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Oct 14, 2012

British Superbike Race Results From Brands Hatch

MCE British Superbike Championship
Brands Hatch
Kent, England
October 14, 2012
Race Results:

Superbike Race Two:
1. Shane Byrne (Kaw ZX-10R), 23 laps, 34:27.058
2. Josh Brookes (Suz GSX-R1000), -1.144 seconds
3. Michael Laverty (Hon CBR1000RR), -1.918
4. Barry Burrell (BMW S1000RR), -2.029
5. Tommy Bridewell (BMW S1000RR), -2.165
6. Tommy Hill (Yam YZF-R1), -4.839
7. Stuart Easton (Kaw ZX-10R), -5.299
8. Jon Kirkham (Hon CBR1000RR), -5.371
9. Noriyuki Haga (Yam YZF-R1), -5.737
10. Peter Hickman (BMW S1000RR), -8.633
11. Jason O'Halloran (Hon CBR1000RR), -10.924
12. Robbin Harms (Apr RSV4 Factory), -10.998
13. John Laverty (Kaw ZX-10R), -11.104
14. Jakub Smrz (Apr RSV4 Factory), -12.117
15. Luca Scassa (Hon CBR1000RR), -12.858
16. Scott Smart (Duc), -14.411
17. Alex Polita (Duc), -14.423
18. Michael Rutter (Kaw ZX-10R), -19.846
19. Tom Tunstall (Hon CBR1000RR), -25.110
20. Nick Waters (Kaw ZX-10R), -27.962
21. Jenny Tinmouth (Hon CBR1000RR), -38.164
22. Chris Walker (Kaw ZX-10R), -2 laps, DNF
23. Alastair Seeley (Suz GSX-R1000), -2 laps, DNF
24. Abdulaziz Binladen (Duc), -4 laps, DNF
25. James Westmoreland (Hon CBR1000RR), -10 laps, DNF
26. Alex Lowes (Hon CBR1000RR), -11 laps, DNF
27. Tristan Palmer (Hon CBR1000RR), -21 laps, DNF
28. Mark Aitchison (Apr RSV4 Factory), -23 laps, DNF
29. Patric Muff (BMW S1000RR), -23 laps, DNF
30. Karl Harris (Kaw ZX-10R), -23 laps, DNF
31. Danny Buchan (Kaw ZX-10R), -23 laps, DNF

Superbike Race Three:
1. Shane Byrne (Kaw ZX-10R), 20 laps, 28:58.294
2. Josh Brookes (Suz GSX-R1000), -0.328 second
3. Tommy Hill (Yam YZF-R1), -4.445 seconds
4. Tommy Bridewell (BMW S1000RR), -4.511
5. Barry Burrell (BMW S1000RR), -17.899
6. James Westmoreland (Hon CBR1000RR), -20.199
7. Peter Hickman (BMW S1000RR), -20.265
8. Jon Kirkham (Hon CBR1000RR), -20.389
9. Chris Walker (Kaw ZX-10R), -20.974
10. Noriyuki Haga (Yam YZF-R1), -22.736
11. Jason O'Halloran (Hon CBR1000RR), -22.744
12. Stuart Easton (Kaw ZX-10R), -24.788
13. Patric Muff (BMW S1000RR), -26.326
14. Luca Scassa (Hon CBR1000RR), -27.448
15. Michael Rutter (Kaw ZX-10R), -28.263
16. Jakub Smrz (Apr RSV4 Factory), -34.280
17. Danny Buchan (Kaw ZX-10R), -37.584
18. John Laverty (Kaw ZX-10R), -39.721
19. Alastair Seeley (Suz GSX-R1000), -40.395
20. Scott Smart (Duc), -56.255
21. Nick Waters (Kaw ZX-10R), -63.171
22. Tom Tunstall (Hon CBR1000RR), -73.547
23. Jenny Tinmouth (Hon CBR1000RR), -78.360
24. Michael Laverty (Hon CBR1000RR), -1 lap, DNF
25. Alex Lowes (Hon CBR1000RR), -1 lap, DNF
26. Mark Aitchison (Apr RSV4 Factory), -7 laps, DNF
27. Alex Polita (Duc), -7 laps, DNF
28. Karl Harris (Kaw ZX-10R), -9 laps, DNF
29. Robbin Harms (Hon CBR1000RR), -20 laps, DNF

