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Aug 24, 2011

Eric Wood Beats Scott Greenwood To Win Featured LRRS Race At Loudon

Eric Wood (5) and Scott Greenwood (4) battle at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Photo by John Owens.

Loudon Road Race Series Weekend No. 5 Aug. 20-21, 2011

Middleweight Grand Prix - Dash for Cash Event

Scott Greenwood, rider of the Argo Cycles/Dunlop Tires bike looked like a top-contender for the win this weekend, as he was able to get the jump off the line and lead the pack from the start. Eric Wood had other plans for the Dunbarton, N.H. native.

Aboard his Woodcraft/Penguin Racing School Ducati 848evo, fan favorite Wood, swept around the outside of Greenwood as the two entered turn one. Wood, using the outside took the lead and was unchallenged from that point on. Running the fastest laps of the day allowed Wood to build a four second gap at the finish, locking down his first LRRS Dash for Cash of 2011.

"Scotty and I have been racing each other for a long, long time now," said Wood. "We had a great battle earlier in the day and unfortunately he fell off and damaged his motorcycle. I expected him to fire back as he always does, but his equipment was not capable for this one. Once I saw I was building a gap, I rode my own race, just trying to ride consistent and work my way through traffic. It's really motivating as a racer to know that each time you line up on the grid there is someone there who is going to push you to do your best. Thank you to my family for being here today and all my sponsors for their support."

The real action was watching a duo of young guns Tyler Sweeney and Christian Cronin. The pair battled throughout the race for the last podium spot. Cronin and Sweeney worked their way through traffic and traded the position on several occasions. Unfortunately, Cronin was involved in a crash that brought out the red flag on lap 10 of the 12 lap feature.

"Christian and I had a crazy battle and we both wanted to get on the box today," said Tyler Sweeney. "It was back and forth between us as we used some lapped traffic to make passes. I would like to thank everyone for their support of my program this year, especially my dad and Sean Sweeney Racing Engines, Turn One Graphics, Dunlop and all of the sponsors. We are headed to my first AMA event in two weeks and I am looking forward to competing in my first national event"

Greenwood had a six second gap over third position and ran a lonely race to finish in second place.

"Eric and I had a great race earlier today in Middleweight Superbike," said Greenwood. "After I made a pass for the lead on the last lap, I crashed entering turn 11. The bike did a few barrel rolls and we spent the afternoon repairing it. Once we hit turn 1 on the start, I knew I didn't have the same package I started the day with. I just tried to keep Eric honest but in the end, he was just too strong today. We'll come back ready to go at the next one. Thank you to Dunlop, Argo Cycles, Arai Helmets and all the sponsors for their support."

Action resumed Sunday after the weather settled down but the battle between Rick Doucette and Scott Mullin was in full force.

In Expert Thunderbike, the point's battle is tight. The 2010 champion Rick Doucette crashed earlier in the season and gained zero points for that finish. The veteran rider is now in a must win situation.

As the riders rolled up to the grid for the race, the sun was out and the track was a mix of conditions. There were a few puddles, damp patches and a drying race line in some spots. Conditions racers will tell you are the most difficult. Mullin grabbed the holeshot into turn 1 of the start and the two riders set out to establish who could master the tricky conditions. Doucette would make his bid for the lead into turn 6; Mullin would counter with a pass into turn 3. Lap after lap, the two traded the top position.

On the final lap Doucette, with the race lead, ran a tighter line into turn 3. Doucette then backed his Suzuki SV650 in to the corner. Mullin was right on his rear tire looking for an opportunity to work his way past. As they entered the final series of corners, Mullin made his move, sweeping around the outside of Doucette in turn 11. This left Mullin a bit wide and without the preferred line exiting NHMS turn 12 and towards the run to the checkered flag. Doucette set Mullin up and out drove him. The two drag raced side-by-side towards the finish line. Doucette had just enough left to beat championship rival Mullin by 0.04 at the line.

