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Jul 1, 2001

Giles Sweeps Australian Superbike Races In Queensland

This Just In from Australia:<BR><BR>Defending Champion and points leader Shawn Giles swept all three races of Round 3 of the 2001 Shell Australian Superbike Championships at Queensland Raceway Sunday, Australia time, on a Suzuki. Craig Coxhell, on a Radar's Team Yamaha YZF-R1, finished second overall after placing second in each of the three Superbike Championship races<BR><BR>The opening 11-lap Superbike race saw Coxhell take the race lead from Giles on lap two before being re-passed by Giles on lap five. Coxhell continued to battle with Giles all the way to the flag, finishing behind by 0.28-second.<BR><BR>Races two and three saw Coxhell battling with the Bikebiz Yamaha pair of Tony Rees and Damien Cudlin, before getting the better hand of each to pull away and chase after Giles.<BR><BR>Qualifying<BR>1. Shawn Giles, Suzuki, 1:10.791<BR>2. Craig Coxhell, Yamaha, 1:11.599<BR>3. Alex Gobert, Honda, 1:11.872<BR>4. Damian Cudlin, Yamaha, 1:11.932<BR>5. Tony Rees, Yamaha, 1:12.265<BR>6. Wayne Maxwell, Kawasaki 1:12.638<BR>7. Jamie Stauffer, Yamaha, 1:12.899<BR>8. David Simpson, Suzuki, 1:13.257<BR>9. Jay Normoyle, Suzuki 1:13.327<BR>10. Steven Fisher, Honda, 1:13.649<BR><BR>Race One<BR>1. Giles, Suzuki, 13:14.968<BR>2. Coxhell, Yamaha, 13:15.250<BR>3. Rees, Yamaha, 13:22.860<BR>4. Cudlin, Yamaha, 13:23.179<BR>5. Stauffer, Yamaha, 13:23.757<BR>6. Normoyle, Suzuki, 13:27.902<BR>7. Simpson, Suzuki, 13:34.496<BR>8. Fisher, Honda, 13:41.058<BR>9. Maxwell, Kawasaki, 13:43.016<BR>10. Clayton Landells, Suzuki, 13:56.480<BR>Fastest Lap: Giles, 1:11.447 on lap 4.<BR><BR>Race Two<BR>1. Giles, 13:12.310<BR>2. Coxhell, 13:16.986<BR>3. Cudlin, 13:19.524<BR>4. Rees, 13:19.694<BR>5. Stauffer, 13:25.939<BR>6. Normoyle, 13:27.911<BR>7. Simpson, 13:31.633<BR>8. Maxwell, 13:40.007<BR>9. Fisher, 13:41.161<BR>10. Butler, 13:44.627<BR>Fastest Lap: Giles, 1:11.1793 on lap 2<BR><BR>Race Three<BR>1. Giles, 13:15.014<BR>2. Coxhell, 13:19.024<BR>3. Rees, 13:22.867<BR>4. Stauffer, 13:23.450<BR>5. Gobert, 13.23.633<BR>6. Cudlin, 13:27.820<BR>7. Normoyle, 13:28.410<BR>8. Simpson, 13:29.353<BR>9. Butler, 13:42.126<BR>10. Fisher, 13:43.513<BR>Fastest Lap: Giles, 1:11.4499 on lap 2<BR><BR>2001 Shell Advance Australian Superbike Championship (points after 3 0f 5 rounds)<BR>1. Giles 205<BR>2. Coxhell 135<BR>3. Cudlin 127<BR>4. Rees 100<BR>5. Stauffer 78<BR>6. Simpson 72<BR>7. Normoyle 66<BR>8. Gobert 63<BR>9. Fisher 54<BR>10. Adams 47.<BR><BR><BR>