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Nov 12, 2012

FIM Moto2 Teams Test At Valencia

Nico Terol (18).

Nico Terol and Jordi Torres finish fourth and sixth in Valencia test, improving on their fastest times from the race weekend. Torres also had his presence in the team for 2013 confirmed officially

With the Valencia GP still fresh in the memory, the Moto2 riders moved straight on with their preparations for 2013. Despite having already ridden over three days at the last GP of the year, the intermediate class riders showed tireless energy to try out new things over the course of the seven hours of track time. The track opened at 10am local time, and closed at 5pm with only a lunch break in between to split stints. The conditions in Valencia were finally dry, with none of the interruptions that had affected the weekend. Some thirty riders were in action, including some newcomers moving up from Moto3.

Today was a day as productive as it was intense for MAPFRE Aspar riders Nico Terol and Jordi Torres. Both were early risers and went out on track shortly before 11am, then continued through to the end. Torres completed 72 laps, Terol 63. Besides the new clutch set to be used by all Moto2 riders next season, there were other changes made by the duo. Nico worked on the front fork, in order to get more traction on corner entry and confidence under braking. He also tried various tyre compounds, including a softer one in the last stint of the afternoon that received a positive review. It was at the end of the day that he clocked his best lap: 1'35.4 - four tenths faster than his qualifying time for the Valencia GP.

Likewise, Jordi Torres also dropped his lap times from the weekend by four tenths. The Spaniard focused on the geometry of his bike, looking for the best riding position for his frame. The development of this work was reflected in his lowering his times considerably. The Spanish Moto2 Champion in 2011 and recently crowned European Supersport titlist, Torres was confirmed today as a MAPFRE Aspar Team rider for 2013 -showing the confidence shown in him by the team since his incorporation as a replacement rider for the end of 2012.

4th Nico Terol 1.35.4 (63 laps): "After getting the podium yesterday, in today's test I enjoyed myself more than I have for a long time. The aim was to get used to the new clutch that all the riders will use next year. all pilots. At midday I put the old clutch in, so that I could test out the differences. I went pretty well with it, but we still have to work on it. We also put on different tyre compounds and we focused on changing the position of the forks. What we wanted was to do was find more feel under braking and be able to brake harder. We also wanted to get more grip. The truth is that we have found what we were looking for, especially in the last run out on track. Our times have even dropped from the weekend. I'm still savouring the success from yesterday, and the good feeling of this test mean that I end the time here very satisfied."

6th Jordi Torres 1.35.5 (72 laps): "My chief mechanic had many changes scheduled for this weekend, but because it rained so much we had our plans changed. That meant that today in the sun we tried out all of the things that we had needed to look at. We basically worked on various changes to the bike's geometry. Being such a big rider, we are playing around with many different types of positions, but I think that today we found one that was spot on. I am happy, because we put in good times here and had a good pace, even better than in qualifying for the race. The work was very positive, but it's just a shame that at midday we had a crash at turn 4 due to the cold tyre. The bike spat me off but I wasn't hurt, we simply lost a bit of time. It was confirmed today that I will remain with the MAPFRE Aspar Team for 2013. We can thus consider this test my first as a full-time GP rider. I am a rider who prepares mi practices well, which you could see today. I will work very hard this winter, and it will be a privilege to start a Grand Prix season from the beginning, rather than as a substitute. I want to thank the MAPFRE Aspar Team, which is here to win, and I will give everything to be up to the challenge."

More, from a press release issued by NGM Mobile Forward Racing:

Good impressions for Corsi, Pasini & Cardus

Short day of testing for the NGM Mobile Forward Racing Riders Simone Corsi, Mattia Pasini and Ricky Cardus. The three riders only had the chance to do a few laps to begin working with their test bikes and their respective technical crews for 2013.

Simone Corsi and Mattia Pasini have tested the 2012 SpeedUp for the first time and the first impressions are positive for both riders. Ricky Cardus has tested Yuki Takahashi´s 2012 FTR bike, managing to get close to the Japanese rider's fastest lap times at the last Valencia GP.

Before the winter break begins the NGM Mobile Forward Racing Team will be testing at the Almeria circuit, where Ricky Cardus will be testing the SpeedUp. Alex De Angelis will not be taking part in this test due to the injury sustained at the Australian GP.

Simone Corsi - 3
"This first test day with the team was very good. It was important to find the feeling with the new team and the bike we were testing today. We have done very few laps because we stated to test late in the afternoon but we will have two more days of testing in Almeria in order to go into the winter break."

Mattia Pasini - 54
A particular day because the team had to put the bike together and I went out when there were only forty more minutes before the end of the test. I have gone out a couple of times, doing about five laps experiencing a little problem every time but I think that the test has gone well. I am very happy with the bike and found the feeling from the start. We will be testing two days this week at Almeria in order to setup the work for the winter. In any case, the first impression is very good, only after three laps I was doing the lap times that I did this past weekend during qualifying. We have work ahead of us but I am happy so far."

Ricky Cardus - 88
I am very satisfied. More than focusing on the bike I have focused on working with the team and the mechanics. We tested this season's FTR. I will be testing with the team the SpeedUp bike soon but it was good for me to test the team's FTR bike to get to ride a more aggressive bike; more rigid and with a lot more grip. From the beginning of the test my lap times with the FTR were faster than the ones I did this past weekend. I wanted to continue testing until six o'clock but the sun was low and the visibility in at least four of the corners was dangerous. I am looking forward to testing the SpeedUp bike later this week."