"That race was one that keeps me coming back to motorcycle racing after all these years," said Doucette. "Scott would pass me in three every lap and I would retake him in turn 6. The final lap as he passed me in turn 11, I knew he would have to run a bit wide and his drive would suffer. I set up my line to make sure I could out drive him and I had just enough. Our bikes are so even and each race is such battle. Thank you to Plaistow Powersports, Dunlop and everyone that helps make it happen."

The Loudon Road Racing Series will be back in action at New Hampshire Motor Speedway Sept. 10-11. Special events that are planned for the weekend include; Pit Bike races, Motard Pavement Short Track races and the Annual Larry Lap. For more information and full results please visit

Loudon Road Race Series Results August 2011

Formula 40 1.Jason Carter (Yamaha) 2.Neal Garvin (Suzuki) 3.Jim Rich (Aprilia) 4.Dennis Levesque (Ducati)

Formula 40 Lights 1.Rick Doucette (Suzuki) 2.Jonathan Burbank (Suzuki) 3.David Sargent (Suzuki) 4.Ted Temple (Suzuki) 5.Douglas Fogg (Buell) 6.Charles Brighenti (Suzuki)

Formula 50 1.Neal Garvin (Suzuki, GSX-R750) 2.Jonathan Burbank (Suzuki, GSX-R750) 3.Douglas Fogg (Buell, XB12) 4.Shawn McCormick (Suzuki, GSX-R750)

Formula 50 Lights 1.Dan Frisbie (Ducati) 2.Douglas Fogg (Buell) 3.Wayne MacKert (Suzuki) 4.Jonathan Burbank (Suzuki) 5.Timothy O'Connor (Yamaha) 6.Bob Poetzsch (Suzuki)

GTL 1.Rick Doucette (Suzuki) 2.Scott Mullin (Kawasaki) 3.Peter Gaboriault (Suzuki) 4.Douglas Fogg (Buell) 5.Glenn Coolbeth (Suzuki) 6.Michael Weyant (Suzuki)

GTO 1.Cory Hildebrand (Yamaha, YZF-R1) 2.Brett Guyer (Aprilia, RSV4 1000 Factory) 3.Scott James (Yamaha, YZF-R1) 4.Norman Pomerleau (Suzuki, GSX-R1000) 5.Neal Garvin (Suzuki, GSX-R750) 6.Todd Babcock (Suzuki, GSX-R750)

GTU 1.Scott Greenwood (Yamaha, YZF-R6) 2.Jason Carter (Yamaha, YZF-R6) 3.Alex Guilbeault (Yamaha, YZF-R6) 4.Paul Grimes (Kawasaki, ZX-6R)

HW Superbike 1.Eric Wood (Ducati, 848) 2.Tyler Sweeney (Yamaha, YZF-R6) 3.Dennis Levesque (Ducati, 1098) 4.Jason Carter (Yamaha, YZF-R6) 5.Houk Nichols (Yamaha, YZF-R6) 6.Zev Ginsberg (Yamaha, YZF-R6)

HW Supersport 1.Rick Doucette (Suzuki, GSX-R750) 2.Cory Hildebrand (Yamaha, YZF-R6) 3.Jason Carter (Yamaha, YZF-R6) 4.Joel Allen (Yamaha, YZF-R6) 5.Norman Pomerleau (Suzuki, GSX-R600) 6.Alex Merrell (Suzuki, GSX-R750)

LW Grand Prix 1.Rick Doucette (Suzuki, SV650) 2.Peter Gaboriault (Suzuki, SV650) 3.Scott Mullin (Kawasaki, Ninja 650R) 4.Dan Frisbie (Ducati, sport 1000) 5.Chris Cucinotta (Suzuki, SV650) 6.Wayne MacKert (Suzuki, SV650)

LW Sportsman 1.Eric Block (KTM, SX-F 450) 2.Eric Shaw (Yamaha, WR/YZF 450) 3.Jason Hillsgrove (KTM, 525 SMR) 4.Jason Cavanaugh (Honda, CRF450) 5.Andrea Fregonese (ktm smr 450) 6.Mike Defazio (Kawasaki, Ninja 500)

