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May 19, 2001

Air Fence Fund Up To $127,085

The Roadracing World Air Fence Fund reached $127,085 Friday evening after new donations of $1200 from Lucky Deleoni, $500 from Harley-Davidson of Reno, $500 from Michelin Racing Tire Distributor Walt Schaefer, $300 from Zachry Lee, $250 from Andre Espaillat, $200 from Dennis Woods/Doppio Racing, $100 from MMCZYK/Concerned Fan, $100 from Matt Gerard/In Memory of Gordon Lunde, Jr., $100 from Kendall Davis/WERA #326, $100 from Jerry Daggett of Team Yoshimura Suzuki, $100 from Miller's Modern Garage, $60 from R.J. McLeod, $50 from Schaefer Brothers Racing, $50 from Tommy Lancaster/Tommy Built Fireplaces, $50 from James Gaal, $50 from Rod Mahr/Follow the Helmet Racing, and $35 from Brent Kilgore/Clark Kilgore/Kevin Bridges/Slow to Heal Racing.

After reading about Grant Lopez testing the new Air Fence at Road Atlanta this morning, Chris Story wrote, "How fitting it is that the Air Fence you were instrumental in getting to the AMA and Road Atlanta saves one of your own riders from, most likely, a more serious injury than he sustained in his crash today. In my opinion the fence has already paid for itself. I am proud to have been associated with this effort."

Lucky Deleoni's contribution came in the form of a commitment to send $100 monthly for the next year, in addition to his earlier contribution of $100, bringing his total to $1300. Lucky dedicates his monthly contributions to Scott Russell, Adrian Webb and Elias Corey at GP Star/Miyuki Racing; Brian Stokes/M &M Racing, and his good friends at Gear Box International/Suomy Helmets.

(Lucky said he will be at Road Atlanta this weekend hanging out at Scott Russell's motorhome.)

Racers responded to Gordon Lunde's challenge to CCS Midwest racers to buy a section of Air Fence in the form of contributions of from Michael Schaefer/Schaefer Brothers Racing and Rod Mahr/Follow the Helmet Racing. Matt Gerard called in his contribution in memory of Gordy Lunde Jr.
Rod Mahr wrote, "I would like to contribute $50 the Air Fence Fund. I have been following the website and reading about the fund, but after reading Gordie Lunde's challenge I decided to contribute. Also just having raced at Road America at the CCS weekend, it would have been nice to have Air Fence in the kink, rather than the haybales that where placed in front of the wall. All I need is the address where I can send the check and whom to make it out to. Thanks, Rod Mahr Follow the Helmet Racing/CCS Mid-American #137"

Another challenge was sent out, this time to AMA Pro Mechanics, by Yoshimura Suzuki's Jerry Daggett. Jerry contributed $100 for Air Fence, with a message to his fellow mechanics and tuners: "Don't tell me you can't afford it."

James Gaal wrote, "Having Air Fence between riders and walls is such a no brainer. The scary thing is that I'm not amazed AMA Pro Racing hasn't considered it much of a priority until Roadracing World shamed them into it. I'm just a poor racer on a shoestring so I can only pledge $50. I'll bring it to Road Atlanta in person."

Dennis Woods/Doppio Racing wrote, "Hi John, though I don't always agree with your views in Roadracing World, you have done a great thing with this Air Fence fund. We've lost so many great people to racing accidents over the years and yet there has been so little action. You have made it happen and I thank you. Please accept a $200 contribution to the fund with my sincere appreciation. "

