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May 28, 2001

A Comparison Of Purse Money At Road America And Loudon AMA Nationals

The total purse for the June 7-10 AMA Superbike National at Road America is $90,000 while the total purse for the June 14-17 AMA Superbike National at Loudon is $113,000.<BR><BR>The Superbike purse at Road America, which is split between two races, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, totals $60,000 with $16,000 in the 250cc Grand Prix race, $7000 in the Formula Xtreme race, $3500 in 750cc Supersport and $3500 in 600cc Supersport.<BR><BR>The Superbike purse at Loudon totals $65,000 with $30,000 in the 250cc Grand Prix race, $10,000 in Pro Thunder, $8000 in Formula Xtreme and no purse in 750cc Supersport and 600cc Supersport.<BR><BR>Purse payout details follow:<BR><BR>Road America June 7-10<BR>Chevy Trucks Superbike<BR>Purse Payout<BR> Race One, Race Two<BR>1. $4000, $4000<BR>2. $3000, $3000<BR>3. $2250, $2250<BR>4. $1700, $1700<BR>5. $1500, $1500<BR>6. $1350, $1350<BR>7. $1250, $1250<BR>8. $1150, $1150<BR>9. $1100, $1100<BR>10. $1050, $1050<BR>11. $1000, $1000<BR>12. $950, $950<BR>13. $900, $900<BR>14. $850, $850<BR>15. $800, $800<BR>16. $700, $700<BR>17. $625, $625<BR>18. $600, $600<BR>19. $575, $575<BR>20. $550, $550<BR>21. $412, $412<BR>22. $387, $387<BR>23. $362, $362<BR>24. $337, $337<BR>25. $312, $312<BR>26. $287, $287<BR>27. $262, $262<BR>28. $237, $237<BR>29. $200, $200<BR>30. $175, $175<BR>31. $175, $175<BR>32. $175, $175<BR>33. $175, $175<BR>34. $175, $175<BR>35. $175, $175<BR><BR><BR>Loudon June 14-17<BR>Chevy Trucks Superbike<BR>Purse Payout<BR>1. $10,500<BR>2. $7000<BR>3. $4500<BR>4. $4000<BR>5. $3500<BR>6. $2900<BR>7. $2700<BR>8. $2500<BR>9. $2300<BR>10. $2100<BR>11. $2000<BR>12. $1900<BR>13. $1800<BR>14. $1700<BR>15. $1600<BR>17. $1400<BR>18. $1300<BR>19. $1200<BR>20. $1100<BR>21. $1000<BR>22. $900<BR>23. $800<BR>24. $700<BR>25. $600<BR>26. $400<BR>27. $400<BR>28. $400<BR>29. $400<BR>30. $400<BR>31. $200<BR>32. $200<BR>33. $200<BR>34. $200<BR>35. $200<BR><BR><BR>The 250cc Grand Prix payout at Loudon pays $6000 to win versus $3000 for victory at Road America, as follows:<BR><BR>Road America June 7-10<BR>MBNA 250cc Grand Prix<BR>Purse Payout<BR>1. $3000<BR>2. $2400<BR>3. $1600<BR>4. $1200<BR>5. $1050<BR>6. $900<BR>7. $850<BR>8. $800<BR>9. $750<BR>10. $700<BR>11. $650<BR>12. $600<BR>13. $550<BR>14. $500<BR>15. $450<BR><BR><BR>Loudon June 14-17<BR>MBNA 250cc Grand Prix<BR>Purse Payout<BR>1. $6000<BR>2. $4500<BR>3. $3000<BR>4. $2400<BR>5. $2100<BR>6. $1800<BR>7. $1650<BR>8. $1500<BR>9. $1350<BR>10. $1200<BR>11. $1050<BR>12. $975<BR>13. $900<BR>14. $825<BR>15. $750<BR><BR><BR>The Formula Xtreme purse at Road America totals $7000 while the Formula Xtreme purse at Loudon totals $8000.<BR><BR>Road America June 7-10 <BR>Lockhart Phillips Formula Xtreme<BR>Purse Payout<BR>1. $1800<BR>2. $1200<BR>3. $700<BR>4. $600<BR>5. $500<BR>6. $450<BR>7. $400<BR>8. $350<BR>9. $300<BR>10. $200<BR>11. $100<BR>12. $100<BR>13. $100<BR>14. $100<BR>15. $100<BR><BR>Loudon June 14-17<BR>Lockhart Phillips Formula Xtreme<BR>Purse Payout<BR>1. $2100<BR>2. $1500<BR>3. $1000<BR>4. $650<BR>5. $575<BR>6. $450<BR>7. $400<BR>8. $300<BR>9. $250<BR>10. $200<BR>11. $150<BR>12. $125<BR>13. $100<BR>14. $100<BR>15. $100<BR><BR><BR>There is no Pro Thunder race at Road America, but the Pro Thunder race at Loudon pays a total of $10,000 as follows:<BR><BR>Loudon June 14-17<BR>Buell Pro Thunder<BR>Purse Payout<BR>1. $2500<BR>2. $1700<BR>3. $1200<BR>4. $750<BR>5. $600<BR>6. $550<BR>7. $500<BR>8. $450<BR>9. $400<BR>10. $350<BR>11. $300<BR>12. $250<BR>13. $200<BR>14. $150<BR>15. $100<BR><BR><BR><BR>The Loudon 600cc Supersport and 750cc Supersport races have no purse money, paying manufacturer contingency only. Road America posts $3500 for each Supersport class, paying out as follows:<BR><BR>Road America June 7-10<BR>Genuine Suzuki Accessories 750cc Supersport<BR>Purse Payout<BR>1. $550<BR>2. $475<BR>3. $400<BR>4. $350<BR>5. $300<BR>6. $250<BR>7. $225<BR>8. $175<BR>9. $150<BR>10. $125<BR>11. $100<BR>12. $100<BR>13. $100<BR>14. $100<BR>15. $100<BR><BR>Road America June 7-10<BR>Pro Honda Oils 600cc Supersport<BR>Purse Payout<BR>1. $550<BR>2. $475<BR>3. $400<BR>4. $350<BR>5. $300<BR>6. $250<BR>7. $225<BR>8. $175<BR>9. $150<BR>10. $125<BR>11. $100<BR>12. $100<BR>13. $100<BR>14. $100<BR>15. $100
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