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Jul 5, 2012

Airfence: Roadracing World Action Fund Deploys 34 More Sections As Donations Near $1 Million Milestone

The Roadracing World Action Fund has deployed 34 sections of Airfence soft barrier so far this year, at racetracks from California to New Jersey and various points between. Donations have reached $932,429 over 11 years, and could top the $1 million mark by the end of this year, thanks to the motorcycle road racing community coming together to help prevent riders from being seriously injured when they crash on the racetrack.


Beginning in 2002, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bittner have donated repeatedly to the Roadracing World Action Fund, usually in increments of $2900 - an amount large enough to purchase an entire section of Airfence soft barrier at the time. Their latest contribution of $2900 brings their all-time donation total to $24,050 with $19,850 designated for road race, and $4200 for dirt track.

Bob Robbins has donated to the Roadracing World Action Fund every year since 2005. In 2009 he donated proceeds from selling his team's (Team S-Works) crew shirts. For 2010, he sold his race truck, and wrote, "a portion (of the sale) was earmarked for the fund. Keep up the great work! I owe more than a yearly donation to this important program." For 2011, Robbins' contribution was $2000, bringing his grand total to $9150.

Keith Souter is a regular Roadracing World Action Fund contributor who always donates in person while attending motorcycle races or other events where Roadracing World has a booth. Since 2007, Souter has donated four times at Laguna Seca and twice at Fontana, and his most recent donations, $100 at the Long Beach motorcycle show in December and $100 during the World Superbike weekend at Miller Motorsports Park, have brought his grand total to $1000.

Gary McQuiston began contributing to the Roadracing World Action Fund in 2004, with a donation of $150 in memory of Bill Parr. He has continued to donate steadily through the years, in increments of $50 to $100. This year's contribution of $100 brings his grand total to $500.

BUSINESS DONATIONS's "Got Dzus?" Campaign started in 2006, with Kurveygirl donating $1 per item sold to the Roadracing World Action Fund. That first donation of $30 was just the beginning, and as Kurveygirl's success grew, so did the company's contributions over the years. To this day, the program continues, and with the latest donation of $2500, Kurveygirl's all-time total has now reached $14,106. matches its customer donations to the Roadracing World Action Fund, and with its latest donation of $1562, the program has raised a total of $4004.


Lucas Oil and WERA held a raffle April 12, 2012 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, raising $500. WERA also held a raffle the following month at Miller Motorsports Park, raising another $270.

At the OnTheThrottle-M1GP 24-hour endurance race held September 10-11, 2011 at Willow Springs International Raceway, participants were encouraged to donate to the Roadracing World Action Fund. OTT's Chris Matye had set a goal of $1000 for the event, and racers managed to raise $664. Participants included Sarah Vanloo, $50; Chris Matye, $70; Young Lee, $194; Kendall Mund, $100; Kevin Balch, $100; Tom Griffith, $50; Jason Edeburn, $40; Anonymous $40; Anonymous, $10; Marshal Lightner, $10. The fundraiser continues well after the event, with the donation of sales from the official DVD of the race, which includes a bonus slide show and two M1GP decals, available at


Marco Simoncelli is offering a specially designed "Marco Memorial" keychain/zipper pull in memory of Marco Simoncelli, with the profit from sales divided between the Roadracing World Action Fund and the Marco Simoncelli Foundation. The total to date is $501.

Kasey Ray's "Super Sic" Sticker fundraiser in memory of Marco Simoncelli has raised an additional $200, bringing the grand total to $600 to date. Of that amount, $100 has been designated for the dirt track fund.

Members of the have donated $100 in memory of Marco Simoncelli.

Peter Lenz Recent donations received in the memory of Peter Lenz include: Brad Simon, $200; James Brandon Fix, $100; Peter Alva, $60; Peter Sahlas, $60; Aaron Brown, $60; Colin Kerr, $50; Tyson Griffith, $50; Candace Newton, $50; Andrew Simmons, $45; Julius Schlee, $25; Mackenzie Travis, $25; Brad Simon, $20; Jodi Henkels, $20; Mike Boose, $20; Patrick Grimm, $15; Richard Mather, $15; Kristian Nunez, $10; and Jose Alvarez, $10.

Candace Newton wrote: "We want to thank Peter for looking over our son Jay Newton last year while he raced and we know in our hearts he will be looking over him this race season. We love you, Peter."

