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May 15, 2011

Another Alleged Victim Of Ty Lewis, a.k.a. Trivillus Lewis, a.k.a. Trivillus Harris Comes Forward With Details Of Arrest

Trivillus Marquiso Harris' mug shot from an arrest in 2006. Photo courtesy of Virginia Beach Police Department

Via e-mail:

I read your article and [it] made me feel great, because I had an encounter with this man [Ty Lewis, a.k.a. Trivillus Lewis, a.k.a. Trivillus Harris]. In fact, he was arrested while driving my car he stole, a 1993 Toyota Supra.

From the way it sounded he was arrested at night on a routine traffic stop, because I was too lazy to fix the tail lights. That's what he was pulled over for. Anyway, I would like to share my story with you.

He ("Ty Lewis") contacted me April 20th after I posted my 1993 Toyota Supra on Craigslist in Norfolk. He came by and checked out the vehicle and said he would buy it as well as my turbo kit I had boxed up. He cut me a check for $16,500 and I thought we were good to go. I went to my bank to deposit the check so I could send him the title to the address he gave me to the shop he claimed to own in Miami Beach, but my bank told me the check was bad. When I told him that the check was bad, he went on to tell me that his bank would send me a check for the items that he took from me. I decided to be patient and wait for the check. By Friday May 6th 2011 the check still didn't come, so I waited until Monday to fill out a police report(since nobody was at the detectives office on weekends) and they told me that they already had someone in mind as far as who did it. So I did a photo lineup and pointed "Ty Lewis" out, and they said they knew where he lived in Virginia Beach and would go to his house and see if my car is there. When the detective went to the house the car was not there, and neither was he. I later found out that he was arrested in Richmond, Virginia and my car was at the impound up there. When I got to the impound in Richmond, I noticed there was a lot of stuff in my car, including a laptop, a printer and a 3-ring binder full of papers and fake checks. I turned on the laptop and found a check printing program right there on his desktop. I made sure to turn these items in to the detectives right away. I was also told that this man would be going away for a long time.


Dustin Reeves
Norfolk, Virginia
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