Superbike Championship Point Standings (after 26 of 26 races):
1. Byrne, 683 points
2. Brookes, 655
3. Hill, 612
4. Alex Lowes, 584
5. Michael Laverty, 581
6. Bridwell, 577
7. Westmoreland, 182
8. Haga, 160
9. Walker, 138
10. Easton, 135
11. Lowry, 131
12. Kirkham, 122
13. Seeley, 95
14. Burrell, 84
15. Scassa, 76
16. Gowland, 69
17. Hickman, 65
18. Muff, 63
19. Rutter, 61
20. Linfoot, 30

Supersport Race Two Results:
1. Billy McConnell (Tri Daytona 675), 18 laps
2. Richard Cooper (Tri Daytona 675), -0.090 second
3. Luke Jones (Tri Daytona 675), -3.590 seconds
4. Graeme Gowland (Yam YZF-R6), -8.936
5. Ben Wilson (Kaw ZX-6R), -9.113
6. Taylor Mackenzie (Yam YZF-R6), -17.608
7. James East (Kaw ZX-6R), -23.277
8. Deane Brown (Yam YZF-R6), -23.423
9. Brodie Waters (Suz GSX-R600), -23.806
10. Dean Hipwell (Yam YZF-R6), -46.019

Supersport Championship Point Standings (after 24 of 24 races):
1. Richards, 372 points
2. Kennedy, 363.5
3. McConnell, 340
4. Iddon, 285.5
5. Wilson, 259
6. Cooper, 221
7. Mossey, 172
8. Pekkanen, 159
9. Irwin, 153
10. Jones, 141.5

1000cc Superstock Race Results:
1. Keith Farmer (Kaw ZX-10R), 16 laps, 24:36.298
2. P.J. Jacobsen (Suz GSX-R1000), -0.105 second
3. Howie Mainwaring (BMW S1000RR), -0.404
4. Hudson Kennaugh (Kaw ZX-10R), -1.049 seconds
5. Victor Cox (Kaw ZX-10R), -1.513
6. Daniel Johnson (Kaw ZX-10R), -1.638
7. Patrick Medcalf (Kaw ZX-10R), -1.879
8. John McGuinness (Hon CBR1000RR), -2.706
9. James Hillier (Kaw ZX-10R), -6.400
10. Peter Ward (Kaw ZX-10R), -6.540

1000cc Superstock Championship Point Standings (after 13 of 13 races):
1. Farmer, 207 points
2. O'Halloran, 157
3. Cox, 142
4. Storrar, 117
5. Costello, 114
6. Mainwaring, 105
7. Brogan, 98
8. TIE, Johnson/Jenkinson, 90
10. Buchan, 85
11. Jacobsen, 84 (only competed in five races)

600cc Superstock Race Results:
1. Lee Jackson (Kaw ZX-6R), 14 laps, 21:44.762
2. Joe Collier (Tri Daytona 675), -0.354 second
3. Josh Wainwright (Kaw ZX-6R), -5.453 seconds
4. Kyle Wilks (Kaw ZX-6R), -5.900
5. Tim Hastings (Kaw ZX-6R), -6.272
6. Bjorn Estment (Yam YZF-R6), -6.371
7. Ben Grindrod (Kaw ZX-6R), -6.823
8. Johnny Blackshaw (Tri Daytona 675), -15.015
9. James Lodge (Yam YZF-R6), -15.086
10. James Rispoli (Yam YZF-R6), -15.315

600cc Superstock Championship Point Standings (after 13 of 13 races):
1. Jackson, 199 points
2. Burke, 174
3. Rose, 169
4. Dixon, 135
5. Olsen, 105
6. Wainwright, 98
7. Lodge, 97
8. Blackshaw, 91
9. Whitaker, 83
10. Fisher, 81

