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Nov 17, 2010

After An Undefeated Season, Ty Howard Crowned As 2010 Overall Champion At CMRA Awards Banquet

The Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association held its 2010 Annual Awards Banquet on November 13, 2010 in scenic Ben Wheeler, Texas. Ben Wheeler is the hometown of former racer and longtime CMRA supporter Brooks Gremmels and Shogun Motorsports. Gremmels offered up his home town to the CMRA as host of the club's memorable end of year celebration.

Ty Howard was crowned as the 2010 CMRA overall Champion accumulating a maximum of 1350 points and three class championships in the process. Howard had the perfect season in 2010 setting several lap records and not losing a single race in his quest for the CMRA number one plate.

Fresh off of his WERA Grand National Championship in 125cc Grand Prix James Camacho Jr won the 2010 CMRA "Rookie of the Year" honors accumulating 1003 points throughout the season. Things are looking very promising for Camacho in 2011 where he will be running a full slate of CMRA, WERA National and possibly entering a select few AMA Pro Supersport racing events as well.

During the evening's festivities there were 32 Big Bike Expert and Novice class championships awarded and 4 Mini Sprint championships. Most notable of which were Expert Dustin Dominguez bringing home 8 Big Bike class championships and in the Novice division John Keene brought home 4 Big Bike class championships.

In the CMRA Big Bike Endurance Series Moto Ace, owned and managed by Dicki McFarland, with riders Derek Wagnon, Jeremy Kidd, Joe Prussiano, Dustin Dominguez and Dustin Meador won the Overall Championship. In the Mini Endurance Championship the Howlie Boyz with riders Dean Thimjon, Jason Swan, Kurt Stock and John Orchard brought home the overall Championship.

The 2010 CMRA "Claire McMahan Extra Mile Award", a well deserved honor that goes to a CMRA member recognized for their efforts and contributions above and beyond expectations, was awarded to a surprised Walter Walker, the club's long time CMRA Race Director. Walker crisscrossed the nation working both AMA Pro events in addition to his CMRA race director duties and truly going the extra mile for the club in 2010.

The CMRA would like to thank all of our Race Day Staff, Racers, Crew, Spectators, Class Sponsors, and raffle Contributors for such a successful 2010 race season.

2010 CMRA Class Championships

RaceworX - SUPERSTOCK A EXPERT 1ST - Ty Howard 2ND William Guthrie 3RD - Danny Kelsey - SUPERSTOCK B EXPERT 1ST - Dustin Dominguez 2ND - Alonzo Contreras 3RD Garet Tomlinson

South Central Race Center - SUPERSTOCK C EXPERT 1ST - Dustin Dominguez 2ND - Brandon Cleland 3RD - John Orchard

SUPERSTOCK D EXPERT 1ST Dustin Dominguez 2ND - Darrell Ricks 3RD Eric Falt - SUPERSTOCK E EXPERT 1ST Ryan Max Johnson 2ND Austin Gore 3RD Joey Howells

AVTEQ - SUPERBIKE A EXPERT 1ST Ty Howard 2ND Derek Wagnon 3RD Dewayne Davis - SUPERBIKE B EXPERT 1ST - Dustin Dominguez 2ND - Derek Wagnon 3RD - Brandon Cleland

Island Racing Services - SUPERBIKE C EXPERT 1ST - Dustin Dominguez 2ND - John Orchard 3RD - Brandon Cleland

SUPERBIKE D EXPERT 1ST - Dustin Dominguez 2ND Darrell Ricks 3RD Eric Falt

HEAVYWEIGHT TWINS EXPERT 1ST Ronnie Hay 2ND Conner Blevins 3RD Ted Phillips

Rheen Racing - LIGHTWEIGHT TWINS EXPERT 1ST - Dustin Dominguez 2ND - Darrell Ricks 3RD Eric Falt / HPC Decals - FORMULA 1 EXPERT 1ST Ty Howard 2ND Derek Wagnon 3RD Dewayne Davis

Exel Transportation - FORMULA 2 EXPERT 1ST Dustin Dominguez 2ND - Conner Blevins 3RD - Darrell Ricks

FORMULA 40 HEAVYWEIGHT EXPERT 1ST John Orchard 2ND - Dewayne Davis 3RD Harry Tomlinson

FORMULA 40 LIGHTWEIGHT EXPERT 1ST - Rick Kirk 2ND - Eric Falt 3RD Michael Martin

Ridesmart Motorcycle School - Rookie EXPERT 1ST - Alonzo Contreras 2ND - Blake Cochran 3RD Brandt Dillon

