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Aug 24, 2001

Friday Morning Support-class Practice Times From Formula USA At Pocono

Buell Lightning Practice Times:<BR>1. Michael Barnes, 1:50.058<BR>2. Bryan Bemisderfer, 1:53.725<BR>3. Jeff Vermeulem, 1:53.790<BR>4. Anthony Fania, Jr., 1:54.063<BR>5. Brian Kcraget, 1:54.248<BR>6. Richie Morris, 1:56.755<BR>7. Daniel Bilansky, 1:58.838<BR>8. Brian Frank, 2:00.681<BR>9. Gregory Avello, 2:01.142<BR>10. Jeff Johnson, 2:01.648<BR><BR><BR>Aprilia Challenge Cup Practice Times:<BR>1. Jeff Wood, 1:52.991<BR>2. Shannon Silva, 1:53.144<BR>3. Dan Fischer, 1:56.703<BR>4. Gus Holcomb, 1:57.186<BR>5. Josh Sortor, 1:57.434<BR>6. Thad Halsmer, 1:57.888<BR>7. Tim Falcone, 1:58.365<BR>8. Mark Reynolds, 1:59.408<BR>9. Paul Hopkins, 1:59.775<BR>10. Mathew Wissel, 2:01.209<BR><BR><BR>Pro Sportbike Practice Times:<BR>1. Lee Acree, 1:43.225<BR>2. Ty Howard, 1:44.903<BR>3. Brian Parriott, 1:45.274<BR>4. Michael Barnes, 1:45.393<BR>5. Chuck Chouinard, 1:45.868<BR>6. Eric Wood, 1:46.283<BR>7. Paul Harrell, 1:46.928<BR>8. Scott Greenwood, 1:46.942<BR>9. Stoney Landers, 1:47.028<BR>10. Shan Ball, 1:47.338<BR><BR><BR>Engine Ice 200 Mile Team Challenge Practice Times:<BR>1. Loudoun Motorsports, 1:47.521<BR>2. Kevin Pate, 1:54.461<BR>3. Annandale Racing, 1:56.183<BR>4. Siemens Patent Services, 1:58.907<BR>5. Team Motorex, 1:59.753<BR>6. Go Fast Racing, 2:02.466<BR>7. Bad Apple Racing, 2:03.316<BR>8., 2:03.474<BR>9. Anthony Cammack, 2:03.557<BR>10. Inursis Racing, 2:03.618<BR><BR><BR>Friday practice has been plagued by a number of red flags thrown in response to crashes and also due to riders dragging their knees through the mud on the inside of the curbless corners and dragging the mud onto the racing surface.<BR><BR><BR><BR>
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