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Feb 3, 2012

A Video Of Something You Don't See Every Day: The Safety Sphere, Featuring A Rider Bouncing Post-Crash Down The Road Inside An Inflated Ball

FIRST PERSON/OPINION: Via U.S. Mail: Dear Sirs, I have invented and patented a device allowing to reduce largely the gravity and consequences of a motorcycle accident for the driver and his passenger, called The Safety Sphere. This device is patended (sic) in United States (U.S. 7,343,632) and in Japan (Japan 4134045), and I am looking for a manufacturer. The Safety Sphere relates to an inflatable crash garnment (sic) for a person riding a non enclosed vehicle, such as a motocycle (sic), a snow mobile, an ATV, or the like. It is arranged to inflate and completely surround and protect the rider in case he is thrown out of the vehicle. After ejection from vehicle, the garnment (sic) slowly deflates to prevent discomfort and/or injuries to the rider. The ventilation of the suit is made by air openings at the level of the wrists. Many people might be interested by this innovation and I should be very grateful if you could present it to your magazine readers. For this purpose you will find enclosed a DVD containing a movie which demonstrates the operation and utility of The Safety Sphere. Should you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact me. Thanking you in advance for your interest in my invention I remain, Your sincerely, Rejean Neron Quebec (Quebec) Canada Video provided by ~ Reader comments: FIRST PERSON/OPINION Via e-mail: Just read the note from the Safety Sphere guy on your website. Thank you for posting it. I also appreciate you not being overly critical of the idea. Not that you are usually overly critical, but I can see how some folks would watch that video and write off the invention as 'silly' before fully considering its merits. Very Respectfully, Justin Pennella Enon, Ohio FIRST PERSON/OPINION Via e-mail: In the software world it would be called "vaporware". A "good idea" which has yet to be realized in the material world. This one has so many fundamental problems it'll never make production. Might keep somebody off the street for a couple of years if they can convince a venture capitalist to fund it, though. Aside from that, who would ride in an airtight sealed rubber suit anyway? Scott Baldwin Santa Rosa, California