's Formula USA national races and will instead begin to prepare for next week's WERA Grand National Finals and Suzuki Cup Finals at Road Atlanta October 24-28.

Saturday's CCS Race Results From Daytona:

Middleweight Supersport Expert: 1. Scott Greenwood (Suz GSX-R600); 2. Scott Harwell (Suz GSX-R600); 3. Pedro Valiente (Yam YZF-R6); 4. Troy Green (Yam YZF-R6); 5. Jim Lester (Hon CBR600F4i); 6. Mike Luke (Yam YZF-R6).

Lightweight Grand Prix Expert: 1. Jason DiSalvo (Hon RS250); 2. Greg Esser (Hon RS250); 3. Leon Cortes (Hon RS250); 4. Mark Stiles (Yam TZ250); 5. Ed Key (Suz SV650); 6. Steve Keener (Suz SV650).

Lightweight Grand Prix Amateur: 1. Steve Genter (Hon RS250); 2. Steve Atlas (Suz SV650); 3. Aaron Rentschler (Yam TZ250); 4. Tom Fritz (Buell 1200); 5. Leonard Cinquegrano (Suz SV650); 6. James Johnston (Suz SV650).

Middleweight Superbike Expert: 1. Pedro Valiente (Yam YZF-R6); 2. Jim Lester (Hon CBR600F4i); 3. Troy Green (Yam YZF-R6); 4. Scott Hermersmann (Suz GSX-R600); 5. Marco Martinez (Suz GSX-R600); 6. Dr. Jeffrey Purk, DDS (Yam YZF-R6).

Middleweight Superbike Amateur: 1. Matthew Hartlieb (Hon CBR600F4i); 2. Giovanni Rojas (Suz GSX-R600); 3. David Sanders (Yam YZF-R6); 4. Sean Morris (Yam YZF-R6); 5. Gary Carter (Yam YZF-R6); 6. Tomas Bauchiero (Yam YZF-R6).

Heavyweight Superbike Amateur: 1. Giovanni Rojas (Suz GSX-R750); 2. Darren Luck (Suz GSX-R750); 3. Paul Sherer (Suz GSX-R750); 4. Travis Pepin (Suz GSX-R750); 5. Nate Kern (Suz GSX-R600); 6. Tomas Bauchiero (Yam YZF-R6).

SuperTwins Expert: 1. Carlos Macias (Duc 996); 2. Thomas Fournier (Duc 996); 3. Steve Johnson (Suz TL1000R); 4. Scott Harwell (Suz TL1000R); 5. Nelson Suarez (Duc 748); 6. John Porlier (Hon RC51).

SuperTwins Amateur: 1. Bradley Miller (Duc 996); 2. Bruce Jacobs (Apr RSV1000); 3. Richard Sermak (Hon RC51); 4. Scott Cunningham (Duc 996); 5. Sean Danielson (Apr RSV1000); 6. Steve Terbrueggen (Duc 996).

Unlimited Supersport Expert: 1. Scott Harwell (Suz GSX-R1000); 2. Anthony Fania (Suz GSX-R750); 3. Chris Rankin (Suz GSX-R750); 4. Marco Martinez (Suz GSX-R750); 5. Scott Hermersmann (Suz GSX-R750); 6. Darian Polach (Hon RC51).

Unlimited Supersport Amateur: 1. Giovanni Rojas (Suz GSX-R750); 2. Paul Sherer (Suz GSX-R750); 3. Travis Pepin (Suz GSX-R750); 4. Chris Murray-Audain (Yam YZF-R1); 5. Matthew Hartlieb (Hon CBR600F4i); 6. Cody Perkins (Yam YZF-R1).

Heavyweight Supersport Expert: 1. Scott Harwell (Suz GSX-R750); 2. John Ashmead (Suz GSX-R750); 3. Byron Barbour (Suz GSX-R750); 4. Marco Martinez (Suz GSX-R750); 5. Chris Rankin (Suz GSX-R750); 6. Scott Hermersmann (Suz GSX-R750).

Heavyweight Supersport Amateur: 1. Darren Luck (Suz GSX-R750); 2. Paul Sherer (Suz GSX-R750); 3. Giovanni Rojas (Suz GSX-R750); 4. Tomas Bauchiero (Yam YZF-R6); 5. Nate Kern (Suz GSX-R600); 6. Sean Morris (Yam YZF-R6).

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