Jodi Henkels wrote: "We are thinking of Peter and his family today on Peter's birthday. My son James thinks of him continually and misses him. He was a classmate of Peter's. James requests extra stickers and an extra poster. I think he wants to put them everywhere :) Thank you!"

Mike Moore: David Van Ommeren has donated $500, bringing his grand total to $1000. Van Ommeren wrote: "Donation made in the memory of Michael A. Moore (NESBA Atlantic Director) who died on 11/9/11 as a result of a crash at NJMP on 11/6/11 where no Airfence was being used."

Also donating in memory of Mike Moore were Ryan and Amanda Peters, $2500; David A. Sanders, $1000; Michael Bernardo, $500; Chris Pontrelli, $300; Friends and Relatives of Mike Moore (sent by Julie Moore), $155; James Avery, $100; Judy Herlich, $100; Robert Yale, $100; Tim Thornton, $100; Paul Heller, $100; and Gregory Davis, $20.

Robert Yale wrote, "Dedicated to Michael Moore, a colleague, a friend, and a great guy. He will always be remembered in our hearts and minds. We miss you, Mike."

Al Wilcox Christian V. Smith has donated $157 in memory of Al Wilcox and Stacy Summers. It is Smith's third donation, each in the amount of $157, for a total of $471. Also donating in memory of Al Wilcox were Ryan Manotti, $50; Thomas Cutter, $50; and Thomas Bartels, $20.

The Roadracing World Action Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.

To help save lives and prevent injuries at racetracks, donate online at, call 800-464-8336 or send your tax deductible donation to:

Roadracing World Action Fund, Inc. P.O. Box 1428 Lake Elsinore, CA 92531

Summary of Recently Posted Contributions

(Contributor comments and dedications are included below with their listing. Total overall contribution appears in parentheses.)

