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Nov 19, 2011

Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association Congratulates Its Inaugural Champions

The Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association wants to congratulate its champions for its 2011 season. After 11 hard-fought days of racing over six events, the talented and the determined rose to the top, and will carry the club's 1-10 number plates for the 2012 season.

The club's 1-5 plates are determined by participation in the SoCal Track Days Unlimited Shootout, open to the fastest and most powerful machines and riders, and at the end of the day, Karl Lowry on his Dunlop-shod, Graves Motorsports-backed Yamaha YZF-R1 took the title and earned the right to carry the club's No.1 plate for 2012.

Numbers 2-5 will go to Bill McCoy, Dale Kieffer, Lex Hartl and James Randolph.

The club's number 6-10 plates are determined by overall points, and will be awarded to Ryan Matter, Vincent Rolleri, Kenny Perez, Tyler Linders and Andrew Zabzdyr.

For individual classes, the top three in the points standings at the end of the year are as follows:

250 SuperSport: 1. Steven Dawson; 2. Andrew Chika; 3. Jonathan Hong.

Amateur Formula Middleweight: 1. Jorge Castro; 2. B.J. Miles; 3. Erik Dunshee.

Amateur Formula Open: 1. Ivan Rodriquez; 2. Darren Simms; 3. William Hogan.

Amateur Formula Twins: 1. David Martin; 2. Johnathan Marquez; 3. Oliver Tumsuden.

Amateur SuperSport Middleweight: 1. Jorge Castro; 2. Dani Taylor; 3. B.J. Miles.

Amateur SuperSport Open: 1. Ivan Rodriquez; 2. Jorge Covarrubias; 3. Darren Simms.

Amateur SuperSport Twins: 1 (TIE) Sofia Amadio/Steven Dawson; 3. Johnathan Marquez.

FemmeWalla: 1. Joanna Bitter; 2. Lea Cutshall; 3. Christin Voros.

Formula 40: 1. Kenny Perez; 2. Bill McCoy; 3. Pete deGraaf.

Formula GP: 1. Vincent Rolleri; 2. Jason Aguilar; 3. Brian Herzfeldt.

MICHELIN/RACERS EDGE Formula Middleweight: 1. Ryan Matter; 2. Lex Hartl; 3. Loren Black.

PIRELLI/CT RACING Formula Open: 1. Bill McCoy; 2. Dale Kieffer; 3. Karl Lowry.

Formula Singles: 1. Michael Gougis; 2. Scott Fabbro; 3. Cody Burton.

BRIDGESTONE/CYCLEMALL Formula Twins: 1. Ryan Gagliano; 2. Christian Readyhoff; 3. Andrew Zabzdyr.

Modern Vintage Lightweight: 1. Vincent Rolleri; 2. Richard Stampp; 3. Andrew Olson.

Lightweight Shootout: 1. Andrew Zabzdyr; 2. Ryan Gagliano; 3. Dustin Coyner.

TRACKDAZ Middleweight Shootout: 1. Ryan Matter; 2. Lex Hartl; 3. Loren Black.

SOCAL TRACK DAYS Unlimited Shootout: 1. Karl Lowry; 2. Bill McCoy; 3. Dale Kieffer.

DUNLOP/ERION RACING SuperSport Middleweight: 1. Ryan Matter; 2. Lex Hartl; 3. Loren Black.

SuperSport Open: 1. Dale Kieffer; 2. Kenny Perez; 3. Bill McCoy.

SuperSport Twins: 1. Andrew Zabzdyr; 2. Michael Gougis; 3. Paul McComsey.

WEST COAST GP CYCLES Team Challenge Lightweight: 1. Andrew Zabzdyr/Dustin Coyner; 2. Paul McComsey/Kaare Olsen; 3. Michael Gougis/Brad Perdiew.

Team Challenge Middleweight: 1. Ryan Matter/Ryan Tarr/Lex Hartl; 2. Jonathon Howard/Jim King; 3. (TIE) Daytona Anderson/Tyler Linders/Ben Truslow; Ryan Tarr/Loren Black.

Team Challenge Open: 1. Guy Larsen/Darren Simms; 2. (TIE) Michael Gougis/Pittman Wallace; Kirk Doherty/Kevin Gatz; Rocco Horvath/Nathan Shipman/Matt Schrag.

Vintage Heavyweight: 1. Dan Tarr; 2. Russ Granger; 3. Chuck Burnett.

Vintage Lightweight: 1. Scott Fabbro; 2. Craig Beecher; 3. Dan Tarr.
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