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Jun 21, 2001

Chouinard's Sponsor Issues Challenge To AMA Pro Racing

This challenge to the AMA just in from Jim Barry of Barry Motorsports, sponsor of Chuck Chouinard, via FAX to Roadracing World headquarters:<BR><BR><BR>I am going to offer this to the AMA:<BR><BR>We will put a stock (brand-new) motor in our frame and Chuck will get into the 1:13s at Loudon. If he doesn't, we will drop our appeal, never race in an AMA event again, and I will pay $200 a month for three years that is to be paid as a purse to 750cc Supersport racers.<BR><BR>If he does get into the 1:13s, the AMA will send a written apology to all our sponsors, every major racing publication and Chuck, and have Rob King and his sidekick Terry removed from their tech inspection duties!<BR><BR>Here is a brief summary of how slanderous their attack on Chuck's competitiveness is:<BR><BR>--Chuck is a 12-time LRRS Champion (four on a Honda 600, four on a Suzuki 750, four on a Yamaha R1)<BR><BR>--Chuck has the club track record at Loudon, 1:12.6 (I believe Jeff Wood also did a 1:12.6 this year) which was done on a (Yamaha YZF-) R1 with triple trees, ignition advance, pipe, airbox and slicks. The motor has never had its cases split! I still have the bike if they wanted to tech that, too!<BR><BR>--Chuck is the 1998 AMA Horizon Award winner (for road racing) (which he said he would stick up their ass if he had it with him)<BR><BR>--Chuck finished 10th in this year's Daytona 750 SS. race with 132.5 hp. Check the dyno computer!<BR><BR>--Chuck finished 8th in F-USA (this year's) with the same bike, 132.5 hp<BR><BR>--Chuck finished 2nd to Jamie Bowman at the 1999 F-USA 126 HP race at Pocono with 118 or 119 hp!<BR><BR>In the weekend prior to the AMA (event at) Loudon Chuck did the following:<BR><BR>--1:14.08 on a 2001 GSX-R600 with Hindle exhaust, cams degreed and race gas. That motor is available if the AMA still thinks he is uncompetitive!<BR><BR>--1:13.1 on the bike he rode in the Loudon National.<BR><BR><BR>And on the third lap of the Loudon 2001 Superbike race the shift pedal broke. Chuck finished 16th in the race and averaged 1:15.87 using fourth gear only!<BR><BR>I have also enclosed our appeal letter to the AMA. If there is any questions or advice please call (603) 759-3288.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jim Barry<BR><BR><BR><BR>In his appeal of Couinard's disqualification at Loudon, Barry wrote:<BR><BR>"We are requesting to have Chuck Chouinard's 2nd place disaqualification in the Loudon 750cc Supersport race reversed on the following grounds:<BR><BR>"1. The determining factors concerning the valves being illegal were inconclusive. The valves were not altered, they were cleaned using a method that is common practice.<BR><BR>"2. Chuck was discriminated against for his weight, as if there was a pre-determined lap time a bigger than average rider could go on his home track without being suspicious.<BR><BR>"If there are any questions please call."<BR><BR>The letter was addressed to "Director of Competition, AMA Pro Racing" and was signed by both Chouinard and Barry.