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Apr 18, 2001

Buell Takes The Lead With $5800 Donation And Now We're Close To 13 Sections Of Air Fence

Former AMA road racer Erik Buell, now Chief Technical Officer at Buell Motorcycle Company, kicked in $5800 for two complete sections of Air Fence. That, along with $500 from Jerry Wood of the Penguin Racing School and individual donations from Patrick Mee, Dave and Jason Parker, Vance Hacecky, Ned "Peanut" Brown of NESBA/TPM, David McElvain of NEDOD, racers Brian Stokes and Chris "Opie" Caylor, Brendan Guy, Charles P. Tomes and Marietta Motorsports, puts our Air Fence fund at $36,824 or almost 13 complete sections (390 feet) of Air Fence to protect our AMA racers.<BR><BR>Our goal is to raise $87,000 to buy 30 sections of Air Fence, which will give AMA racers 900 linear feet of inflatable barrier protection, or 810 more feet than they now have from the three sections of Air Fence (one of which leaks) purchased by AMA Pro Racing many years ago.<BR><BR>In his e-mail making his pledge, Erik Buell wrote "Cool deal, John. Thanks for putting this together, my friend. Where were you and those fences when I was racing? I might walk a little younger today if they had been around!"<BR><BR>In a FAX to Roadracing World following his $300 pledge, Brendan Guy issued this challenge to members of the AMA Pro Racing Board of Directors:<BR>"Like you, I am tired of watching my heros (and tomorrow's heros) get hurt needlessly. I challenge the AMA Board of Directors to each match my small donation ($300). It's their job to care about racer safety, and if they can't care as much as I do, or you do, then we ought to throw them out and bring in people that can and do care."<BR><BR><BR>The contribution list now looks like this:<BR><BR>Erik Buell/Buell Motorcycle Company $5800<BR>Anonymous $4725<BR>John Ulrich/Roadracing World $2900<BR>Aprilia USA $2900<BR>American Suzuki Motor Corp. $2900<BR>Dennis Smith/Sport Tire Services $1500<BR>Marc Salvisberg/Factory Pro Tuning $1450<BR>Bob Dragich/Roadracing World $1450<BR>Bob Blandford/N.E. Sportbike Assn. $1100<BR>Chuck Warren/Arclight Suzuki $1000<BR>Jim Rashid/4&6 Cycle $1000<BR>Scott Willock $1000<BR>Don Lemelin/Scuderia West $500<BR>Kevin Erion/Erion Racing $500<BR>Pinky's Pizza of Walnut Creek $500<BR>Doug Gonda $500<BR>Jerry Wood/Penguin School $500<BR>Edward S. Siccardi, Jr. $300<BR>Dan Fischer/ $300<BR>David Finniff $300<BR>Marietta Motorsports $300<BR>Brendan Guy $300<BR>Brian Mitchell $250<BR>Al Ludington $250<BR>Tim Simpson $250<BR>Papa Thiam/WERA BBS $200<BR>Bill Capshaw/ICE Motorsports $200<BR>Scott Decker $200<BR>Jim Williams/ $125<BR>Pat Stricker $ 100<BR>Gary Rand $100<BR>Michael Roberson/WERA BBS $100<BR>Sean Jordan/WERA BBS $100<BR>Army Of Darkness $100<BR>Stuart Gregg $100<BR>Pinky's Pizza/Lippman Racing $100<BR>Bob Szoke $100<BR>TyrSox $100<BR>Ron West/Omzig Productions $100<BR>Joe Facer $100<BR>Preston Rash $100<BR>Geoff Maloney/GP Tech $100<BR>Melissa Berkoff/Neighbor Of The Beast $100<BR>Ceasar Gonzales/WERA BBS $100<BR>Dorina Groves $100<BR>Philip Rusin/ $100<BR>Allen "Spence" Spencer $100<BR>Matt Wadsworth $100<BR>Dean N. De St. Croix $100<BR>Tony Tugwell/ $100<BR>Bart Fuqua $100<BR>Brian Stokes $100<BR>Chris "Opie" Caylor $100<BR>David McElvain/NEDOD $100<BR>Ned "Peanut" Brown/NESBA/TPM $100<BR>Vance Hacecky $100<BR>Patrick Mee $100<BR>Dave and Jason Parker $100<BR>Tyson Kamp $75<BR>Nelo Hakola $50<BR>Tyler Sandell $ 50<BR>David J. Kopfinger $ 50<BR>Aaron Loyd $50<BR>Martin Voelker $50<BR>Steve Hopkins $50<BR>Louis DeBlois $50<BR>Leigh Taunton/EMGO $50<BR>Randy Sinisi $50<BR>Danny Hull $50<BR>Team Skidmark Racing $50<BR>Greg Gabis $29<BR>Josh Loberant $25<BR>Charles Tomes $25<BR>S.C. Pittman $20<BR><BR><BR>To pledge a contribution, call Roadracing World at (800) 464-8336 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, when operators will be standing by. Credit cards accepted.<BR><BR>Pledges can also be made by e-mailing<BR><BR>Readers should feel free to call their parts, tire and accessory suppliers and urge them to make a contribution to improve safety conditions for AMA racers. For that matter, contact local dealers and ask them to encourage their OEMs to contribute.<BR><BR>For background information, see Time To Take Back The AMA post from Tuesday morning.<BR><BR>Stay tuned for more details.