32. Rispoli, 6

Monster Energy British Motostar Championship & Motostar Cup Race Results:
1. Bradley Ray (Hon), 14 laps, 22:38.642
2. Luke Hedger (Hon), -12.891 seconds
3. Joe Francis (Hon), -13.262
4. Catherine Green (Hon), -13.457
5. Jordan Weaving (Hon), -13.486
6. Kyle Ryde (Hon), -14.707
7. Joe Irving (Hon), -14.968
8. Tom Carne (Hon), -39.716
9. Tarran Mackenzie (KTM), -40.234
10. Oliver Fitzpatrick (Hon), -41.710

12. Anthony Alonso (Hon), -44.015

30. Xavier Zayat (Hon), -4 laps, DNF

Monster Energy British Motostar Championship & Motostar Cup Race Championship Point Standings (after 12 of 12 races):
1. Hedger, 199 points
2. Francis 139
3. Irving, 138
4. Ray, 125
5. Ryde, 106
6. TIE, Weaving/Bey, 105
8. Watson, 101
9. Hartley, 94
10. Mackenzie, 81

13. Zayat, 55

19. Alonso, 22 (only competed in two races)

More, from a press release issued by MotorSport Vision:

Final round 13-14 October Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit


Race One (Saturday):
1: Shane Byrne (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki)
2: Tommy Hill (Swan Yamaha) 1 lap
3: Josh Brookes (Tyco Suzuki) 1 lap
4: James Westmoreland (WFR Honda) 1 lap
5: Stuart Easton (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki) 1 lap
6: Barry Burrell (Buildbase BMW) 1 lap

Race two (Sunday):
1: Shane Byrne (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki)
2: Josh Brookes (Tyco Suzuki) +1.144s
3: Michael Laverty (Samsung Honda) +1.918s
4: Barry Burrell (Buildbase BMW) +2.029s
5: Tommy Bridewell (Supersonic BMW) +2.165s
6: Tommy Hill (Swan Yamaha) +4.839s

Race three:
1: Shane Byrne (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki)
2: Josh Brookes (Tyco Suzuki) +0.328s
3: Tommy Hill (Swan Yamaha) +4.445s
4: Tommy Bridewell (Supersonic BMW) +4.511s
5: Barry Burrell (Buildbase BMW) +17.899s
6: James Westmoreland (WFR Honda) +20.199s

MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship final standings:
1: Shane Byrne (Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki) 683
2: Josh Brookes (Tyco Suzuki) 655
3: Tommy Hill (Swan Yamaha) 612
4: Alex Lowes (WFR Honda) 584
5: Michael Laverty (Samsung Honda) 581
6: Tommy Bridewell (Supersonic BMW) 577


Shane Byrne took a record equalling third MCE Insurance British Superbike crown in style as he celebrated a hat-trick of victories in a dramatic, thrilling finale to the championship at the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit.

The local hero had the edge over Josh Brookes going into the final round and Byrne increased his lead to 18 points when he won the opening race on Saturday afternoon ahead of the outgoing champion Swan Yamaha's Tommy Hill.

Byrne continued his winning momentum into the first of Sunday's races and despite two Nissan GT-R safety car periods he kept his cool to defeat Brookes and hold the advantage into the championship-deciding final race of the season.

"I got a bit worried then in case I ran short of fuel I was in a bit of pickle but the bike was awesome, the team had concentrated so hard to get it perfect for race distance," said Byrne as he headed off the determined Tyco Suzuki riding Brookes by a little over a second.

That left Byrne needing to score just two points to add a third crown to his ones from 2003 and 2008 but Brookes was determined to win, forging into the lead for much of the race.

Byrne however was determined to sign off his title success in style and on the penultimate lap he charged into the lead at Pilgrims Drop, taking the victory by a third of a second. He said: "I was happy following Josh, as I knew that it was enough, but then a the red mist came in front of the visor and I had to have a go.

"The team has given me such a fantastic bike that it would have been cruel not to have gone for the win and that was such a great race. It was amazing to have achieved this I have to thank the team who have made it all possible for me I'm just the final part of the puzzle.

"I'm ecstatic, elated, excited and to take the title for a third time is such an achievement," added Byrne who had taken Kawasaki to their first British crown in two decades.

Brookes' second place confirmed his runner-up place overall in the championship, ahead of Hill who took third position in the final race after Alex Lowes and Michael Laverty had crashed out of contention on the last lap at Paddock Hill Bend.

