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Apr 5, 2001

Arrested CMRA Racer Says He was In Daytona When Bike In Question Was Stolen

CMRA racer Larry Locklear has been released from jail following his early-March arrest for bike theft and says he knew nothing about the stolen motorcycle found on his property.<BR><BR>Locklear, noted in CMRA for his wheelies and rain riding skills, was arrested and charged with several counts of bike theft. A little over two weeks later, Locklear was at Texas World Speedway for the WERA/ RPM National Challenge Series race weekend. Locklear talked to Roadracing World at Texas World, on April 1.<BR> <BR>"I'm cooperating with law enforcement to get this resolved," said Locklear. "There were indeed some motorcycles on my property that were not proper. I am cooperating to make sure that everyone gets everything back. Unfortunately, I misjudged some people's character that I allowed access to my property. To summarize, we're gonna get this sorted out and it won't be a big thing. <BR><BR>"Originally, they arrested me on several counts of motorcycle…well, they called it motorcycle theft. Let's call it possession of stolen property. However, I've been able to back up about everything with titles and what not. I think this is going to be resolved without too much trouble. I really do. <BR><BR>"As I said, the motorcycle stuff that happened to be on my property, we're going to make sure that it gets back to its rightful owner and so on and so forth. I should come out of this unscathed, if you will. I hope that I haven't offended anybody. I think that the internet information was promoted by the Dallas-Fort Worth law enforcement. The individual that initially printed that, I feel reasonably sure, was looking for some response back from the club where somebody may have bought something (illegal) from me or one thing or another. And I don't feel that they have gotten anything like that. We've always done straight-up business, and typically, I usually race other people's motorcycles. I'm real fortunate in other people's graciousness like Crash Clinic. I am cooperating with law enforcement to get this resolved and behind us."<BR><BR>Locklear told Roadracing World that he allowed friends to leave trailers on his property and one of those trailers did hold a stolen motorcycle. Locklear said that the motorcycle in question had been stolen while he was racing with Formula USA in Daytona. Locklear also said that nearly all charges against him had been dropped with the exception of some misdemeanor charges that Locklear would not specify.<BR><BR>When he is not racing, Locklear works in the aviation industry installing avionics in commercial aircraft.<BR>
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