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Aug 8, 2018

Army Of Darkness Wins N2 Racing/WERA 4-Hour Endurance Race At VIR, Additional Endurance Round Added To WERA GNF

The Heavyweight Class podium (from left): runners-up Bridgestone Endurance Racing's Cassidy Heiser and Brandon Cretu, race winners Army of Darkness' Chris Peris and Sam Fleming, and third-place finishers Barry Motorsports' Jim Barry, Billy Ethridge, and Tim Bemisderfer. Photo courtesy of N2 Racing.

N2 / WERA 4 and 2 Hour Race Results - August 4th, 2018 @ VIR

N2 / WERA Announce 4th Endurance Round at Barber GNF

N2 Track Days and WERA Motorcycle Roadracing would like to congratulate all the riders and their teams in Round-2 of the Superbike Challenge / Endurance series at Virginia International Raceway.

Army of Darkness riders Chris Peris and Ben Walters once again claim the Heavyweight -and the overall- win for the second time this season. It was a very close battle with the Bridgestone Endurance Racing Team’s Brandon Cretu and Cassidy Heiser.

Team Velocity Racing’s Chuck Ivey and partner Bryan Land take the win in the Middleweight class with Bobblehead Moto/N2 Racing’s Emerson Amaya and Eziah Davis fighting for a close second.

The Lightweight and very commanding win goes to TWF Racing’s Sam Wiest, Bradley Champion, Zoran Vujvisinovic, coming all the way from Sacramento, CA, with Chief’s Racing Ream’s Brian Mullins, David Stauffer, Greg Reisinger, Kevin Boda taking second. Russell Masecar’s two RBOM teams brought a very tough battle locking up third and fourth place in the Lightweight.

The Ultra Lightweight win goes again to solo rider Draik Beauchamp, with another very close second place to Commee Onnnn!!!’s Hunter Dunham and Eziah Davis.

A special purse bonus designated for the 250 class again goes to Team Yo’s, Keith Buras.

Pirelli contingency winners may contact their Pirelli tire vendor to claim their rewards.

During this event, N2 and WERA announced an additional endurance round to be integrated into the GNF held at Barber in October. An additional press announcement will be released later this week with further details. This final round will host the 4-hour endurance race only and will be counted as a 4-race series instead of a one-off event. Additional race venues have been added for 2019, more details to follow.

We’d like to extend our thanks to the N2 staff, WERA officials/staff, the VIR staff and a very special thanks to Mark and Dawn Merical from Race Line Ministry for all their support.

As always, a special thanks goes to all of our sponsors:

Pirelli, Yamaha Motor Corp, Yamaha Champions Riding School, Karns Performance, Barnes Bros. Motorcycles, and Dainese / AGV.

4-Hour Race Results:


1. Army of Darkness (BMW 1000), Laps: 125, Total Time: 3:58:27.714, Best Time: 1:30.141

Sam Fleming, Chris Peris, Ben Walters

2. Bridgestone Endurance Racing (YAM 1000), Laps: 124, Total Time: 3:58:34.133, Best Time: 1:29.971

Brandon Cretu, Cassidy Heiser

3. Barry Motorsports (YAM 1000), Laps: 123, Total Time: 3:59:46.226, Best Time: 1:30.185

Billy Ethridge, Tim Bemisderfer, Jim Barry

4. Team Nerdy & Dirty (YAM 1000), Laps: 118, Total Time: 3:59:53.203, Best Time: 1:34.272

Anthony Sabatino, Thomas Delegram, Will GodFrey

5. El Capitan Ray Diaz Racing (KAW 1000), Laps: 113, Total Time: 3:59:14.417, Best Time: 1:31.341

Steve Zoumaras, Jeremy Toye


1. TVR 131 (YAM 600), Laps: 124, Total Time: 3:58:48.153, Best Time: 1:31.647

Chuck Ivey, Bryan Land

2. Bobblehead Moto/N2 Racing (YAM 600), Laps: 124, Total Time: 3:59:45.022, Best Time: 1:31.564

Emerson Amaya, Eziah Davis, Stefano Mesa

3. Mi Scusi SDK (YAM 600), Laps: 120, Total Time: 3:58:20.622, Best Time: 1:31.581

Thomas McQuigg, Chris Kubricky, Scott Covington, Sloan West

4. Team Dietz (YAM 600), Laps: Total Time: 119 3:59:26.648, Best Time: 1:34.603

Tim Dietz, Eric Dietz, Steven Dietz

5. BMW Owners Suck (SUZ 600), Laps: 111, Total Time: 3:58:35.481, Best Time: 1:36.882

Bradford Neveu, Garrett Obrien, Tyler Witoshynsky

6. Northknight (KAW 600), Laps: 110, Total Time: 3:58:20.134, Best Time: 1:41.289

Bart DeRosa, John Moss, Matt Zimmerman, Tim Rendle

7. 3 Marines Racing (KAW 600), Laps: 110, Total Time: 3:58:52.355, Best Time: 1:32.632