More, from a press release issued by Blusens Avintia Racing:

Toni Elías and young Kyle Smith made their debut with their 2013 team

Blusens Avintia Moto2 riders are familiar with Valencia circuit

Cheste, 12 of November 2012. There is no rest for the motorbike racing world championship. Yesterday was the last day of the season and today is the first working day of the 2013 season. Today the riders who are changing teams or making their debut in the championship tried out their bike for the first time and exchanged the first impressions with those who will share a lot of situations and sensations with them for a year. It was also the case for Blusens Avintia Moto2 new riders world champion Toni Elías and rookie Kyle Smith. Toni who became the first champion in this class is joining the team highly motivated to retrieve the success he has been missing for a few seasons. Today Elías - who took part in the last few rounds riding a Kalex belonging to an Italian team had the opportunity to ride a similar bike managed by his new team waiting to receive the 2013 model by mid-February.

Kyle Smith also newly incorporated in the team was born in Huddersfield (England) on 16 of September 1991 and got started in the motorcycling world at a very early age when his father offered him a motorbike and made him sign up to take part in social club races from Yorkshire to Lancaster. He has lived in Spain for years and supported by Wild Wolf, Kyle finished fifth in the Stock Extreme European speed contest this year and is currently second in the Spanish world championship in the same class with only one race to go.

Both Elías and Smith had a quiet working day although early this morning Kyle experienced a crash but without any consequences. Toni spent some time setting his provisional bike up to his liking while he is waiting for the new model to arrive whereas Kyle got in touch with his bike and his team for the first time, riding at a good pace and with consistency throughout the day. Of course none of them tried to set a good time but both are happy with their results.

Toni Elías: "I am happy with this working day. Though we spent most of the time setting the bike up to my liking I had good sensations when I took it out to the track. This is a provisional bike I'll be using until the 2013 model arrives but it's all right to get the job started though. And even if we didn't attempt to score good times at any moment the final results of the day were satisfying despite the engine is not as competitive as the one we'll have in the future. I'm happy with the job we have done and also the connection with all the team members. We're now going to Albacete to carry on working and get the big picture before the season starts. The fact I could ride the Kalex in the last few rounds of the championship will enable me to give more accurate and direct guidelines on how to amend the bike so we can be as competitive as possible. In brief today was positive and I am very excited as we are now leaving Valencia to embark on the new season".

Kyle Smith: "The truth is I am really happy to be here. It's like a dream to be riding among the best riders in the world. It's the first time I have ridden a Moto2 and it's quite different from the kind of bike I usually ride so I have to gradually adapt. Although I made my debut this morning and I crashed with no consequences I had good sensations and in the afternoon I managed to ride with consistency. I am very motivated and excited by this opportunity to participate in the world championship. At the end of the day it's each and every rider's dream and my dream has come true thanks to Wild Wolf and the Blusens Avintia team. I hope I won't disappoint them. I am aware it won't be easy because everybody knows how difficult this class is. But I'll work relentlessly so I can measure up to the opportunity I have been given.

More, from a press release issued by Tech 3:

Tech 3 Racing begins 2013 Moto2 preparations in Valencia

Less than 24 hours after the conclusion to the 2012 Moto2 World Championship, the Tech 3 Racing Team was back on track in Valencia today to commence preparations for next season with an all-new line-up featuring Danny Kent and Louis Rossi.

Fresh from his stunning victory in yesterday's Valencia Moto3 race, British rider Kent and Frenchman Rossi acquainted themselves with their new Team and the Mistral 610 machine on a positive and productive first day of winter testing.

After a cool and cloudy start to proceedings, most of the session took place under gloriously sunny skies, which was a stark contrast to the wet conditions that dominated the final weekend of the season.

Improved conditions enabled Kent and Rossi to put in almost 140 laps together, with both quickly getting to grips with the heavier and more powerful Mistral 610 machine.

Kent set a best time of 1.38.2 on the unofficial timesheets, which placed him 22nd, while Le Mans Moto3 winner Rossi was just 0.5s behind and 24th in the final rankings.

Kent and Rossi will now head to the Albacete track in Spain for a further two-day test on Wednesday and Thursday before the Tech 3 Racing Team embarks on an intensive winter development programme back in France ahead of the 2013 pre-season campaign.

Danny Kent 22nd 1.38.2 74 laps:

"It has been a fantastic experience to start my career in Moto2 and I immediately felt at home in the Tech 3 Racing Team. Today was just all about getting a feel for the Mistral 610 because it is quite a bit different to the bike I've been riding in Moto3. There is more power but the thing I noticed more than anything is the extra weight, particularly in the fast changes of direction. I already have a plan to build up my strength in the winter but after 74 laps today, my upper body is aching a bit. I really enjoyed riding the bike though and today was all about getting comfortable and familiarising myself with the Mistral 610 and my crew. I have so much to learn but it is good that I am back on the bike later this week and that's when the real work will start now that I have a better understanding of what to expect from the bike."

Louis Rossi 24th 1.38.7 65 laps:

"It was a very positive day because I have been really excited to discover my new Team and new bike. It is a big step up from Moto3 to Moto2 and after 65 laps I am very tired because the bike is much more physically demanding to ride. Normally I can lap quite easily until the end of the day but today it was very difficult. Mainly it is because of the extra weight and the force you need to turn and change direction but also because of the extra power. I am just trying to get comfortable on the bike and slowly build up my confidence and experience. It was a good start today and now I'm looking forward to the next test in Albacete where we can continue the positive progress made in this test."

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