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May 14, 2001

Dynojet Founder And Former Owner Dobeck To Re-enter Motorcycle Business

Dynojet founder and former owner Mark Dobeck is staging a comeback in the motorcycle industry, five years after he sold Dynojet and walked away.<BR><BR>A non-compete clause that came with the sale was set to expire either in 2001 or if the company was sold a second time. That non-compete expired when Dynojet was sold again in April of last year, and now Dobeck is planning to compete with his old company on every front.<BR><BR>Dobeck founded Dynojet Research in 1980 and started working with K&N in 1983, building Dynojet by manufacturing rejetting kits for CV carbs. The kits were sold under the K&N label as well as under the Dynojet label.<BR><BR>When Dobeck said he would mass-produce a new type of relatively inexpensive rear-wheel inertia dyno that would become the standard of the motorcycle industry, advocates of traditional, expensive dynos made by companies like Superflo and Stuska laughed. Now, true to his predication, the Dynojet dyno is widely used by motorcycle dealers and tuners as well as by race shops, and has indeed become the industry standard.<BR><BR>Dynojet moved into fuel injection programming as fuel injection became more common on streetbikes, and currently leads the industry with the Power Commander reprogrammer.<BR><BR>Now Dobeck, recently reunited with K&N in a research and R&D effort, is developing a new fuel injection reprogramming system as well as restarting manufacturing of existing jet kits with the machine shop he originally used in the early 1980s. The jet kits will be sold under the K&N name, replacing the Dynojet-built jet kits now sold by K&N.<BR><BR>And Dobeck is also talking about developing and selling a new rear-wheel inertia dyno.<BR><BR>Also involved with Dobeck and K&N in the research project is Rick Botting of Yoshimura Northwest and Dynojet Canada.<BR><BR>Besides his new programming system and new rear-wheel dyno, Dobeck is also developing a new type of shock dyno that he says will revolutionize shock tuning much the way the Dynojet dyno changed engine tuning.<BR><BR>Dobeck has established a new company, Techlusion Performance Group, based in Henderson, Nevada, and can be contacted at (888) 764-3337.