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Oct 24, 2013

BEi Racing/Dunlop Development Team Wins WERA National Endurance Finale, Third Overall Championship At Barber Motorsports Park

Lucas Oil Products WERA National Endurance Championship: The overall podium at Barber Motorsports Park: runner-up Army of Darkness (left, wearing black), race winner BEi Racing/Dunlop Development Team (center, wearing red) and third-place finisher Babuska Racing (right). Photo by David Swarts, copyright Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

BEi Racing/Dunlop Development Team’s Tim Bemisderfer and Chris “Opie” Caylor won the final round of the Lucas Oil Products WERA National Endurance Series, a four-hour event held Thursday at Barber Motorsports Park, and the victory sealed the team’s third consecutive overall WERA National Endurance Championship.

BEi Racing/Dunlop Development Team completed just 83 laps on their Suzuki GSX-R1000 because the four-hour race was marred by five red-flag stoppages. The final red flag came with less than 30 minutes remaining in the race, causing the race to end prematurely.

BEi Racing/Dunlop Development Team won the overall race and the Heavyweight Superbike category by a margin of 27.435 seconds over Army of Darkness’ (AOD) Chris Peris and Ben Walters, Jr., who rode a Michelin-shod BMW S1000RR.

Finishing third overall and first in the Mediumweight Superbike class was Babuska Racing’s Frank Babuska, Jr., Mark Junge and Kyle Wyman. Babuska Racing used a Suzuki GSX-R600 fitted with Dunlop DOT-labeled tires.

Team Cracka’s Chris Parrish and James Stroud came back from a crash early in the race to get fourth overall and first in the Lightweight Superbike division on their Dunlop-equipped Suzuki SV650.

TOBC Racing 600 (Nick McFadden/Curtis Murray) suffered two crashes on their Dunlop-shod Suzuki GSX-R600 during the race (causing the first and last red flags of the day), lost eight laps when they started over from zero on a back-up bike, and finished 14th overall and seventh in the Mediumweight Superbike class. But that was enough for TOBC Racing 600 to win the 2013 Mediumweight Superbike class Championship.

TOBC Racing 650 (Brian Kcraget/Palmer Kling) fought back from a crash early in the race to place ninth overall and second in the Lightweight Superbike class, and that was enough for them to secure the Lightweight Superbike Championship.

A total of 23 teams started the race.

Lucas Oil Products WERA National Endurance Championship Barber Motorsports Park Birmingham, Alabama October 24, 2013 Provisional Results:

Overall Results: 1. BEi Racing/Dunlop Development Team (Tim Bemisderfer/Chris “Opie” Caylor), Suz GSX-R1000, Heavyweight Superbike, Dunlop, 83 laps; 2. Army of Darkness (Chris Peris/Ben Walters, Jr.), BMW S1000RR, Heavyweight Superbike, Michelin, 83 laps, -27.325 seconds; 3. Babuska Racing (Frank Babuska, Jr./Mark Junge/Kyle Wyman), Suz GSX-R600, Mediumweight Superbike, Dunlop, 82 laps; 4. Team Cracka (Chris Parrish/James Stroud), Suz SV650, Lightweight Superbike, Dunlop, 80 laps; 5. Right Side Up Racing (Bart DeRosa/Matt Zimmerman), Hon CBR600RR, Mediumweight Superbike, Dunlop, 80 laps; 6. Marietta Motorsports (John Risconsin/Ryan Shallies), Suz GSX-R600, Mediumweight Superbike, Dunlop, 80 laps; 7. Team Coyote (Marlon Boxe/Joseph Giannotto/Major L. Long, Jr./Michel Perussault), Suz GSX-R600, Mediumweight Superbike, Dunlop, 80 laps; 8. MWR Investigations (Alan Nelson/David Rose/Ian Tetrick), Hon CBR1000RR, Heavyweight Superbike, Dunlop, 79 laps; 9. TOBC Racing 650 (Brian Kcraget/Palmer Kling), Suz SV650, Lightweight Superbike, Dunlop, 76 laps; 10. Quick Time Cycle (Derrick Cantrell/David Grey), Yam YZF-R6, Mediumweight Superbike, 75 laps.

Heavyweight Superbike: 1. BEi Racing/Dunlop Development Team, 83 laps; 2. Army of Darkness, 83 laps, - 27.325 seconds; 3. MWR Investigations, 79 laps; 4. SRT (Dr. Jeffrey Purk/Garrick Schneiderman), Duc 1199, 48 laps.

Mediumweight Superbike: 1. Babuska Racing, 82 laps; 2. Right Side Up Racing, 80 laps; 3. Marietta Motorsports, 80 laps; 4. Team Coyote, 80 laps; 5. Quick Time Cycle, 75 laps; 6. #Unz Unz Thuddy Fie (Dean Bosch/Matt Heidel), Yam YZF-R6, 74 laps.

Lightweight Superbike: 1. Team Cracka, 80 laps; 2. TOBC Racing 650, 76 laps; 3. Team Yo! (Mike Kinzer/Greg Reisinger), Suz SV650, Bridgestone, 73 laps; 4. LP3 (Stephen Laffoon/Max Perethian/Jesse Perethian), Suz SV650, Bridgestone, 72 laps; 5. Peace Beast Racing (Adam Beer/Stephen Greene/George McConnel/Brian Mullins), Suz SV650, Bridgestone, 71 laps; 6. Navy SeaBee Team 670 (Blake Jones/Randy Woodward/Ben Kirby), Suz SV650, Bridgestone, 70 laps.