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May 15, 2013

Gagne, Moham Win MRA Races, Set Records At High Plains Raceway

Records broken all weekend long at MRA Round 1

Denver, CO May 15, 2013

The MRA season kicked off this past weekend May 11th and 12th in Deer Trail, CO at High Plains Raceway with record breaking attendance from racers and spectators compared to recent years! The tone was set for the weekend as records continued to be broken. Grid sizes were the largest the MRA has seen in a number of years and the smoothest first round operationally by the staff and the new race management system. New lap time records were set in 12 classes as well as the absolute track record for High Plains Raceway - North Course configuration.

For the weekend, the MRA paddock was joined by AMA's RoadRace Factory Red Bull team. MRA racers and spectators were buzzing with excitement for the opportunity to race with and see the Red Bull riders in action! Throughout the weekend five of the 12 class records that were broken were by Jake Gagne. He also was able to set the absolute track record for the North Course configuration at a blistering 1:13.330.

Shannon Moham swept the weekend with the most wins at six and taking a handful of podiums. Nicknamed in the club as Shannon 'Marathon Man' Moham, he continues to run a two-bike program year after year with a Suzuki SV650 and a Yamaha R6. Additionally, he can already list setting the lap record in Lightweight Endurance on his SV650 at a 1:21.337 as an accomplishment for the 2013 season.

Rob Christman started the season strong as he won Race of the Rockies GTO and finished 3rd behind the RoadRace Factory riders in the overall Race of the Rockies championship knocking the defending champ, Dan Turner off of the podium. Christman also took first in Open Superbike in front of Turner. Dan is not known to go down without a fight thus the forecast for the season between these two riders is set to be epic with bar to bar racing!

Round 2 for the MRA comes June 8th and 9th at High Plains Raceway - Full Course where the Annual 4 Hour Endurance Race will be held. Divided into three different race classes, Titanium Butt (solo), True Endurance (team - one bike), and Pony Express (team - multiple bikes), the race will run at the end of the Saturday race schedule in place of the time slot that the typical endurance races occur. The MRA offers reciprocity to most clubs and organizations and encourages racers from all over to come participate with us during this exhilarating yet challenging event! Details can be found in the MRA Rule Book on the MRA website, the forums or you may call the MRA hotline at (303) 530-5678.

Fay Myers Motorcycle World Race of the Rockies GTO 1. Rob Christman 2. Douglas Kahl 3. Dan Turner 4. Tracy Schram 5. Ricky Orlando

Vickery Motorsports Race of the Rockies GTU 1. Jake Gagne 2. JD Beach 3. Shannon Moham 4. Jon Glaefke 5. David Mobley

High Plains Raceway Ladies of the Rockies 1. Donna Turner 2. Wyeth Jackson 3. Samantha Coleman 4. Siobhan Bennett 5. Trina Dawson

Brighton Radiator & Muffler Middleweight Supersport 1. Peter Tabor 2. Nikolas Lenski 3. Nyles Gourlie 4. Kevin Finnegan 5. Christopher Coonshead

Apex Sports Racing Heavyweight Supersport 1. Peter Tabor 2. Nikolas Lenski 3. Nyles Gourlie 4. Jon Glaefke 5. Kenneth Yee

Northern Colorado Euro Open Supersport 1. Peter Tabor 2. Ricky Orlando 3. Aaron Hersh 4. Kelcey Walker 5. Patrick Lansu

Grand Prix Motorsports Middleweight Superbike 1. Shannon Moham 2. David Mobley 3. Peter Tabor 4. Nikolas Lenski 5. Keith Eastin

Riverside Construction Heavyweight Superbike 1. Shannon Moham 2. Nikolas Lenski 3. Rick Grosse 4. Ed Duenez 5. Kevin Finnegan

Colorado Powersports Open Superbike 1. Rob Christman 2. Dan Turner 3. Ricky Orlando 4. Mike Applegate 5. Douglas Kahl

Factory Trained Auto Repair Supertwins GTU 1. Shannon Moham 2. Ray Gaimara 3. Christopher Weed 4. David Kern 5. Matthew Davis

Mile High Harley Davidson Supertwins GTO 1. Patrick Lansu 2. Jon Glaefke 3. Shannon Moham 4. Christopher Weed 5. Jeff Healy

Vickery Motorsports Amateur GTU 1. Matt Diehl 2. Kenneth Yee 3. Bryant Smith 4. Joesph Washburn 5. Bill Andrews

Imperial Sportbikes Amateur GTO 1. Kenneth Yee 2. Bryant Smith 3. Joesph Washburn 4. Stephen Robards 5. Matt Diehl

Law Tigers Novice GTU 1. Brad Morris 2. Ryan Smith 3. Brooks Bryant 4. Brett Leveque 5. Evan Cordonier

Rocky Mountain Kawasaki Novice GTO 1. John Chadwick 2. Brad Morris 3. Ryan Smith 4. Scott Morrison 5. Evan Brauch

The Walnut Room Modern Vintage GTU 1. Shannon Moham 2. Rick Grosse 3. Christopher Weed 4. Frank DiRanna 5. Evan Cordonier

Unink Printworks Modern Vintage GTO 1. Erik Peat 2. Christopher Coonshead 3. Ed Duenez 4. James Reinig 5. Frank DiRanna

Performance Cycle of Colorado Solo Endurance Lightweight 1. Shannon Moham 2. Ray Gaimara 3. David Kern 4. Rodney Mattison 5. Jay Russell Solo Endurance Middleweight 1. Keith Eastin 2. Nyles Gourlie 3. Christopher Coonshead 4. David Mobley 5. Rick Grosse

Kahl & Partners Solo Endurance Heavyweight 1. Jake Gagne 2. Shannon Moham 3. Christopher Coonshead 4. Kenneth Yee 5. Michael Larkitz

ABATE of Colorado Solo Endurance Open 1. Mike Applegate 2. Ray Thornton 3. Dave Hetzler 4. Aaron Hersh 5. Travis Graham

Boulder Motorsports Thunderbike 1. Patrick Lansu 2. Jon Glaefke 3. Carl Sorensen 4. Chris Sorensen 5. Dennis Stowers

Wood's Wheel Works Colorado Class 1. Christopher Weed 2. Jeff Winter 3. Michael Davis 4. David Absolon 5. Brian Jackson

Moto-Garage & Sol Performance Formula 40 1. Rob Christman 2. Ricky Orlando 3. Rick Grosse 4. Patrick Lansu 5. Dave Hetzler

Spencer Russell Youth Racing Lightweight GP 1. Shannon Moham 2. Christopher Weed 3. Ray Gaimara 4. David Kern 5. Jason Madama

Money$mart Production 250 Cup Saturday 1. David Kibler 2. Matt Diehl 3. Tony Baker 4. Jason Madama 5. Christopher Coonshead

Money$mart Production 400 Cup Saturday 1. Jay Russell

Money$mart Production 500 Cup Saturday 1. Steve Mills 2. Blair Harness 3. Shannon Moham

Money$mart Production 250 Cup Sunday 1. David Kibler 2. Jason Madama 3. Tony Baker 4. Matt Diehl 5. Christopher Coonshead

Money$mart Production 400 Cup Sunday 1. Jay Russell

Money$mart Production 500 Cup Sunday 1. Blair Harness 2. Steve Mills 3. Shannon Moham

The Motorcycle Roadracing Association is dedicated to promoting safe and competitive motorcycle road racing events for enthusiasts in Colorado and the surrounding area. For more information go to , or call the MRA hotline at (303) 530-5678.