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More, from a press release issued by Pr1mo Bournemouth Kawasaki Racing:

Walker secures 9th overall for Pr1mo Bournemouth Kawasaki

The Pr1mo Bournemouth Kawasaki Racing team concluded their British Superbike Championship season at Brands Hatch at the weekend and although it was an up and down affair for lead rider Chris Walker, ninth in the third of the three races saw him secure 9th overall for the team, a superb effort in their debut season in the world's best domestic Superbike Championship.

Strong throughout practice, Chris and the team started to experience problems in qualifying, when a misfire and a broken rear shock absorber left him down in 18th place on the grid. The problems then resurfaced in Saturday's 20-lap race and Chris was forced to retire early on, which left him a long way back on the grid for race two. The team worked until beyond midnight to get to the bottom of the misfire only for an oil leak to cause another retirement. It meant, Chris and the team's top ten position in the Championship looked in jeopardy but a superb ride in Sunday's final encounter saw the fans' favourite finish in ninth place in the race and in the final Championship standings.

Second Superbike rider John Laverty was having his second outing with the team and the Northern Irishman finished all three of the races inside the top 18 with a season's best of 13th and three points, just rewards for his efforts after battling back from serious injury in 2011 and bad luck in 2012.

In what was a busy weekend for the team, James Hillier made his return to racing in the National Superstock 1000cc Championship and although he had a difficult time during qualifying, which saw him line up in 22nd on the grid, the Bournemouth rider put in a stunning performance to move up to ninth place at the chequered flag. Meanwhile, fourth team member Kyle Wilks showed how much progress he'd made during the course of the year as he battled it out for a podium position in the Superstock 600cc race. In the end he had to settle for fourth in what was a superb ride by the Southampton teenager.

Speaking later, a delighted team manager Pete Extance said; "Overall, it's been a really good weekend for the team and to finish with 9th place overall in the BSB Championship is a great effort in our first year - if someone had said that to us at the beginning of the year, we'd have readily accepted it. It was a tough weekend for Chris' side of the garage but he was determined to secure that top ten position and he did just that so I'm delighted for him whilst I was also really pleased to see John get his first points of the year. James and Kyle both performed heroics too and I couldn't be happier for Kyle, he's had a fantastic season."

"It's been a strong year for the Pr1mo Bournemouth Kawasaki Racing team and to be handed the title of the official Kawasaki team in BSB in 2013 is an absolute honour and pleasure so we'll be doing our best to put a team together over the winter worthy of the title. I'd like to say a big thank you to all of our sponsors especially Joe and Enzo of Pr1mo Energy drinks and to all the team staff so roll on 2013!"

The team have one more outing this season with Hillier making his annual appearance at the Macau Grand Prix, the meeting place on the 3.8-mile street circuit on November 15-17.

More, from a press release issued by Team Suzuki News Service:

Tyco Suzuki's PJ Jacobsen finished a close second in the final National 1000cc Superstock race of the 2012 British Superbike Championship season at Brands Hatch in Kent earlier today.

The 19-year-old shared the lead on numerous occasions during the all-action 16-lap encounter, but was narrowly beaten by Keith Farmer; just one-tenth-of-a-second separating the pair as they crossed the finish line.

PJ Jacobsen:

"At one stage I actually thought I had checked out, but when the Safety Car came out it upset my rhythm a bit as once it goes in, you just want to get on the gas straight away and get the bike wide open and it spins up. I did think I was going to get Farmer at the end on the right-hander at the back straightaway, but he went in really deep; then I was out of the seat and lost my drive. I've had four podiums and two wins from my last four races on both the GSX-R600 and the GSX-R1000. I felt a lot more comfortable here at Brands today and I've grown to like the track. I'd just like to thank everyone in the team for supporting me. It's been a great time for me."

Philip Neill - Team Manager:

"Another great ride from PJ in what was a very tough race. There was never a minute to relax or settle in as the lead at the front was chopping and changing all the time. He's done a great job on both our GSX-R machines and proved their capability in the Supersport and Superstock classes. Hopefully we can do something with him for next season as it would be a shame not to see his talent in the British Championship paddock in 2013 on a Tyco Suzuki."