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Sep 23, 2002

And Now A Message From An Angry Ex-AMA-Contractor

This just in, via e-mail:<BR><BR>Dear Editor,<BR><BR>I read something over at another industry website ( about how AMA employees Andy Leisner, Scott Hollingsworth and who knows who else partook in a West Side Boys/Michele Rossi (AMA Financial Analyst) produced event. Essentially it was a go kart event of some sort. <BR><BR>While I absolutely agree and think everyone should go out and do fun things for their own benefit, I find it aggravating to read on the Internet that AMA staff was reportedly out doing this instead of spending every waking minute to finalize the Superbike rules and a schedule for 2003. <BR><BR>Until that is sorted out and teams, riders and mechanics are not being left high and dry about what they are going to do next year, I don't want to read anything about Pro Racing executives going out and goofing off. The event was sponsored in part by AMA Pro Racing. They must have been able to pay for that with all the fines they handed out to riders this year for breaking rules that AREN'T even in their own rulebook. <BR><BR>While Andy, Scott and Michele were out having a good ole time, mechanics, teams and riders everywhere are sitting on their thumbs and waiting incredibly patiently to hear about next year, frustrated with the indecision and inability to get anything done in the way of the AMA making up their minds about the rules.<BR><BR>Again I say, I'm all for having fun and doing social things but given the current state of the "unknown" in the AMA Superbike series, I don't care to hear about any AMA Pro Racing Staff that is a part of the rule decision making process, being out and having a good time. All I want to read about in the press right now is that they have a plan, new rules and schedule for 2003 that everyone is happy with. <BR><BR>Curiously, the 30 day comment period from the meeting on rules at VIR is well over with and there's not a peep out of AMA HQ about anything. Does the AMA have ANY idea how many people are living a life of "unknown" right now regarding their jobs because of this?<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR><BR>Dorina Clarke, 2002 AMA Superbike Media Manager - and a person who truly and adamantly cares about the future of the Superbike series and its teams and riders