LW Superbike 1.Rick Doucette (Suzuki, SV650) 2.Scott Mullin (Kawasaki, Ninja 650R) 3.Chris Cucinotta (Suzuki, SV650) 4.Sean Byrnes (Suzuki, SV650) 5.Glenn Coolbeth (Suzuki, SV650) 6.Eric Johanson (Suzuki, SV650)

LW Supersport 1.Scott Mullin (Kawasaki, Ninja 650R) 2.Peter Gaboriault (Suzuki, SV650) 3.Rick Doucette (Suzuki, SV650) 4.John O'Donnell (Suzuki, SV650) 5.Mark Dages (Suzuki, SV650) 6.Eric Johanson (Suzuki, SV650)

Motard 1.Eric Block (KTM) 2.Michael Martire (Kawasaki) 3.Jason Cavanaugh (Honda) 4.Ryan Oosterman (KTM) 5.Eric Shaw (Aprilia) 6.Jason Hillsgrove (KTM)

MW Grand Prix 1.Eric Wood (Ducati) 2.Scott Greenwood (Yamaha) 3.Tyler Sweeney (Yamaha) 4.Cory Hildebrand (Yamaha) 5.Joel Allen (Yamaha) 6.Houk Nichols (Yamaha)

MW Production Twins 1.Rick Doucette (Suzuki) 2.Branch Worsham (Suzuki) 3.Mark Dages (Suzuki)

MW Superbike 1.Eric Wood (Ducati, 848) 2.Christian Cronin (Yamaha, YZF-R6) 3.Tyler Sweeney (Yamaha, YZF-R6) 4.Cory Hildebrand (Yamaha, YZF-R6) 5.Jason Carter (Yamaha, YZF-R6) 6.Alex Guilbeault (Yamaha, YZF-R6)

MW Supersport 1.Scott Greenwood (Yamaha) 2.Tyler Sweeney (Yamaha) 3.Jason Carter (Yamaha) 4.Cory Hildebrand (Yamaha)

Production Twins 1.Mark Dages (Kawasaki) 2.Jason Carter (Ducati) 3.Branch Worsham (Kawasaki) 4.Steven Heider (Kawasaki) 5.Joseph Latona (Kawasaki) 6.Mike Defazio (Kawasaki)

Super Singles 1.Michael Martire (Kawasaki) 2.Eric Block (KTM) 3.Jason Cavanaugh (Honda) 4.Jason Routhier (Honda) 5.Ryan Oosterman (KTM) 6.Eric Shaw (Yamaha)

Super Twins 1.Eric Wood (Ducati 848) 2.Dennis Levesque (Ducati 1098) 3.Charles Sandoz (Ducati, 848) 4.Jim Rich (Aprilia, RSV 1000)

Thunderbike 1.Rick Doucette (Suzuki SV650) 2.Scott Mullin (Ducati) 3.Bob Poetzsch (Yamaha)

Ultralight Superbike 1.Eugene Berrio (Honda Hawk GT) 2.Eric Shaw (Aprilia SXV 5.5) 3.Eric Block (ktm sx-f 450) 4.Jason Cavanaugh (Honda CRF450) 5.Joel Taylor (Ducati 800ss) 6.Martin Hanlon (Yamaha, WR/YZF 450)

Unlimited Grand Prix 1.Cory Hildebrand (Yamaha) 2.Brett Guyer (Aprilia) 3.Norman Pomerleau (Suzuki) 4.Simon Wilson (Suzuki) 5.Wojciech Kasperuk (Yamaha)

Unlimited Superbike 1.Scott Greenwood (Yamaha YZF-R6) 2.Neal Garvin (Suzuki GSX-R750) 3.Cory Hildebrand (Yamaha YZF-R1)

Unlimited Supersport 1.Scott Greenwood (Yamaha) 2.Tyler Sweeney (Yamaha) 3.Brett Guyer (Aprilia) 4.Norman Pomerleau (Suzuki) 5.Neal Garvin (Suzuki) 6.Simon Wilson (Suzuki)

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