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Jan 3, 2014

AFM Racer Keith Randle Arrested For Identity Theft, Purchasing Goods And Services With Stolen Credit Card Information

AFM racer Keith Randle, 26, of Sacramento, California, has been arrested by the Richmond [California] Police Department and is currently under investigation by the U.S. Secret Service for identity theft, credit card fraud, burglary and possession of stolen property, according to law enforcement officials.

Detective Tagorda of the Richmond Police Department told that, “[Randle] worked for a motorcycle retail store in Roseville [California]. While he was working in their parts department he acquired that [credit card] information. There were 32 customer credit card profiles from the motorcycle retail shop he worked at [in his possession].”

According to Det. Tagorda, Randle used several aliases including Chase Reed, A.J. Reed, Chris Reed and Tom Stokes, and stolen credit card information to place orders for goods and services from companies like CT Racing/Pirelli and LeoVince USA over the internet and via e-mail. He would then have an associate pick up the purchased products for him or have them shipped to an address he formally lived at or a relative's home.

“That’s how he would normally do it,” said Det. Tagorda. “He would e-mail vendors and give the credit card numbers of the victims to place the orders.”

Richmond Police were tipped off to the crime by employees at LeoVince USA, who had a personal relationship with Det. Tagorda, an avid motorcyclist, track day rider and a former powersports industry worker.

“That’s kind of the reason why I took a special interest in this case, because I can relate to it,” Det. Tagorda told “I’ve been a victim of credit card fraud. I worked at Cycle Gear. I knew a lot of riders while I was managing a Cycle Gear. I was in the industry for a while before becoming a police officer.”

After conducting an investigation, the Richmond Police Department served arrest and search warrants on Randle on December 17, 2013, at his residence in Sacramento, California.

“We recovered I believe it was 12 sets of tires, several sets of new motorcycles tires, several Dion Devices,” said Tagorda. “We recovered several victims’ credit card information. He had ledgers and checks [belonging to victims] and all kinds of things. We recovered a couple of cell phones. But we recovered a lot of tires that were purchased at LeoVince [USA] and Pirelli [CT Racing].”

Randle has not been formally charged with any crime and was released on $70,000 bail on December 18, but according to Det. Tagorda, “Right now the case has been submitted to Federal agents [U.S. Secret Service] who are reviewing the case. From my understanding they are pursuing Federal charges, which I believe carry mandatory sentences.”

Det. Tagorda knows that Randle has five confirmed victims, but he believes Randle may have made more fraudulent purchases using stolen credit card information at other motorcycle-related businesses.

“Mr. Randle had well over 50 to 100 victims’ information, credit card information,” said Tagorda. “It’s sad because this person befriended a lot of people, and a lot of people thought Mr. Randle was a good guy. But he was defrauding them at the same time. As you know the riding community is very small. It’s a family, and you don’t steal from family. That’s basically what he did. He stole from his family.”

Randle did not immediately respond to an attempt by to contact him via his Facebook page.

On Randle’s Facebook page ( he lists A&S Powersports as his employer.

Jeff Hanrahan, the General Manager of A&S Powersports in Sacramento, California, confirmed that Randle was at one time employed at the dealership as a Parts Associate but said Randle is no longer employed by A&S Powersports. Hanrahan did not have the dates of Randle’s employment immediately available and declined to comment on questions about Randle’s arrest and access to A&S Powersports customers’ credit card information.

If someone believes they have been a victim of Keith Randle via a fraudulent purchase or their credit card information was compromised, Det. Tagorda advises them to file a report with their local police department and then contact him at
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