John Hvizdak, Joseph Giannotto, Tim Wilson, William Posse

8. Charlie Foxtrot Racing (YAM 600), Laps: 95, Total Time 3:59:02.498, Best Time: 1:39.326

Tom Bowen, Dan Swart, Tom Wunderlich, Will Gomez

9. CLE Racing (YAM 600), Laps: 13, Total Time: 25:16.889, Best Time: 1:43.816

Don Thacker, Jeff Schuster, Ray Meyers, Yaunce Long


1. TWF Racing (SUZ 650), Laps: 118, Total Time: 3:59:17.996, Best Time: 1:36.842

Sam Wiest, Bradley Champion, Zoran Vujvisinovic

2. Chiefs Racing Team (SUZ 650), Laps: 115, Total Time: 3:58:41.927, Best Time: 1:39.644

Brian Mullins, David Stauffer, Greg Reisinger, Kevin Boda

3. RBOM 117 (SUZ 650), Laps: 115, Total Time: 3:59:18.397, Best Time: 1:37.571

Chris Bays, Dave Sapsis, Robert Fisher, Steve Tsotsoros

4. RBOM 128 (SUZ 650), Laps: 115, Total Time: 3:59:27.474, Best Time: 1:36.944

Chris Parrish, Kris Turner, Steve Tsotsoros

5. 419 Racing (SUZ 650), Laps: 113, Total Time: 3:58:27.726, Best Time: 1:39.611

6. Team Meat (SUZ 650), Laps: 112, Total Time: 3:58:52.343, Best Time: 1:39.221

Dave Belsterling, Richard Michalski

7. Fermented Four Racing (YAM 700), Laps: 109, Total Time: 3:59:01.127, Best Time: 1:41.070

Bill Herder, Dan Hawkins, Dave Sanders, John Farrell

8. Four Dudes on a Twin (SUZ 650), Laps: 106, Total Time: 3:59:32.524, Best Time: 1:38.994

Lars Dunaway, Robert Cichielo, Steve Wilson, Bryan Muscavitch (Musky)

9. Wheelie Bad Racing (SUZ 650), Laps: 81, Total Time: 3:59:54.530, Best Time: 1:44.853

Jeremy Sharer, Mark Marrow, Tony Read

10. CJ Knows (DUC 1100)

CJ Czaia

Ultra Lightweight (2-Hour) Results:

1. The Draik 77 (YAM 300), Laps: 42, Total Time: 1:59:43.831, Best Time: 1:40.482

Draik Beauchamp

2. Commee Onnnn!!!! (YAM 300), Laps: 42, Total Time 1:59:43.893, Best Time: 1:41.643

Hunter Dunham, Eziah Davis

3. TR3ES Racing (YAM 300), Laps: 41, Total Time: 1:59:47.390, Best Time: 1:43.140

Heather Szymanik, Jared Trees

4. DiLorenzo Chiropractic (YAM 300), Laps: 40, Total Time: 1:58:38.634, Best Time: 1:44.720

Matt DiLorenzo, Ron Perel

5. Team Yo! (KAW 250), Laps: 40, Total Time: 1:59:11.375, Best Time: 1:47.749

Keith Buras

6. Young Guns (KAW 300), Laps: 39, Total Time: 1:59:47.325, Best Time: 1:42.978

Joseph Limandri, Gus Rodio

7. Stinger 300 Endurance (YAM 300), Laps: 38, Total Time: 1:58:16.764, Best Time: 1:49.258

Steve Heiser, Jeff Johnson

8. Team Nerdy and Dirty (KTM 390), Laps: 38, Total Time: 1:58:17.346, Best Time: 1:48.538

Thomas Delegram, Will GodFrey

9. SBR (YAM 300), Laps: 38, Total Time: 1:58:17.996, Best Time: 1:50.563

Evan Semoff, Jonathan Duke

10. 129 Photos Race Team (HON 250), Laps: 38, Total Time: 1:58:55.959, Best Time: 1:52.167

Kevin Netto, Isaiah DeBusk

11. Herrins Hooligans (YAM 300), Laps: 38, Total Time: 1:59:28.337, Best Time: 1:45.547

Blake Davis, Owen Fairbairn

12. CLE Racing II (UNK), Laps: 36, Total Time: 1:58:17.688, Best Time: 1:57.621

Don Thacker, Jeff Schuster, Ray Meyers, Yaunce Long

13. Charlie Foxtrot Racing (KAW 300), Laps: 36, Total Time 1:59:25.534, Best Time: 1:58.811

Tom Bowen, Dan Swart, Tom Wunderlich, Will Gomez

14. Motorcycle Supply Racing Wannabes (YAM 300), Laps: 34, Total Time: 1:52:21.410, Best Time: 1:51.495

Alex Vaipan

15. Ready To Ride (KAW 300), Laps: 30, Total Time: 1:59:47.591, Best Time: 1:45.866

Ryan Snooks and Austin Miller

16. Swang Motorsports (YAM 300), Laps: 28, Total Time: 1:58:37.546, Best Time: 1:45.695

Samuel Wang

17. Circuit Rider Racing (KAW 300), Laps: 28, Total Time: 1:59:51.971, Best Time: 1:49.764

Lance Yeager, Thomas Moyer

18. Yaakov Racing (HON 250), Laps: 2, Total Time: 3:36.360, Best Time: 1:44.134

Kayla Yaakov

19. Mighty Minion Racing (KAW250)

Eric Boettcher, Larry Macoskie

For more information about the Superbike Challenge Endurance, please contact our support team at or visit the dedicated racing page at

N2 Track Days is a volunteer-run motorcycle track day organization founded in 2014 by sport bike enthusiasts, instructors, and road racers. With many track dates and locations to offer, it is one of the largest track organizations in the country. N2 offers riding opportunities at many venues throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States.

