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Sep 1, 2010

Fillmore Wins Four MRA Races At High Plains Raceway

Jimmy Wood (371) leads Josh Galster (174). Photo by Jim Browning, courtesy of MRA.

The MRA returned to High Plains Raceway for Round 6 on August 28th & 29th. With temperatures hovering close to 100F all weekend, the heat was testing the stamina of both riders and machines. 

The middleweight and heavyweight classes showcased some of the best racing of the weekend, with the top six riders battling back and forth for two days straight. Visiting racer Jimmy Wood joined five of the grids and clinched the heavyweight superbike win. Josh Galster continued his blistering pace, running at the front of every class and capturing 5 podiums, but only one first in heavyweight supersport. 

Dalton Dimick stepped it up and fought off both Wood and Galster to take wins in middleweight supersport and middleweight superbike. Ricky Orlando, Shane Turpin, and Brian Johnson were consistently in the fray as well, and watching each race it was anyone's guess who would finish in the lead of that particular class. The six-way battled culminated in Race of the Rockies GTU, with riders swapping the front positions for most of the race. The final battle came down to Galster and Wood, with Wood narrowly edging out Galster for the win.

There was an abundance of out of state racers in the field this weekend, as the positive reviews spread about new High Plains Raceway and the hospitality of the MRA. AMA racer Chris Fillmore returned to dominate on his Team HMC KTMs, and AFM rider Chris Siglin made a guest appearance, turning fast laps on a borrowed R1. Contingents of riders from MN, Iowa, New Mexico and elsewhere were welcomed into the paddock.

The MRA was pleased to see its largest SuperStreet grid yet, with 22 street bikes signing up for the intro to racing program. This class is considered to be one of the most enjoyable to spectate, as these riders are all new to racing and thrilled just to be on the track. SuperStreet typically draws a large crowd, and after the race fans rush the hot pit lane to cheer the new racers back into the pits. Watching the enthusiasm and joy of this group has been known to bring a tear to the eye of a cynical old racer.

Round 7 will see the MRA at Pueblo Motorsports Park on Sept. 18th & 19th. Race tickets are just $10 at the gate and kids under 12 get in free. Stop by any Colorado motorcycle dealership to pick up a free 2for1 gate entry. The MRA has waived reciprocity license fees for the remainder of 2010 and welcomes visiting racers to the grids!

Fay Myers Motorcycle World Race of the Rockies GTO 1 Chris Fillmore (KTM RC8R) 2 Dan Turner (Suz GSX-R1000) 3 Josh Galster (Kaw ZX-6R) 4 Mike Applegate (Suz GSX-R1000) 5 Ray Thornton (Hon CBR1000RR) 6 Chris Siglin (Yam YZF-R1)

Vickery Motorsports Race of the Rockies GTU 1 Jimmy Wood (Kaw ZX-6R) 2 Josh Galster (Kaw ZX-6R) 3 Dalton Dimick (Yam YZF-R6) 4 Ricky Orlando (Kaw ZX-6R) 5 Shane Turpin (Pierobon/Duc F042) 6 Brian Johnson (Yam YZF-R6)

Team Nay Solo Lightweight Endurance 1 Shannon Moham (Suz SV650) 2 Mike Hellerstedt (Suz SV650) 3 Keith Lincoln (Suz SV650) 4 Geoffrey Snyder (Suz SV650) 5 Will Chambers (Suz SV650) 6 Lincoln Todd (Suz SV650)

WyethHomes Solo Middleweight Endurance 1 Mike Applehans (Suz GSX-R600) 2 Rick Grosse (Kaw ZX-6R) 3 Dale Eaton (Yam YZF-R6) 4 Matt Dunn (Hon CBR600RR) 5 Nicholas Lenski (Yam YZF-R6) 6 Aaron Hersh (Kaw ZX-6R)

Barely Legal Racing Solo Heavyweight Endurance 1 Patrick Lansu (Duc 999R) 2 Shannon Moham (Yam YZF-R6) 3 Carlton Sorensen (Tri Daytona 675) 4 Alan Filar (Suz GSX-R750) 5 Geoffrey Snyder (Suz GSX-R750) 6 Lloyd Meador (Duc 749RS) 

ABATE of Colorado Solo Open Endurance 1 Doug Kahl (Suz GSX-R1000) 2 Ray Thornton (Hon CBR1000RR) 3 Robert Oliva (Hon CBR1000RR) 4 John Fifield (Yam YZF-R1) 5 Aaron Petrie (Hon CBR1000RR) 6 Danny Anderson (Yam YZF-R1)

Vickery Motorsports Amateur GTU 1 Carlton Sorensen (Tri Daytona 675) 2 Erik Cromer (Kaw ZX-6R) 3 Jarret Scarberry (Yam YZF-R6) 4 Steven Grubbs (Kaw ZX-6R) 5 Zach Shearon (Yam YZF-R6) 6 Patrick King (Tri Daytona 675)

Northern Colorado Euro Motorcycles Amateur GTO 1 John Fifield (Yam YZF-R1) 2 Keith Eastin (Hon CBR1000RR) 3 Erik Cromer (Kaw ZX-6R) 4 Steven Grubbs (Kaw ZX-6R) 5 Jarret Scarberry (Yam YZF-R6) 6 Jason Patton (Suz GSX-R1000)