The contributor list now reads:
Erik Buell/Buell Motorcycle Company $5800
Trent Thompson/Paramount Racing $5000
Anonymous $4725
Dynojet Research $3200
Steve Brubaker/Race Tire Service $3000
Willow Springs Int'l Raceway $2900
John Ulrich/Roadracing World $2900
Aprilia USA $2900
American Suzuki Motor Corp. $2900
Ducati North America $2900
Jonathan Glaefke $2900
Susie and Bruce Meyers/BCM Racing Ducati $2900
Wegman Benefit Fund/Gordon Lunde Sr. $2900
Performance Machine $2900
Dunlop Motorcycle Tire Co. $2900
Max McAllister/Traxxion Dynamics $2900
Tom Chauncey/Team Wreckless $2900
Wendell Phillips/Lockhart Phillips $2500
Advanced Motor Sports/In Memory of Dirk Piz $2000
L.A. Bikers/ $1810
Dennis Smith/Sport Tire Services $1500
Marc Salvisberg/Factory Pro Tuning $1450
Bob Dragich/Roadracing World $1450
Fred Renz/Yoyodyne $1450
WERA Motorcycle Roadracing $1450
Lucky Deleoni $1300
Bob Blandford/N.E. Sportbike Assn. $1100
Chuck Warren/Arclight Suzuki $1000
Jim Rashid/4&6 Cycle $1000
Scott Willock/In Memory of Larry Schwarzbach $1000
Don Emde/In Memory of Cal Rayborn $1000
Jason Pridmore's Star Motorcycle School $1000
Mark E. Dobeck/Techlusion Performance Group $1000
G.M.D. Computrack Network $1000
California Superbike School $1000
Tachyon Racing/Tachyon Sports Injury Research Foundation $1000
Team Pro-Motion Sportbike Club $1000
Anthony and Aaron Gobert $1000
Linda, John & Susanne Hopkins/In Memory of Roy Hopkins $895
Intrepid Café Racers $775
Yoshimura Racing $750
Team Daemon Racing $600
CMRRA $537
Don Lemelin/Scuderia West $500
Kevin Erion/Erion Racing $500
Pinky's Pizza of Walnut Creek $500
Doug Gonda $500
Jerry Wood/Penguin School $500
Mike Canfield/Chandelle Motorsports $500
Jim Davis/J6 Racing/In Memory of Dirk Piz $500
Brooks Gremmels/Shogun Motorsports $500
Jim Di Salvo/Alien Racing $500
Dale Kieffer/Racers Edge Performance $500
The Plummer Menapace Group $500
Reg Kitrelle $500
Specialty Sports Ltd/Teknic $500
Ronnie Lunsford/Northwest Honda $500
Bob Holcomb $500
Aaron Yates $500
James D. Randolph $500
OMRRA $500
Terry Knott $500
Shawn Higbee/Team KWS/Millenium Technologies $500
Harley Davidson of Reno $500
Walt Schaefer $500
Bill St. John/Project Monza $400
Jerry Jirkovsky $330
Richard Hood/Reptillian Racing $300
Edward S. Siccardi, Jr. $300
Dan Fischer/ $300
David Finniff $300
Marietta Motorsports $300
Brendan Guy $300
Dean Scarpa $300
Anonymous $300
Kurtis Roberts $300
James Siddall/World Sports/Corbin Grand Prix $300
"Old Slo Gene Templet"/CMRA $300
Eric Kelcher/Blockworks $300
Zachry Lee $300
Scott Fisher/Fisher Technical Services $250
Chris Pyles & Beth Walters $250
Peter Hively $250
Brian Mitchell $250
Al Ludington $250
Tim Simpson $250
Spectrum Motorsports/VJB Racing $250
David Roy, Ducati N. America $250
Debbie Roy/Frenotec $250
Joshua Hayes $250
Gina Nadeau $250
Jeannne Pyles $250
John Ross/Ross Racing $250
Brian Cincera $250
C. Renard Fiscus $250
Bruce & Edith Lind $250
Andre Espaillat $250
Papa Thiam/WERA BBS $200
Bill Capshaw/ICE Motorsports $200
Scott Decker $200
Terry Embury $200
Jim "Dutch" MacKenzie/WERA BBS $200
Scott Jenkins/Desmoto-sport $200
Cliff Nobles $200
Jodie York/RPM Cycles Ventura/WSMC #11 $200 Fillmore $200