WERA Motorcycle Roadracing, co-sanctioned by the AMA, was founded in 1973 and remains the foremost place to develop talent in the sport of motorcycle road racing. The legacy of Pro riders on a National and World level is legendary. All events are run by WERA Motorcycle Roadracing, and they go coast to coast offering entry level racing with the WERA Sportsman Series as well as a Pro-Am Series with the WERA National Challenge Series.

More, from a press release issued by RBOM Racing:

Round 2 of the WERA/N2 4-hour Endurance series, held in predictably hot and humid summer conditions at VIR, is in the books and the RBoM Racing resurgence was unexpectedly thwarted once again. RBoM team history was made, however, as the RBoM117 and RBoM128 entries finished in numerical order for once, with 3rd and 4th place finishes in the Lightweight class.

The RBoM117 bike enjoyed it's first podium visit of 2018 with a solid 3rd place finish in the grueling Virginia heat. Florida resident Robert Fisher rode the first stint and put the RBoM117 entry into early podium contention. Tennessee native and SV650 fast guy Chris Bays, still rehabbing from his freshly repaired shoulder, put in a solid 2nd stint and did not let Fisher's hard work slip away by vaulting the RBoM117 bike up into 2nd place before planned pit-stop #2. Then the real excitement ensued as California's own Dave Sapsis took over the controls and all the east coast SV650 racers got to witness something special.

Dave Sapsis' anchor leg performance was smooth and consistent, a veteran west coast racer hitting all his apexes with surgeon-like precision, laptimes dropping with every circulation of VIR's undulating track layout. As the final minutes of the punishing 4-hour race wound down, Sapsis was surprisingly overtaken by the #996 bike to drop the RBoM117 bike back one position. Unfortunate, but that's racing. Then, unbeknownst to Sapsis, Kris Turner had worked the RBoM128 into podium contention and, on the run to the checkered flag, Turner was tucked in tight behind the formidable Sapsis draft. Sapsis was never worried though, as his drag racing prowess and aerodynamic advantage was all he needed to hold off Turner for a well-earned 3rd place finish.

The RBoM128 team of Chris Parrish, Steve Tsotsoros, and Kris Turner had a commanding lead before the first sequence of pitstops, but a series of red flag incidents, that allowed the field to bunch back up, and an impromptu mud-bogging session put the team behind the proverbial 8-ball. After losing about 6 minutes to make some hasty repairs, the team worked their way up to a respectable 4th place finish, only seconds behind the RBoM117 bike at the finish line.

Sam Wiest's entry, disguised as #60 TWF Racing, crushed RBoM Racing's own dreams by taking the Lightweight class win, 3 laps ahead of all other lightweight challengers. Wiest threw caution to the wind fielding 2002 Suzuki SV650 Cup Final champion Bradley Champion to pressure hour one leader Chris Parrish on the RBoM128 bike. RBoM117 lead rider Robert Fisher also mixed it up with Bradley Champion early on, swapping positions with his former 2002-era MB Motorsports teammate multiple times. Sugary-soda hydration expert and longtime revered SV650 guru, TWF Racing's own Zoran Vujasinovic, took over the riding duties from Champion and the secondhand smoke-screen plan worked to perfection. Wiest cruised around for the last hour with an insurmountable lead and rewarded his teammates with an 8th place overall finish.

Arch-nemesis and current Lightweight class points leader, Greg Reisinger's #996 Chiefs Racing Team, put it on the podium once again, no doubt due to the highly anticipated promotion of Kevin Boda to 'A' rider status. Reisinger finally got to ride his own bike, for once, and newly demoted 'C' rider David Stauffer brought the #996 bike home in 2nd place. Stauffer was crafty however, teasing the RBoM pit crew by coming down pit road with less than 10 minutes remaining in the race, only to prove to his teammates that he really had found his boots, before reentering the track to take the checkered flag. A very strange pit stop strategy, but effective.

419 Racing was less savvy this round and finished 5th in class, Team Meat finished 6th, and Four Dudes on a Twin just did the best they could do.

Round 3 is coming up next at New Jersey Motorsports Park on October 4th but a surprise announcement was made at the VIR podium celebration. A 4th round is now being added to the 2018 series, scheduled to take place in conjunction with the WERA GNF on the last weekend in October. With the easy N2 purse money up for grabs, sounds like the perfect invitation to see if any seasoned CMRA big-bike endurance teams are up to the challenge?

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