GMAN Productions - 125 Grand Prix 1ST - Conner Blevins 2ND James Camacho Jr 3RD - Hunter Morgan

Road & Track Suspension - Classic Unlimited 1ST - Cameron Kirk 2ND - Rick Kirk 3RD William Kitchens

Road & Track Suspension & Rheen Racing - Clubman 1ST - William Kitchens 2ND - Ryan Ambrose 3RD Marcus Beedle

Road & Track Suspension - SUPERSTOCK A NOVICE 1ST John Keene 2ND Travis Goodman 3RD Eddie Thornton

Lone Star Track Days - SUPERSTOCK B NOVICE 1ST Derek Steptoe 2ND John Keene 3RD Travis Goodman

Moto Liberty - SUPERSTOCK C NOVICE 1ST - Derek Steptoe 2ND - John Keene 3RD - Adrian Marquez

OnRoadOffRoad Cycles - SUPERSTOCK D NOVICE 1ST Jordan Scott 2ND Scott Eichhorn 3RD Isachar Perez / HPC Decals - SUPERBIKE A NOVICE 1ST - John Keene 2ND - Travis Goodman 3RD Toni Bui

SUPERBIKE B NOVICE 1ST - Travis Goodman 2ND John Keene 3RD - Adrian Marquez

Ridesmart Motorcycle School - SUPERBIKE C NOVICE 1ST - John Keene 2ND - Adrian Marquez 3RD - Sean Gurevich

Road & Track Suspension - SUPERBIKE D NOVICE 1ST Jim Whitten 2ND Jordan Scott 3RD - Lori Miller

Road & Track Suspension - HEAVYWEIGHT TWINS NOVICE 1ST Isachar Perez 2ND Brad Feltes 3RD Marcus Beedle

Ridesmart Motorcycle School - LIGHTWEIGHT TWINS NOVICE 1ST - Jordan Scott 2ND Jim Whitten 3RD - Marcus Beedle

Road & Track Suspension - FORMULA 1 NOVICE 1ST John Keene 2ND Toni Bui 3RD Mitch McGinnis

Road & Track Suspension - FORMULA 2 NOVICE 1ST Jordan Scott 2ND - Isachar Perez 3RD - William Kitchens

FORMULA 40 HEAVYWEIGHT NOVICE 1ST Toni Bui 2ND Mitch McGinnis 3RD Adrian Marquez

FORMULA 40 LIGHTWEIGHT NOVICE 1ST Scott Eichhorn 2ND Jim Whitten 3RD Henry Martinez

Jon Broom / Zac Chapman Road to Recovery Group - FORMULA 4 1ST Austin Gore 2ND Hunter Morgan 3RD Ryan Max Johnson

OnRoadOffRoad Cycles - FORMULA 5 1ST - Marcus Beedle 2ND Lee Henry 3RD Jay Newton

OnRoadOffRoad Cycles - FORMULA 6 1ST Roger Albert 2ND Jay Newton 3RD Wyatt Sperry

FORMULA 7 1ST - Wyatt Sperry 2ND Jonas Valentine 3RD - Nick Doolan

K&N Yamaha Jr Motard Participants Josie Carey Brynden Meek Brett Munoz Bryce Svatek

A SUPERBIKE ENDURANCE 1ST - Moto Ace 2ND Mini Haters 3RD - Too Tall Racing

C SUPERBIKE ENDURANCE 1ST Village Idiots 2ND - Lone Star Track Days 3RD ST II

CLASSIC ENDURANCE 1ST Double D Express 2ND Hypercycle 3RD EZ DUZ IT

Sonic Springs - FORMULA 2 ENDURANCE 1ST Faltless Racing 2ND - Team Kamikaze LSTD 3RD - Hellcat Racing

Ridesmart Motorcycle School - FORMULA 4 MINI ENDURANCE 1ST Howlie Boyz 2ND Redline Roadracing 3RD eurtoast!

FORMULA 5 MINI ENDURANCE 1ST - Top Dog Racing 2ND Rheen Racing 3RD J&R Racing


FORMULA 7 MINI ENDURANCE 1ST Underground Minis 2ND We Are The Juggernauts 3RD Spider Monkeys

Founded in 1974, the Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association (CMRA) is an independent, non-profit organization with over 750 members. CMRA organizes and promotes motorcycle road races throughout the South Central region of the United States. The many world and national champions who began racing with CMRA include Colin Edwards, Nicky Hayden, Roger Lee Hayden, Tommy Hayden, Jamie James, John Kocinski, Sam McDonald, Doug Polen, Kevin Schwantz, Freddie Spencer, Ben Spies and Britt Turkington.

For more information, visit or call 817-570-9779.

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