Jeff Bowis $200
Rich & Lynda Alexander/In Memory of Dirk Piz $200
Nils Menten $200
Melissa Tomlinson/G-Man Racing $200
DP Enterprises $200
Jeffrey S. Stathes $200
MZ Scorpion Cup Racers $175
Chris Kelley/California Cycleworks $150
Robb Mc Elroy $150
Tim Chin/Team Bandit $150
Ed & Catherine Sorbo $150
Damon Buckmaster $150
Chris Hamilton/Grand Prix Direct $150
Marc Palazzo/Synergy Racing Honda $150
Texas Sport Bike Association $150
Stuart Stratton/Stratton Racing $150
Jim Williams/ $125
David Boosales/WERA BBS $125
Mike Brown/Team 222 $125
Pete Martins $125
Road Atlanta Crash Truck Crews $111
Chris Normand/Firestorm Racing $101
Pat Stricker $100
Gary Rand/In Memory of Rusty Bradley $100
Michael Roberson/WERA BBS $100
Sean Jordan/WERA BBS $100
Army of Darkness $100
Stuart Gregg $100
Pinky's Pizza/Lippman Racing $100
Bob Szoke $100
TyrSox $100
Ron West/Omzig Productions $100
Joe Facer $100
Preston Rash $100
Geoff Maloney/GP Tech $100
Melissa Berkoff/Neighbor Of The Beast $100
Caesar Gonzales/WERA BBS $100
Dorina Groves $100
Dorina Groves/In Memory of Jamie Bowman $100
Philip Rusin/ $100
Allen "Spence" Spencer $100
Matt Wadsworth $100
Dean N. De St. Croix $100
Tony Tugwell/ $100
Bart Fuqua/Team LGC $100
Brian Stokes/Marietta Motorsports $100
Chris "Opie" Caylor/Marietta Motorsports $100
David McElvain/NEDoD $100
Ned "Peanut" Brown/NESBA/TPM $100
Vance Hacecky $100
Patrick Mee $100
Dave and Jason Parker $100
Paul Kingsburgh/ $100
Tom Drumm $100
David Brown $100
Steve Moonitz/Team Squid Pro Quo $100
Jake Swan $100
Chris Story $100
Chris Eklund $100
Randy Ball/WERA BBS $100
Mark Hellvig $100
Gary Schilling/On Time Racing/WERA BBS $100
Steve Sumner $100
Laura Granato/WERA BBS $100
Norm Viano/Lawdog Sports Mgmt $100
Kevin Jordan/Jordan Motorsports $100
Val Gregory/In Memory of Dirk Piz $100
Dave Gess $100
Rob Berlind $100
Paul Black $100
Steve Hewitt $100
Mike Ciccotto $100
Tripp Nobles $100
Scott Rehl $100
Steve & Lorraine Aledort $100
Jeff Rozycki/ Racing $100
Chris Ulrich/In Memory of Russ Paulk And Toby Jorgensen $100
Giorgio Milesi/Galfer Brakes USA $100
Al Lyons/CMRRA $100
Linda Hopkins $100
John Hopkins/In Memory of Jamie Bowman and Toby Jorgensen $100
Vicky&Michael Menard $100
Silvia Salenius/ Online $100
HG Racing/AMA Pro Thunder $100
Red Fox Racing $100
Greg Ruffin $100
John Donald/PTC Racing $100
Larry Pegram $100
Pamela Skaff/WERA BBS $100
J.D. Hord/Meccanica Corse Racing $100
Mark Sutton $100
Steve Scott/LRRS#47 $100
Eric Putter $100
Jim Doerfler $100
Ira Englebardt $100
Joe & Nancy Fenech $100
Earl Hayden $100
Chuck Sorensen $100
D&D Thrush Farms $100
Jeff Wilson/American Suzuki $100
Adam Vella/Webcrush Racing $100
Chuck Gault/Motobama $100
Gary Longren $100
Stephan Hottenrott $100
David Kunzelman $100
C.R. "Critter" Gittere/WERA BBS $100
John Light/Lightsmith Racing $100
Ken & Arlene Block (Ed Sorbo's Mom) $100
Chris Link/CMRA/In Memory of Jamie Bowman $100
Josh Steinberg $100
Broad Squad/CCS NE $100
Logan Young $100
Bob & Sherrie Young $100
Ann Sands $100
Troy Green/ $100
Colin Fowler $100
Asphalt & Gas $100
CelentoHenn Architecture + Design $100
Norm Mc Donald/CMRA $100
Andrew S. Mueller $100