MotoAdventure Kawasaki Middleweight SuperSport 1 Dalton Dimick (Yam YZF-R6) 2 Jimmy Wood (Kaw ZX-6R) 3 Ricky Orlando (Kaw ZX-6R) 4 Josh Galster (Kaw ZX-6R) 5 Casey Dragos (Yam YZF-R6) 6 Steven Grubbs (Kaw ZX-6R)

Grand Prix Motorsports Middleweight SuperBike 1 Dalton Dimick (Yam YZF-R6) 2 Josh Galster (Kaw ZX-6R) 3 Brian Johnson (Yam YZF-R6) 4 Jimmy Wood (Kaw ZX-6R) 5 Ricky Orlando (Kaw ZX-6R) 6 Dale Eaton (Yam YZF-R6)

Apex Sports, Inc. Heavyweight SuperSport 1 Josh Galster (Kaw ZX-6R) 2 Dalton Dimick (Yam YZF-R6) 3 Jimmy Wood (Kaw ZX-6R) 4 Brian Johnson (Yam YZF-R6) 5 Casey Dragos (Yam YZF-R6) 6 Steven Grubbs (Kaw ZX-6R)

Faster! Motosports Heavyweight SuperBike 1 Jimmy Wood (Kaw ZX-6R) 2 Josh Galster (Kaw ZX-6R) 3 Brian Johnson (Yam YZF-R6) 4 Shane Turpin (Pierobon/Duc F042) 5 Rick Grosse (Kaw ZX-6R) 6 Dale Eaton (Yam YZF-R6)

Coyote Motorsports Open SuperSport 1 Chris Fillmore (KTM RC8R) 2 Mike Applegate (Suz GSX-R1000) 3 Chris Siglin (Yam YZF-R1) 4 Casey Dragos (Yam YZF-R6) 5 Jason Curdy (Yam YZF-R6) 6 Curtis Knox Jr. (Yam YZF-R1)

Colorado Powersports Open SuperBike 1 Chris Fillmore (KTM RC8R) 2 Dan Turner (Suz GSX-R1000) 3 Doug Kahl (Suz GSX-R1000) 4 Mike Applegate (Suz GSX-R1000) 5 Danny Anderson (Yam YZF-R1) 6 Ray Thornton (Hon CBR1000RR)

XBAM Ladies of the Rockies 1 Wyeth Jackson (Kaw ZX-6R) 2 Kimberly Prichard (Tri Daytona 675) 3 Siobhan Bennett (Apr RSV1000) 4 Samantha Coleman (Yam YZF-R6) 

Foothills BMW/Triumph Motorcycles Colorado Class 1 Jeff Winter (Hon RS450F) 2 Dominic Medina (Hon Ascot) 3 Scott Rybarik (Tri Thruxton) 4 Lloyd Meador (Hon CB160) 

Toyota Trucks Lightweight GrandPrix 1 Shannon Moham (Suz SV650) 2 Mike Hellerstedt (Suz SV650) 3 Geoffrey Snyder (Suz SV650) 4 Keith Lincoln (Suz SV650) 5 Jeff Winter (Hon RS450F) 6 Will Chambers (Suz SV650) 

Un!nk Printworks Modern Vintage GTU 1 Shannon Moham (Suz SV650) 2 Aaron Hersh (Yam YZF-R6) 3 Chris Anderson (Suz GSX-R600) 4 Tony Baker (Yam TZ250) 5 Scott Rybarik (Duc 748) 6 Bread Puddin (Yam YZF-R6) 

Ducati Motor Club Denver Modern Vintage GTO 1 Aaron Hersh (Yam YZF-R6) 2 Steve Grubbs (Yam YZF-R6) 3 Chris Koster (Hon CBR900RR) 4 Chris Anderson (Suz GSX-R600) 5 Scott Rybarik (Duc 748) 6 Bread Puddin (Yam YZF-R6) 

Woody's Wheel Works Novice GTU 1 Patrick King (Tri Daytona 675) 2 Bill Andrews (Kaw ZX-6R) 3 Jason Patton (Yam YZF-R6) 4 Adam McCarty (Tri Daytona 675) 5 Ian Oconnor (Kaw ZX-6R) 6 Bradley Hampton (Suz GSX-R600) 

Rocky Mountain Kawasaki Novice GTO 1 Patrick King (Tri Daytona 675) 2 Bill Andrews (Kaw ZX-6R) 3 Jason Patton (Suz GSX-R1000) 4 Louis Ortiz Jr (Suz GSX-R1000) 5 Adam McCarty (Tri Daytona 675) 6 Ian Oconnor (Kaw ZX-6R)

Boulder Motor Sports SuperTwins GTU 1 Shannon Moham (Suz SV650) 2 Tony Baker (Yam TZ250) 3 Mike Hellerstedt (Suz SV650) 4 Geoffrey Snyder (Suz SV650) 5 Scott Monchunski (Duc 749R) 6 Jeff Winter (Hon RS450F)

Alliance Motorsports SuperTwins GTO 1 Chris Fillmore (KTM RC8R) 2 Patrick Lansu (Duc 1098R) 3 Jim Brewer (Duc 1098R) 4 Casey Smith (Apr RSV1000R) 5 Lloyd Meador (Duc 749RS) 6 Scott Rybarik (Duc 748)

Sportsman 1 James Turner (Suz GSX-R750) 2 Samantha Coleman (Yam YZF-R6) DQ Brian Prax (Kaw ZX-10R)

The MRA is dedicated to promoting safe and competitive motorcycle road racing events for enthusiasts in Colorado and the surrounding area. For more information go to or call the MRA hotline at 303-530-5678.

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