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Aug 26, 2001

Acree, Barnes, And Wood Win F-USA Races At Pocono

Unlimited Superbike Race #1 Final Results (18 laps):<BR>1. Lee Acree, Suzuki GSX-R750<BR>2. Shawn Higbee, Suzuki GSX-R750<BR>3. Michael Himmelsbach, Aprilia RSV1000R<BR>4. Aaron Clark, Aprilia RSV1000R<BR>5. Roland Williams, Suzuki GSX-R750<BR>6. Marc Palazzo, Honda CBR929RR<BR>7. Michael Fitzpatrick, Suzuki GSX-R750<BR>8. Anthony Fania, Jr., Suzuki GSX-R750<BR>9. Craig Connell, Ducati 996SPS<BR>10. Mark Ledesma, Aprilia RSV1000R<BR><BR>23. Brian Parriott, Suzuki GSX-R750, DNF, 12 laps, mechanical<BR>26. Chuck Chouinard, Suzuki GSX-R750, DNF, 6 laps, crash<BR>28. Tim Bemisderfer, Suzuki GSX-R1000, DNF, 4 laps, crash<BR>29. Grant Lopez, Suzuki GSX-R750, DNF, 3 laps, mechanical<BR>31. Michael Barnes, Suzuki GSX-R750, DNF, 1 lap, mechanical<BR>32. Tray Batey, Aprilia RSV1000R, DNF, 1 lap, mechanical<BR><BR>Unlimited Superbike Race #2 Final Results (18 laps):<BR>1. Lee Acree, Suzuki GSX-R750<BR>2. Shawn Higbee, Suzuki GSX-R750<BR>3. Brian Parriott, Suzuki GSX-R750<BR>4. Michael Himmelsbach, Aprilia RSV1000R<BR>5. Grant Lopez, Suzuki GSX-R750<BR>6. Tray Batey, Aprilia RSV1000R<BR>7. Marc Palazzo, Honda CBR929RR<BR>8. Ty Howard, Kawasaki ZX-9R<BR>9. Roland Williams, Suzuki GSX-R750<BR>10. Aaron Clark, Aprilia RSV1000R<BR><BR>25. Paul Harrell, Yamaha YZF-R1, DNF, 12 laps, mechanical<BR>26. Craig Connell, Ducati 996SPS, DNF, 7 laps, retired<BR><BR>Unlimited Superbike Point Standings (After 7 of 11 rounds, all 11 count):<BR>1. Acree, 118 points<BR>2. Higbee, 107 points<BR>3. Connell, 82 points<BR>4. Parriott, 77 points<BR>5. Lopez, 76 points<BR>6. Batey, 49 points<BR><BR><BR>Pro Sportbike Final Results (16 laps):<BR>1. Lee Acree, Suzuki GSX-R600<BR>2. Paul Harrell, Yamaha YZF-R6<BR>3. Chuck Chouinard, Suzuki GSX-R600<BR>4. Shawn Conrad, Suzuki GSX-R600<BR>5. Shan Ball, Suzuki GSX-R600<BR>6. Ty Howard, Yamaha YZF-R6<BR>7. Stoney Landers, Suzuki GSX-R600<BR>8. Jim Lester, Honda CBR600F4i<BR>9. Scott Greenwood, Suzuki GSX-R600<BR>10. Eoin Smith, Yamaha YZF-R6<BR><BR>22. Marc Palazzo, Honda CBR600F4, DNF, 16 laps, crash<BR>41. Brian Parriott, Suzuki GSX-R600, DNF, 3 laps, mechanical<BR><BR>Pro Sportbike Point Standings (After 4 of 6 rounds, all 6 count):<BR>1. Acree, 79 points<BR>2. Harrell, 65 points<BR>3. Ciccotto, 38 points<BR>4. TIE Chouinard/Landers, 27 points<BR>6. TIE Williams/Palazzo, 26 points<BR><BR><BR>Aprilia Cup Challenge Final Results (12 laps, all on Aprilia RS250s):<BR>1. Jeff Wood<BR>2. Brian Kcraget<BR>3. Dan Fischer<BR>4. Gus Holcomb<BR>5. Paul Hopkins<BR>6. Mark Reynolds<BR>7. John Lemak<BR>8. Tim Falcone<BR>9. Brian Roach<BR>10. Thomas Fournier<BR><BR>Aprilia Cup Challenge Point Standings (After 4 of 6 events, all 6 count):<BR>1. Fischer, 62 points<BR>2. Wood, 54 points<BR>3. Shannon Silva, 49 points<BR>4. Kcraget, 45 points<BR>5. Joshua Sortor, 39 points<BR>6. Derek MacKelvie King, 36 points<BR><BR><BR>Buell Lightning Series Final Results (12 laps, all on Buell 1200s):<BR>1. Michael Barnes<BR>2. Jeff Johnson<BR>3. Anthony Fania, Jr.<BR>4. Bryan Bemisderfer<BR>5. Richie Morris<BR>6. Jason Smith<BR>7. Mark Reynolds<BR>8. Daniel Bilansky<BR>9. Jeff Vermeulen<BR>10. Brian Bodine<BR><BR>Buell Lightning Series Point Standings (After 4 of 6 rounds, all 6 count):<BR>1. Barnes, 95 points<BR>2. Johnson, 60 points<BR>3. Morris, 44 points<BR>4. Smith, 40 points<BR>5. Tripp Nobles, 36 points<BR>6. Bodine, 32 points<BR><BR><BR>