ROAD RACE $2500 ($14,106) Ryan & Amanda Peters $2500 In Memory of Mike Moore Matching Funds Program $1562 ($4004) Steven Brunton $1000 ($6450) David A. Sanders $1000 In Memory of Mike Moore Christopher M. Brown/Chevron Humankind Matching Gift $900 ($7862) 2012 On The Throttle M1GP 24-Hour Endurance Challenge Fundraiser $664 Fundraiser $501 In Memory of Marco Simoncelli David Van Ommeren $500 ($1000) In Memory of Mike Moore Michael Bernardo $500 In Memory of Mike Moore WERA Lucas/Las Vegas 2012 Raffle $500 Henry Avello $500 ($1000) "Please accept endorsed donation to the RRW Action Fund. Pump business has been good lately. Hope never to have to use the airfences, but I know many who have. Keep up the great work and the great magazine - Henry Avello, WERA #490" Robin Hawley $500 "On Behalf of Martin Cardenas" AMA Pro Fines Program $300 ($12,650) Chris Pontrelli $300 "In memory of our friend, Mike Moore." The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation in honor of Paul N. Wan $250 Debra & Jeff Cohen $200 "Glad you survived to celebrate another birthday, Cohen, after your terrible crash. Hey what's 10 surgeries anyway? I love you. Happy Birthday, baby - Debra." Joseph Bartone/Verizon Foundation Matching Gift $200 Brad Simon $200 ($220) In Memory of Peter Lenz Michael Arenella/Chevron Humankind Matching Gift $303.88 ($3429.28) Craig Beardsley $275 ($950) WERA Raffle at Miller Motorsports Park May 2012 $270 Keith Souter $200 ($1000) Steve Terbrueggen $200 "To my son Josh. I hope you never need this. Steve T. - WERA#702" Christian V. Smith $157 "In memory of Al Wilcox and Stacy Summers, who passed on in 2011. RIP to both." Friends and Relatives of Mike Moore $155 In Memory of Mike Moore Evan Harsha $150 ($300) John Stewardson $150 ($1005) Anonymous/Mohnton PA $150 ($500) Vincent Ursini $150 ($250) "Friend of mine, Ollie Gooden, hit the armco barrier at BeaveRun in Wampun, PA. Airfence would have saved a couple of months of recuperation. Good work you guys!" Gary Mc Quiston $100 ($500) In Memory of Bill Parr Timothy A. Weig $100 Dedicated to "My WMRRA Family" Members $100 In Memory of Marco Simoncelli Paul Rosal $100 ($300) Kasey Ray $100 ($500) Super Sic Stickers Fundraiser James Avery $100 "In memory of Michael A. Moore, a rider and a gentleman." Gino Marliani $100 ($150) Anibal Nieves/Microsoft Matching Gifts Program $225 ($525) Judy Herlich $100 ($230) In Memory of Mike Moore Robert B. Yale $100 In Memory of Mike Moore Tim Thornton $100 In Memory of Mike Moore Paul Heller $100 ($200) In Memory of Mike Moore ProFlow Technologies/Greg Melka & Jim Scala $100 James Brandon Fix $100 In Memory of Peter Lenz Paul Kephart $100 Anonymous in Irvine, CA $75 Gary Rand $75 ($751) Tony Serra $70 Peter Alva $60 In Memory of Peter Lenz Aaron Brown $60 In Memory of Peter Lenz Peter Sahlas $60 In Memory of Peter Lenz Charles Sewell $50 ($100) "Keep up the good work." Gordon Lunde $50 In memory of Gordon Lunde, Jr. Andrew Daugherty $50 "To keep Ron Daugherty safe." Andrew Daugherty $50 "To keep Chris safe." Robert Bobenmoyer $50 Thomas Bryan $50 David Matthews $50 Colin Kerr $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz Tyson Griffith $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz Candace Newton $50 In Memory of Peter Lenz Matthew Hartlieb $50 "Thank you for saving a lot of racers' butts, including myself!" Ryan Manotti $50 ($200) In Memory of Al Wilcox Thomas Cutter $50 ($100) "In memory of my friend Al Wilcox." Robin Caron/Microsoft Matching Gifts Program $50 ($650) Caleb Farrell $50 Walter B. Powell $50 Brad Martone $50 ($100) "For all motorcycle track-day riders and racers. Be safe." Kenneth Essex $50 In Honor of Papa Thiam Timothy Downey $45 Andrew Simmons $45 In Memory of Peter Lenz Gary Schnakenberg $27.05 Norman Carver $25 ($75) Eddie Gambrel $25 ($125) "#58/Charles Foxtrot" Michael Gougis $25 In Honor of Joan Lascorz Julius Schlee $25 In Memory of Peter Lenz Bob Dickey $25 ($273) "In honor of Dits and the NBC chicken." Eric Mercer $25 ($50) "Thank you for taking the initiative." Mackenzie Travis $25 In Memory of Peter Lenz Brad Simon $20 In Memory of Peter Lenz Thomas Bartels $20 ($50) In Memory of Al Wilcox Jodi Henkels $20 In Memory of Peter Lenz Mike Boose $20 In Memory of Peter Lenz Greg Davis $20 In Memory of Mike Moore Kim Shockey $17.74 Patrick Grimm $15 ($25) In Memory of Peter Lenz Richard Mather $15 ($25) In Memory of Peter Lenz Kris Knopf $10 Jose Alvarez $10 In Memory of Peter Lenz Kristian Nunez $10 In Memory of Peter Lenz Tim Hogan $10 Coleman Larlee $10 Trent Creal $10 Dr. Clifton Ramsdell $10 "To all the members of the NESBA family that lost their lives in 2011 doing what they loved." Neil Barber Motorcycle Services $10 John Sobolewski $5 "Mean Dave's guide to gear WERA BBS"

DIRT TRACK Tammy Stratman Brown Charities $4000 AMA Fines Program - Dirt Track $2310 ($4510) Miriam Deitcher/Flat Track Live $107 Kasey Ray $100 Super Sic Stickers Fundraiser Eric Mercer $25 ($50) "Thank you for taking the initiative."

June 26, 2012 Accounting Details to Date

Road Racing Expenditure Details

Purchase of Soft Barriers: $763,804.59

Shipping/Customs: $39,909.28

Bank Fees: $1061.16

Air Fence* Deployment Crew Training: $700

Transportation & Installation: $10,569.78

Soft Barrier Repairs $3500

Corporation/Business Fees: $3208

Online Auction Fees: $327.46

Printing Education Materials: $346.42

Misc Supplies: $86.11

Total Spent: $823,512.80

Total Donations Collected: $846,877.32

Misc. Income: $145.74

Cash on hand: $23,510.26

Dirt Track Expenditure Details

Direct purchase of soft barriers: $66,839.35

Shipping/Customs: $2717.72

Transportation & Installation $2174.77

Total Spent: $71,731.84

Total collected: $85,551.97

Cash on hand: $13,820.13

All administrative costs have been absorbed by Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

Airfence is a Registered Trademark of Airfence Safety Systems Australia.

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