Mary Miskovic $100
Mark Van Hoff/The Plastic Doctor/WERA BBS $100
Robert Kennedy/AFM#995 $100
Mauro Cereda/In Memory of Jamie Bowman $100
James B. Norwood/Bad Iguana Racing $100
Bakersfield Yamaha $100
Matt Gerard/In Memory of Gordy Lunde Jr. $100
MMCZYK/Concerned Fan $100
Kendall Davis/WERA #326 $100
Jerry Daggett $100
Miller's Modern Garage $100
Tyson Kamp $75
Vito Dionisio/WERA BBS $75
R.J. McLeod $60
Kelly Thornton $58
Erica B. Smith & John F.X. Walsh $55
Max Buxton/NEDoD $50
Nelo Hakola $50
Tyler Sandell $ 50
David J. Kopfinger $ 50
Aaron Loyd $50
Martin Voelker $50
Steve Hopkins $50
Louis DeBlois $50
Leigh Taunton/EMGO $50
Randy Sinisi $50
Danny Hull $50
Team Skidmark Racing $50
Ryan Meskimen/WERA BBS $50
Erik Astrup $50
Paul Zavada $50
James Greeson/WERA BBS $50
Victor Mokler $50
Steve Clark/J. Guthridge/Tight Squeeze Racing $50
Nate Olsen $50
Anthony Moey $50
Dustin Miller $50
Jim Frost/NEDoD $50
Steve Martinez $50
Jason Temme/Serpent Racing $50
Mike Hodgson/WERA BBS $50
Chris Borre/ $50
Richard Barker/AIM/In Memory of Dirk Piz $50
Mike Reish/Reish Dot Net $50
Kenyon Kluge/K2 Racing $50
Darin Nichols/Team Unit $50
Richard Davis $50
Allen Lyon/ Online $50
Eric H. Mathy $50
Steve Breckenridge $50
Jim Race/Speaksy Racing $50
James Aragon $50
James Hayton/Kochenbaulz Racing/WERA BBS $50
Anthony D'Augusta $50
Norm Brown $50
Isaac Ward $50
Jason K. Michelson $50
Qi Guo/WERA BBS $50
Schaefer Brothers Racing $50
Tommy Lancaster/Tommy Built Fireplaces $50
James Gaal $50
Rod Mahr/Follow the Helmet Racing $50
David Yesman $40
Don Moody $35
Brent Kilgore/Clark Kilgore/Kevin Bridges/Slow To Heal Racing $35
Lindsey Leard $30
Dave Deggendorf/WERA BBS $30
Steve Sturm/Squidvision Racing $30
George Gervasi/Projekt9 Racing $30
Bob Elam $30
The Heidepriems/WERA BBS $30
Kimberly Scheffel/rider/race fan/pit keeper $30
Bryan Norton $30
Scott D. Cortese $30
Stephen Warburton/Ducati Online $30
Greg Gabis $29
Ripley Howe $29
Mark Hatten/Meccanica Corse Racing $29
Ted Angle $25
Susanne Hopkins $25
Nolan Ballew $25
Josh Loberant $25
Charles Tomes $25
Jon DeMent $25
Timothy Wilson $25
Mark Novak $25
Rene Ferron $25
Sean Patrick Brisini $25
Richard Korol $25
Eric and Christine Loranger $25
Dee Moses $25
Kyle Kirschenmann/Bayou Riders of Louisiana $25
Marc Asmus $25
Mike Henry $25
Henry Hallmark $25
Ronnie Reyes/CMRA $25
Kathleen Mc Laughlin $25
S.C. Pittman $20
Jamieson D. Yonker $20
Garret Swearingen $20
Darrin Zumbaum $20
Andy Lenz/CMRRA $20
Irwin Arnstein/CMRA $10
Frank Shacklee/CMRA $10
Jan Steven/Carpet Dog $5
Erik Schmitt/CMRA $1

To pledge a contribution, call Roadracing World at (800) 464-8336 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, when operators will be standing by. Credit cards accepted. Pledges can also be made by e-mailing Make checks payable to Roadracing World. Money raised will be used for buying Air Module/Air Fence sections, as well as for deployment expenses and for shipping, tax and import duties.

A full accounting of all Air Fence Fund money will be posted on this website as it is disbursed, along with lists of any pledges still outstanding.

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